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You can get the pfam annotation of gene from the table belows
geneID protein_id ncbi_gi PfamAccession PfamDomain FullE-value BestE-value PfamDescription
AG1IA_00006 ELU45963.1 443927484 PF12400.2 DUF3661 9.90E-36 1.40E-35 Vaculolar membrane protein
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF00004.23 AAA 5.00E-53 7.00E-38 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF07724.8 AAA_2 4.30E-08 1.60E-05 AAA domain (Cdc48 subfamily)
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF07726.5 AAA_3 8.20E-05 0.1 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF07728.8 AAA_5 4.20E-07 0.0089 AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily)
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF02933.11 CDC48_2 5.70E-07 1.70E-05 Cell division protein 48 (CDC48), domain 2
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF02359.12 CDC48_N 2.50E-05 6.20E-05 Cell division protein 48 (CDC48), N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF09848.3 DUF2075 0.003 0.21 Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2075)
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF00925.14 GTP_cyclohydro2 1.10E-30 1.00E-25 GTP cyclohydrolase II
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF01695.11 IstB_IS21 6.40E-05 0.27 IstB-like ATP binding protein
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF06745.7 KaiC 0.00021 0.0051 KaiC
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF01078.15 Mg_chelatase 5.20E-06 0.021 Magnesium chelatase, subunit ChlI
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF05729.6 NACHT 0.0017 0.78 NACHT domain
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF01057.11 Parvo_NS1 0.0038 1.7 Parvovirus non-structural protein NS1
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF00910.16 RNA_helicase 2.90E-05 0.18 RNA helicase
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF05496.6 RuvB_N 5.60E-08 0.0012 Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF00158.20 Sigma54_activat 8.70E-05 0.24 Sigma-54 interaction domain
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF06068.7 TIP49 2.00E-06 0.0083 TIP49 C-terminus
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF02367.11 UPF0079 0.001 0.83 Uncharacterised P-loop hydrolase UPF0079
AG1IA_00007 ELU45964.1 443927485 PF06414.6 Zeta_toxin 7.60E-06 0.02 Zeta toxin
AG1IA_00009 ELU45949.1 443927469 PF03810.13 IBN_N 8.60E-08 7.00E-07 Importin-beta N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00010 ELU45950.1 443927470 PF04757.8 Pex2_Pex12 5.30E-27 8.90E-27 Pex2 / Pex12 amino terminal region
AG1IA_00010 ELU45950.1 443927470 PF00097.19 zf-C3HC4 0.00031 0.00099 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
AG1IA_00013 ELU45953.1 443927473 PF00067.16 p450 9.70E-42 5.50E-27 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00014 ELU45954.1 443927474 PF07859.7 Abhydrolase_3 0.00018 0.00023 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00016 ELU45956.1 443927476 PF05532.6 CsbD 9.70E-16 3.30E-09 CsbD-like
AG1IA_00017 ELU45957.1 443927477 PF01544.12 CorA 0.0022 0.0039 CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein
AG1IA_00020 ELU45960.1 443927480 PF00069.19 Pkinase 1.20E-58 5.50E-39 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00020 ELU45960.1 443927480 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.30E-26 2.40E-22 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00020 ELU45960.1 443927480 PF00072.18 Response_reg 2.30E-05 0.0044 Response regulator receiver domain
