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DPTEdb is a collective and comprehensive database of transposable elements (TEs) in the genomes of dioecious plants.
The dioecious plants, usually harboring ‘young’ sex chromosomes, offer an opportunity to study the early stages of sex chromosome evolution. Transposable elements (TEs), mobile DNA elements found at high frequency in plants, are suggested to play important roles in plant sex chromosome evolution. The genome of several dioecious plants has now been sequenced, offering an opportunity to mine the TE data. Using the genome sequences of published and our own data, we constructed a specific, comprehensive and user-friendly web-based database, DPTEdb. We hope this database will contribute to the understanding of the roles of TEs in structural, functional and evolutionary dynamics of the genome of dioecious plants.

Related papers and news   

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We thank all the laboratory members who have advice during this work. We are grateful to GENE DENOVO company for their technology support.


This work was supported by grants from the National Natural Science foundation of Chian (31300202, 31470334 and 30970211).