AG1IA_00021 ELU45961.1 443927481 PF07859.7 Abhydrolase_3 1.10E-23 3.00E-23 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00021 ELU45961.1 443927481 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 0.0015 0.0025 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00021 ELU45961.1 443927481 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 0.0011 0.0019 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00021 ELU45961.1 443927481 PF10340.3 DUF2424 3.80E-13 2.00E-12 Protein of unknown function (DUF2424)
AG1IA_00023 ELU45946.1 443927465 PF01398.15 Mov34 4.70E-26 8.20E-26 Mov34/MPN/PAD-1 family
AG1IA_00025 ELU45941.1 443927458 PF00433.18 Pkinase_C 1.90E-05 1.90E-05 Protein kinase C terminal domain
AG1IA_00025 ELU45941.1 443927458 PF05285.6 SDA1 0.0076 0.009 SDA1
AG1IA_00026 ELU45942.1 443927459 PF00075.18 RNase_H 2.20E-26 3.80E-26 RNase H
AG1IA_00027 ELU45943.1 443927460 PF06999.6 Suc_Fer-like 1.90E-25 9.10E-19 Sucrase/ferredoxin-like
AG1IA_00028 ELU45944.1 443927461 PF04129.6 Vps52 5.20E-42 3.30E-31 Vps52 / Sac2 family
AG1IA_00029 ELU45945.1 443927462 PF01263.1 Aldose_epim 5.90E-48 9.20E-48 Aldose 1-epimerase
AG1IA_00031 ELU45935.1 443927451 PF01176.13 eIF-1a 4.40E-10 6.60E-10 Translation initiation factor 1A / IF-1
AG1IA_00032 ELU45936.1 443927452 PF02187.11 GAS2 4.50E-08 1.10E-07 Growth-Arrest-Specific Protein 2 Domain
AG1IA_00033 ELU45937.1 443927453 PF04909.8 Amidohydro_2 5.30E-06 8.20E-06 Amidohydrolase
AG1IA_00034 ELU45938.1 443927454 PF10176.3 DUF2370 6.80E-68 1.20E-67 Protein of unknown function (DUF2370)
AG1IA_00034 ELU45938.1 443927454 PF09729.3 Gti1_Pac2 1.30E-13 9.20E-10 Gti1/Pac2 family
AG1IA_00034 ELU45938.1 443927454 PF06293.8 Kdo 0.0082 0.014 Lipopolysaccharide kinase (Kdo/WaaP) family
AG1IA_00034 ELU45938.1 443927454 PF00069.19 Pkinase 0.00096 0.0016 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00035 ELU45939.1 443927455 PF02133.9 Transp_cyt_pur 5.20E-97 4.90E-96 Permease for cytosine/purines, uracil, thiamine, allantoin
AG1IA_00036 ELU45940.1 443927456 PF00225.17 Kinesin 4.10E-105 5.70E-105 Kinesin motor domain
AG1IA_00038 ELU45933.1 443927448 PF00557.1 Peptidase_M24 2.80E-09 7.70E-05 Metallopeptidase family M24
AG1IA_00038 ELU45933.1 443927448 PF00069.19 Pkinase 0.00017 0.019 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00039 ELU45925.1 443927439 PF01188.1 MR_MLE 2.40E-12 4.30E-12 Mandelate racemase / muconate lactonizing enzyme, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00039 ELU45925.1 443927439 PF02746.10 MR_MLE_N 6.40E-22 1.20E-21 Mandelate racemase / muconate lactonizing enzyme, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00041 ELU45927.1 443927441 PF01055.20 Glyco_hydro_31 2.10E-71 3.90E-58 Glycosyl hydrolases family 31
AG1IA_00042 ELU45928.1 443927442 PF07690.10 MFS_1 1.80E-06 1.80E-06 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00042 ELU45928.1 443927442 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 9.00E-48 1.90E-36 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_00043 ELU45929.1 443927443 PF10355.3 Ytp1 5.70E-50 4.00E-36 Protein of unknown function (Ytp1)
AG1IA_00044 ELU45930.1 443927444 PF07766.7 LETM1 2.00E-65 4.00E-56 LETM1-like protein
AG1IA_00044 ELU45930.1 443927444 PF02037.21 SAP 0.00039 0.11 SAP domain
AG1IA_00044 ELU45930.1 443927444 PF02271.10 UCR_14kD 3.60E-24 3.60E-24 Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase complex 14kD subunit
AG1IA_00047 ELU45920.1 443927432 PF10296.3 DUF2404 0.0083 0.019 Putative integral membrane protein conserved region (DUF2404)
AG1IA_00048 ELU45921.1 443927433 PF10454.3 DUF2458 0.00067 0.00067 Protein of unknown function (DUF2458)
AG1IA_00048 ELU45921.1 443927433 PF08317.5 Spc7 0.0011 0.0011 Spc7 kinetochore protein
AG1IA_00048 ELU45921.1 443927433 PF12329.2 TMF_DNA_bd 0.0018 0.0018 TATA element modulatory factor 1 DNA binding
AG1IA_00049 ELU45922.1 443927434 PF00010.20 HLH 7.90E-05 0.00017 Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain
AG1IA_00057 ELU45915.1 443927426 PF00134.17 Cyclin_N 3.10E-15 9.00E-15 Cyclin, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00057 ELU45915.1 443927426 PF00382.13 TFIIB 3.30E-06 0.00011 Transcription factor TFIIB repeat
AG1IA_00059 ELU45917.1 443927428 PF00118.18 Cpn60_TCP1 8.20E-107 4.10E-105 TCP-1/cpn60 chaperonin family
AG1IA_00061 ELU45919.1 443927430 PF01733.12 Nucleoside_tran 2.40E-26 2.90E-26 Nucleoside transporter
AG1IA_00062 ELU45907.1 443927417 PF01733.12 Nucleoside_tran 1.20E-05 3.20E-05 Nucleoside transporter
AG1IA_00062 ELU45907.1 443927417 PF00828.13 Ribosomal_L18e 2.40E-22 5.20E-22 Ribosomal protein L18e/L15
AG1IA_00063 ELU45908.1 443927418 PF00076.16 RRM_1 1.70E-09 2.60E-09 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00066 ELU45898.1 443927406 PF08241.6 Methyltransf_11 1.70E-08 3.90E-08 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_00066 ELU45898.1 443927406 PF08242.6 Methyltransf_12 6.30E-07 3.50E-06 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_00066 ELU45898.1 443927406 PF12847.1 Methyltransf_18 0.0056 0.019 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_00067 ELU45899.1 443927407 PF02230.10 Abhydrolase_2 9.70E-54 1.20E-53 Phospholipase/Carboxylesterase
AG1IA_00067 ELU45899.1 443927407 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 1.70E-12 2.40E-12 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00067 ELU45899.1 443927407 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 2.70E-08 2.40E-06 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00067 ELU45899.1 443927407 PF01738.1 DLH 0.0043 0.0064 Dienelactone hydrolase family
AG1IA_00067 ELU45899.1 443927407 PF03959.7 FSH1 0.0007 0.0011 Serine hydrolase (FSH1)
AG1IA_00068 ELU45900.1 443927408 PF01746.15 tRNA_m1G_MT 6.40E-31 1.40E-25 tRNA (Guanine-1)-methyltransferase
AG1IA_00069 ELU45901.1 443927409 PF00076.16 RRM_1 3.30E-06 0.0025 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00070 ELU45902.1 443927410 PF10304.3 DUF2411 2.30E-05 0.0001 Domain of unknown function (DUF2411)
AG1IA_00070 ELU45902.1 443927410 PF10363.3 DUF2435 1.90E-26 7.00E-26 Protein of unknown function (DUF2435)
AG1IA_00070 ELU45902.1 443927410 PF00249.25 Myb_DNA-binding 6.80E-13 1.60E-06 Myb-like DNA-binding domain
AG1IA_00074 ELU45896.1 443927403 PF04802.9 SMK-1 8.00E-40 8.00E-37 Component of IIS longevity pathway SMK-1
AG1IA_00076 ELU45890.1 443927396 PF03171.14 2OG-FeII_Oxy 4.20E-10 8.30E-10 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily
AG1IA_00077 ELU45891.1 443927397 PF10637.3 Ofd1_CTDD 4.20E-78 1.80E-73 Oxoglutarate and iron-dependent oxygenase degradation C-term
AG1IA_00078 ELU45892.1 443927398 PF00076.16 RRM_1 9.80E-07 0.0047 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00079 ELU45893.1 443927399 PF08022.6 FAD_binding_8 2.60E-16 1.30E-15 FAD-binding domain
AG1IA_00079 ELU45893.1 443927399 PF01794.13 Ferric_reduct 1.60E-11 1.60E-11 Ferric reductase like transmembrane component
AG1IA_00079 ELU45893.1 443927399 PF08030.6 NAD_binding_6 3.90E-16 8.20E-16 Ferric reductase NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00084 ELU45881.1 443927385 PF00155.15 Aminotran_1_2 5.30E-52 7.30E-52 Aminotransferase class I and II
AG1IA_00084 ELU45881.1 443927385 PF01053.14 Cys_Met_Meta_PP 0.0035 0.0098 Cys/Met metabolism PLP-dependent enzyme
AG1IA_00084 ELU45881.1 443927385 PF01041.11 DegT_DnrJ_EryC1 4.30E-05 0.00011 DegT/DnrJ/EryC1/StrS aminotransferase family
AG1IA_00085 ELU45882.1 443927386 PF00578.15 AhpC-TSA 1.00E-07 0.023 AhpC/TSA family
AG1IA_00085 ELU45882.1 443927386 PF01216.11 Calsequestrin 2.20E-08 3.30E-08 Calsequestrin
AG1IA_00085 ELU45882.1 443927386 PF08534.4 Redoxin 1.00E-05 0.43 Redoxin
AG1IA_00085 ELU45882.1 443927386 PF00085.14 Thioredoxin 1.40E-62 1.10E-31 Thioredoxin
AG1IA_00086 ELU45883.1 443927387 PF00857.14 Isochorismatase 7.50E-05 0.00011 Isochorismatase family
AG1IA_00087 ELU45884.1 443927388 PF03770.10 IPK 5.30E-21 9.90E-21 Inositol polyphosphate kinase
AG1IA_00090 ELU45887.1 443927391 PF11715.2 Nup160 9.80E-35 1.60E-34 Nucleoporin Nup120/160
AG1IA_00091 ELU45877.1 443927380 PF07721.8 TPR_4 0.0018 0.013 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00092 ELU45878.1 443927381 PF04082.12 Fungal_trans 1.70E-11 3.00E-11 Fungal specific transcription factor domain
AG1IA_00092 ELU45878.1 443927381 PF01798.12 Nop 1.30E-52 8.00E-41 Putative snoRNA binding domain
AG1IA_00092 ELU45878.1 443927381 PF08156.7 NOP5NT 7.70E-17 2.20E-16 NOP5NT (NUC127) domain
AG1IA_00092 ELU45878.1 443927381 PF08060.7 NOSIC 4.50E-27 8.00E-27 NOSIC (NUC001) domain
AG1IA_00092 ELU45878.1 443927381 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 8.80E-06 2.10E-05 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_00095 ELU45870.1 443927372 PF01008.11 IF-2B 3.90E-67 8.50E-41 Initiation factor 2 subunit family
AG1IA_00095 ELU45870.1 443927372 PF07941.5 K_channel_TID 0.0019 0.0043 Potassium channel Kv1.4 tandem inactivation domain
AG1IA_00096 ELU45871.1 443927373 PF03159.12 XRN_N 2.90E-92 3.50E-92 XRN 5'-3' exonuclease N-terminus
AG1IA_00096 ELU45871.1 443927373 PF00098.17 zf-CCHC 4.10E-05 8.20E-05 Zinc knuckle
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 2.70E-12 4.90E-12 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF07859.7 Abhydrolase_3 0.00081 0.0043 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 6.40E-14 2.30E-10 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 2.30E-26 4.80E-26 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF06821.7 DUF1234 0.00034 0.00067 Alpha/Beta hydrolase family of unknown function (DUF1234)
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF10230.3 DUF2305 0.00083 0.0023 Uncharacterised conserved protein (DUF2305)
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF06028.5 DUF915 0.0026 0.0061 Alpha/beta hydrolase of unknown function (DUF915)
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF00756.14 Esterase 0.00017 0.00027 Putative esterase
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF10558.3 MTP18 5.40E-15 8.70E-12 Mitochondrial 18 KDa protein (MTP18)
AG1IA_00097 ELU45872.1 443927374 PF03096.8 Ndr 0.0004 0.00067 Ndr family
AG1IA_00098 ELU45873.1 443927375 PF06127.5 DUF962 3.00E-23 8.50E-23 Protein of unknown function (DUF962)
AG1IA_00098 ELU45873.1 443927375 PF07168.5 FAE_3-kCoA_syn1 0.0053 0.0074 Fatty acid elongase 3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase 1
AG1IA_00099 ELU45874.1 443927376 PF08432.4 DUF1742 6.70E-25 6.00E-24 Fungal protein of unknown function (DUF1742)
AG1IA_00100 ELU45875.1 443927377 PF00887.13 ACBP 6.70E-08 1.30E-07 Acyl CoA binding protein
AG1IA_00101 ELU45876.1 443927378 PF00107.20 ADH_zinc_N 8.90E-09 1.40E-08 Zinc-binding dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00102 ELU45864.1 443927365 PF07690.10 MFS_1 3.30E-33 1.20E-32 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00102 ELU45864.1 443927365 PF06609.7 TRI12 7.70E-11 1.30E-10 Fungal trichothecene efflux pump (TRI12)
AG1IA_00103 ELU45865.1 443927366 PF05719.5 GPP34 2.10E-119 2.60E-119 Golgi phosphoprotein 3 (GPP34)
AG1IA_00104 ELU45866.1 443927367 PF09229.5 Aha1_N 1.00E-08 1.10E-05 Activator of Hsp90 ATPase, N-terminal
AG1IA_00104 ELU45866.1 443927367 PF08327.5 AHSA1 4.40E-17 1.20E-16 Activator of Hsp90 ATPase homolog 1-like protein
AG1IA_00104 ELU45866.1 443927367 PF10604.3 Polyketide_cyc2 0.0033 0.0083 Polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport
AG1IA_00105 ELU45867.1 443927368 PF06679.6 DUF1180 0.00054 0.00054 Protein of unknown function (DUF1180)
AG1IA_00105 ELU45867.1 443927368 PF00018.22 SH3_1 1.50E-06 2.20E-06 SH3 domain
AG1IA_00105 ELU45867.1 443927368 PF07653.11 SH3_2 2.80E-06 5.70E-06 Variant SH3 domain
AG1IA_00106 ELU45868.1 443927369 PF08566.4 Pam17 4.60E-31 8.60E-29 Mitochondrial import protein Pam17
AG1IA_00107 ELU45858.1 443927358 PF11911.2 DUF3429 3.10E-14 4.60E-14 Protein of unknown function (DUF3429)
AG1IA_00108 ELU45859.1 443927359 PF12825.1 DUF3818 9.80E-109 1.50E-108 Domain of unknown function in PX-proteins (DUF3818)
AG1IA_00108 ELU45859.1 443927359 PF00787.18 PX 5.40E-12 2.20E-11 PX domain
AG1IA_00108 ELU45859.1 443927359 PF12828.1 PXB 1.80E-25 1.80E-25 PX-associated
AG1IA_00110 ELU45861.1 443927361 PF07888.5 CALCOCO1 0.0028 0.008 Calcium binding and coiled-coil domain (CALCOCO1) like
AG1IA_00110 ELU45861.1 443927361 PF04582.6 Reo_sigmaC 0.0024 0.0032 Reovirus sigma C capsid protein
AG1IA_00110 ELU45861.1 443927361 PF12718.1 Tropomyosin_1 0.0028 0.0068 Tropomyosin like
AG1IA_00111 ELU45862.1 443927362 PF07946.8 DUF1682 6.00E-54 9.10E-54 Protein of unknown function (DUF1682)
AG1IA_00114 ELU45855.1 443927354 PF08613.5 Cyclin 0.002 0.0035 Cyclin
AG1IA_00114 ELU45855.1 443927354 PF00134.17 Cyclin_N 0.00016 0.00046 Cyclin, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00115 ELU45856.1 443927355 PF03463.9 eRF1_1 8.70E-44 1.10E-43 eRF1 domain 1
AG1IA_00116 ELU45857.1 443927356 PF03465.9 eRF1_3 2.20E-09 2.20E-09 eRF1 domain 3
AG1IA_00118 ELU45852.1 443927350 PF00004.23 AAA 0.0071 0.021 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00118 ELU45852.1 443927350 PF00010.20 HLH 1.20E-16 2.70E-16 Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain
AG1IA_00120 ELU45833.1 443927330 PF10436.3 BCDHK_Adom3 2.90E-27 1.30E-26 Mitochondrial branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase kinase
AG1IA_00121 ELU45834.1 443927331 PF08612.5 Med20 0.0021 0.0024 TATA-binding related factor (TRF) of subunit 20 of Mediator complex
AG1IA_00122 ELU45835.1 443927332 PF00759.1 Glyco_hydro_9 8.80E-96 2.10E-77 Glycosyl hydrolase family 9
AG1IA_00123 ELU45836.1 443927333 PF00759.1 Glyco_hydro_9 1.60E-11 2.50E-11 Glycosyl hydrolase family 9
AG1IA_00125 ELU45838.1 443927335 PF02190.10 LON 5.40E-17 8.60E-17 ATP-dependent protease La (LON) domain
AG1IA_00125 ELU45838.1 443927335 PF00097.19 zf-C3HC4 0.00037 0.013 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
AG1IA_00127 ELU45840.1 443927337 PF02781.1 G6PD_C 2.90E-38 3.70E-38 Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00128 ELU45841.1 443927338 PF02781.1 G6PD_C 5.00E-64 8.60E-64 Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00128 ELU45841.1 443927338 PF00479.16 G6PD_N 8.00E-54 1.20E-53 Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00130 ELU45843.1 443927340 PF09766.3 FimP 5.90E-21 9.30E-21 Fms-interacting protein
AG1IA_00131 ELU45844.1 443927341 PF00179.1 UQ_con 2.30E-31 8.60E-30 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
AG1IA_00138 ELU45822.1 443927318 PF02257.9 RFX_DNA_binding 1.20E-05 3.80E-05 RFX DNA-binding domain
AG1IA_00140 ELU45824.1 443927320 PF11815.2 DUF3336 2.50E-18 6.80E-09 Domain of unknown function (DUF3336)
AG1IA_00140 ELU45824.1 443927320 PF01734.1 Patatin 1.60E-15 6.60E-15 Patatin-like phospholipase
AG1IA_00140 ELU45824.1 443927320 PF01248.20 Ribosomal_L7Ae 1.40E-19 6.10E-19 Ribosomal protein L7Ae/L30e/S12e/Gadd45 family
AG1IA_00142 ELU45826.1 443927322 PF09409.4 PUB 2.70E-09 5.20E-09 PUB domain
AG1IA_00143 ELU45827.1 443927323 PF00610.15 DEP 2.40E-21 5.90E-19 Domain found in Dishevelled, Egl-10, and Pleckstrin (DEP)
AG1IA_00143 ELU45827.1 443927323 PF12257.2 DUF3608 2.20E-71 3.20E-71 Protein of unknown function (DUF3608)
AG1IA_00144 ELU45828.1 443927324 PF03344.9 Daxx 0.00072 0.0055 Daxx Family
AG1IA_00144 ELU45828.1 443927324 PF11081.2 DUF2890 0.0032 0.09 Protein of unknown function (DUF2890)
AG1IA_00144 ELU45828.1 443927324 PF05764.7 YL1 0.0012 0.0059 YL1 nuclear protein
AG1IA_00145 ELU45829.1 443927325 PF02171.11 Piwi 6.60E-50 2.00E-31 Piwi domain
AG1IA_00146 ELU45830.1 443927326 PF08699.4 DUF1785 4.60E-13 1.50E-12 Domain of unknown function (DUF1785)
AG1IA_00146 ELU45830.1 443927326 PF02170.16 PAZ 7.50E-11 1.30E-10 PAZ domain
AG1IA_00146 ELU45830.1 443927326 PF00614.16 PLDc 0.0071 2.2 Phospholipase D Active site motif
AG1IA_00147 ELU45831.1 443927327 PF00096.20 zf-C2H2 1.20E-05 0.0086 Zinc finger, C2H2 type
AG1IA_00147 ELU45831.1 443927327 PF12756.1 zf-C2H2_2 1.80E-05 0.0027 C2H2 type zinc-finger
AG1IA_00147 ELU45831.1 443927327 PF12171.2 zf-C2H2_jaz 2.20E-08 0.0012 Zinc-finger double-stranded RNA-binding
AG1IA_00147 ELU45831.1 443927327 PF12874.1 zf-met 3.30E-07 0.00045 Zinc-finger of C2H2 type
AG1IA_00148 ELU45832.1 443927328 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 6.90E-05 6.90E-05 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_00149 ELU45819.1 443927314 PF02580.1 Tyr_Deacylase 1.00E-29 1.10E-29 D-Tyr-tRNA(Tyr) deacylase
AG1IA_00151 ELU45821.1 443927316 PF03481.7 SUA5 3.90E-30 5.90E-30 SUA5 domain
AG1IA_00151 ELU45821.1 443927316 PF01300.12 Sua5_yciO_yrdC 8.20E-53 1.30E-52 yrdC domain
AG1IA_00152 ELU45817.1 443927311 PF00498.20 FHA 1.10E-12 2.10E-12 FHA domain
AG1IA_00155 ELU45792.1 443927285 PF03446.9 NAD_binding_2 0.0094 0.015 NAD binding domain of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00157 ELU45794.1 443927287 PF01522.15 Polysacc_deac_1 9.30E-12 2.20E-07 Polysaccharide deacetylase
AG1IA_00159 ELU45796.1 443927289 PF08662.5 eIF2A 0.00013 0.12 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF2A
AG1IA_00159 ELU45796.1 443927289 PF00400.26 WD40 4.00E-45 3.80E-07 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00160 ELU45797.1 443927290 PF06246.6 Isy1 5.10E-57 1.30E-56 Isy1-like splicing family
AG1IA_00160 ELU45797.1 443927290 PF04899.6 MbeD_MobD 0.0028 0.0087 MbeD/MobD like
AG1IA_00162 ELU45799.1 443927292 PF00069.19 Pkinase 5.00E-53 6.90E-53 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00162 ELU45799.1 443927292 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 1.10E-24 1.80E-24 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00164 ELU45801.1 443927294 PF03061.16 4HBT 0.0001 0.00034 Thioesterase superfamily
AG1IA_00165 ELU45802.1 443927295 PF03171.14 2OG-FeII_Oxy 9.50E-06 2.10E-05 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily
AG1IA_00165 ELU45802.1 443927295 PF00850.13 Hist_deacetyl 1.60E-72 2.40E-72 Histone deacetylase domain
AG1IA_00165 ELU45802.1 443927295 PF00240.17 ubiquitin 9.20E-07 1.90E-06 Ubiquitin family
AG1IA_00168 ELU45805.1 443927298 PF00557.1 Peptidase_M24 6.90E-33 1.10E-32 Metallopeptidase family M24
AG1IA_00169 ELU45806.1 443927299 PF00145.11 DNA_methylase 3.50E-14 1.80E-13 C-5 cytosine-specific DNA methylase
AG1IA_00169 ELU45806.1 443927299 PF00149.22 Metallophos 2.00E-30 3.60E-30 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase
AG1IA_00169 ELU45806.1 443927299 PF00176.17 SNF2_N 2.20E-13 6.10E-11 SNF2 family N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00170 ELU45807.1 443927300 PF09350.4 DUF1992 1.90E-20 6.20E-20 Domain of unknown function (DUF1992)
AG1IA_00173 ELU45810.1 443927303 PF00160.15 Pro_isomerase 4.10E-33 7.20E-33 Cyclophilin type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase/CLD
AG1IA_00173 ELU45810.1 443927303 PF00076.16 RRM_1 7.50E-14 1.90E-13 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00174 ELU45811.1 443927304 PF03443.8 Glyco_hydro_61 7.30E-33 1.20E-19 Glycosyl hydrolase family 61
AG1IA_00176 ELU45813.1 443927306 PF00069.19 Pkinase 5.40E-26 4.20E-19 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00176 ELU45813.1 443927306 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 7.30E-09 2.00E-07 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00176 ELU45813.1 443927306 PF12923.1 RRP7 1.80E-11 1.80E-11 Ribosomal RNA-processing protein 7 (RRP7)
AG1IA_00177 ELU45814.1 443927307 PF00875.12 DNA_photolyase 8.00E-16 1.80E-08 DNA photolyase
AG1IA_00177 ELU45814.1 443927307 PF03441.8 FAD_binding_7 1.20E-48 5.90E-36 FAD binding domain of DNA photolyase
AG1IA_00177 ELU45814.1 443927307 PF02729.15 OTCace_N 0.006 0.014 Aspartate/ornithine carbamoyltransferase, carbamoyl-P binding domain
AG1IA_00177 ELU45814.1 443927307 PF05253.6 zf-U11-48K 0.0067 0.012 U11-48K-like CHHC zinc finger
AG1IA_00178 ELU45815.1 443927308 PF00227.1 Proteasome 6.90E-32 1.20E-31 Proteasome subunit
AG1IA_00179 ELU45816.1 443927309 PF00106.19 adh_short 0.00018 0.00059 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00179 ELU45816.1 443927309 PF00753.21 Lactamase_B 2.90E-08 7.20E-08 Metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily
AG1IA_00179 ELU45816.1 443927309 PF12706.1 Lactamase_B_2 1.60E-13 5.00E-13 Beta-lactamase superfamily domain
AG1IA_00180 ELU45772.1 443927264 PF12222.2 PNGaseA 1.90E-45 1.80E-43 Peptide N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminyl asparaginase amidase A
AG1IA_00181 ELU45773.1 443927265 PF05064.7 Nsp1_C 9.50E-30 1.80E-29 Nsp1-like C-terminal region
AG1IA_00182 ELU45774.1 443927266 PF00439.19 Bromodomain 1.50E-21 3.00E-21 Bromodomain
AG1IA_00184 ELU45776.1 443927268 PF00036.26 efhand 8.30E-21 9.50E-08 EF hand
AG1IA_00184 ELU45776.1 443927268 PF12763.1 efhand_3 0.0013 0.42 Cytoskeletal-regulatory complex EF hand
AG1IA_00185 ELU45777.1 443927269 PF02179.10 BAG 1.20E-05 1.20E-05 BAG domain
AG1IA_00186 ELU45778.1 443927270 PF10156.3 Med17 6.40E-15 9.50E-15 Subunit 17 of Mediator complex
AG1IA_00189 ELU45781.1 443927273 PF04979.8 IPP-2 1.20E-11 2.80E-06 Protein phosphatase inhibitor 2 (IPP-2)
AG1IA_00190 ELU45782.1 443927274 PF11443.2 DUF2828 2.20E-137 4.10E-137 Domain of unknown function (DUF2828)
AG1IA_00191 ELU45783.1 443927275 PF04377.9 ATE_C 1.80E-26 3.50E-26 Arginine-tRNA-protein transferase, C terminus
AG1IA_00191 ELU45783.1 443927275 PF04376.7 ATE_N 6.00E-19 1.70E-14 Arginine-tRNA-protein transferase, N terminus
AG1IA_00192 ELU45784.1 443927276 PF00717.17 Peptidase_S24 4.30E-05 8.70E-05 Peptidase S24-like
AG1IA_00193 ELU45785.1 443927277 PF03155.9 Alg6_Alg8 2.80E-83 1.40E-76 ALG6, ALG8 glycosyltransferase family
AG1IA_00194 ELU45786.1 443927278 PF00268.15 Ribonuc_red_sm 7.90E-109 1.30E-108 Ribonucleotide reductase, small chain
AG1IA_00196 ELU45788.1 443927280 PF09446.4 VMA21 4.10E-09 5.50E-09 VMA21-like domain
AG1IA_00197 ELU45789.1 443927281 PF08614.5 ATG16 0.0079 0.017 Autophagy protein 16 (ATG16)
AG1IA_00198 ELU45790.1 443927282 PF00227.1 Proteasome 3.80E-47 5.70E-47 Proteasome subunit
AG1IA_00198 ELU45790.1 443927282 PF10584.3 Proteasome_A_N 8.00E-13 1.40E-12 Proteasome subunit A N-terminal signature
AG1IA_00199 ELU45770.1 443927261 PF10168.3 Nup88 0.0047 1.7 Nuclear pore component
AG1IA_00200 ELU45771.1 443927262 PF00447.11 HSF_DNA-bind 3.40E-35 3.40E-35 HSF-type DNA-binding
AG1IA_00200 ELU45771.1 443927262 PF00072.18 Response_reg 1.70E-17 4.10E-17 Response regulator receiver domain
AG1IA_00201 ELU45740.1 443927229 PF00316.14 FBPase 5.30E-104 2.20E-78 Fructose-1-6-bisphosphatase
AG1IA_00202 ELU45741.1 443927230 PF06807.8 Clp1 0.0033 0.017 Pre-mRNA cleavage complex II protein Clp1
AG1IA_00202 ELU45741.1 443927230 PF03205.8 MobB 8.90E-06 1.80E-05 Molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis protein B
AG1IA_00202 ELU45741.1 443927230 PF03286.8 Pox_Ag35 0.0022 0.0022 Pox virus Ag35 surface protein
AG1IA_00202 ELU45741.1 443927230 PF08774.5 VRR_NUC 8.70E-20 2.00E-19 VRR-NUC domain
AG1IA_00203 ELU45742.1 443927231 PF00036.26 efhand 1.60E-12 4.30E-05 EF hand
AG1IA_00203 ELU45742.1 443927231 PF00070.21 Pyr_redox 1.20E-08 0.0001 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00203 ELU45742.1 443927231 PF07992.8 Pyr_redox_2 8.00E-22 1.20E-21 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00204 ELU45743.1 443927232 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 0.00016 0.00031 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_00205 ELU45744.1 443927233 PF00006.19 ATP-synt_ab 4.00E-63 6.90E-63 ATP synthase alpha/beta family, nucleotide-binding domain
AG1IA_00205 ELU45744.1 443927233 PF00306.21 ATP-synt_ab_C 1.20E-24 2.30E-24 ATP synthase alpha/beta chain, C terminal domain
AG1IA_00205 ELU45744.1 443927233 PF02874.17 ATP-synt_ab_N 1.30E-23 4.10E-23 ATP synthase alpha/beta family, beta-barrel domain
AG1IA_00205 ELU45744.1 443927233 PF00931.16 NB-ARC 0.0081 0.021 NB-ARC domain
AG1IA_00208 ELU45747.1 443927236 PF08583.4 Cmc1 0.00011 0.00015 Cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis protein Cmc1 like
AG1IA_00209 ELU45748.1 443927237 PF03828.13 PAP_assoc 5.20E-15 1.60E-14 Poly(A) polymerase
AG1IA_00211 ELU45750.1 443927239 PF00145.11 DNA_methylase 0.0059 0.062 C-5 cytosine-specific DNA methylase
AG1IA_00211 ELU45750.1 443927239 PF01025.13 GrpE 2.30E-48 2.80E-48 GrpE
AG1IA_00212 ELU45751.1 443927240 PF03147.8 FDX-ACB 1.20E-16 2.70E-16 Ferredoxin-fold anticodon binding domain
AG1IA_00212 ELU45751.1 443927240 PF01409.14 tRNA-synt_2d 5.40E-45 3.90E-24 tRNA synthetases class II core domain (F)
AG1IA_00215 ELU45754.1 443927243 PF01323.14 DSBA 1.10E-19 1.30E-19 DSBA-like thioredoxin domain
AG1IA_00217 ELU45756.1 443927245 PF02518.20 HATPase_c 1.50E-13 2.50E-13 Histidine kinase-, DNA gyrase B-, and HSP90-like ATPase
AG1IA_00217 ELU45756.1 443927245 PF00183.12 HSP90 2.10E-245 2.60E-245 Hsp90 protein
AG1IA_00218 ELU45757.1 443927246 PF00266.1 Aminotran_5 1.50E-32 1.90E-32 Aminotransferase class-V
AG1IA_00220 ELU45759.1 443927248 PF08576.4 DUF1764 6.70E-08 1.50E-07 Eukaryotic protein of unknown function (DUF1764)
AG1IA_00221 ELU45760.1 443927249 PF12937.1 F-box-like 0.00052 0.0012 F-box-like
AG1IA_00222 ELU45761.1 443927250 PF02775.15 TPP_enzyme_C 4.80E-51 3.70E-49 Thiamine pyrophosphate enzyme, C-terminal TPP binding domain
AG1IA_00222 ELU45761.1 443927250 PF00205.16 TPP_enzyme_M 1.30E-38 2.70E-38 Thiamine pyrophosphate enzyme, central domain
AG1IA_00222 ELU45761.1 443927250 PF02776.12 TPP_enzyme_N 2.90E-59 2.20E-56 Thiamine pyrophosphate enzyme, N-terminal TPP binding domain
AG1IA_00223 ELU45762.1 443927251 PF00928.15 Adap_comp_sub 2.90E-76 6.40E-76 Adaptor complexes medium subunit family
AG1IA_00224 ELU45763.1 443927252 PF00885.13 DMRL_synthase 2.00E-45 1.80E-25 6,7-dimethyl-8-ribityllumazine synthase
AG1IA_00224 ELU45763.1 443927252 PF00657.1 Lipase_GDSL 3.50E-09 7.60E-09 GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase
AG1IA_00224 ELU45763.1 443927252 PF09070.5 PFU 6.60E-40 1.30E-39 PFU (PLAA family ubiquitin binding)
AG1IA_00224 ELU45763.1 443927252 PF08324.5 PUL 1.90E-10 2.40E-06 PUL domain
AG1IA_00224 ELU45763.1 443927252 PF00400.26 WD40 1.00E-36 2.00E-06 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00226 ELU45765.1 443927254 PF04670.6 Gtr1_RagA 3.30E-66 5.20E-66 Gtr1/RagA G protein conserved region
AG1IA_00226 ELU45765.1 443927254 PF04499.9 SAPS 2.00E-96 3.50E-96 SIT4 phosphatase-associated protein
AG1IA_00227 ELU45766.1 443927255 PF01557.12 FAA_hydrolase 2.40E-37 6.60E-32 Fumarylacetoacetate (FAA) hydrolase family
AG1IA_00227 ELU45766.1 443927255 PF01699.18 Na_Ca_ex 1.80E-07 1.80E-07 Sodium/calcium exchanger protein
AG1IA_00229 ELU45768.1 443927257 PF00248.15 Aldo_ket_red 6.00E-22 3.70E-13 Aldo/keto reductase family
AG1IA_00230 ELU45769.1 443927258 PF08282.6 Hydrolase_3 2.40E-05 2.40E-05 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_00231 ELU45728.1 443927216 PF00122.14 E1-E2_ATPase 7.70E-10 3.10E-09 E1-E2 ATPase
AG1IA_00231 ELU45728.1 443927216 PF12710.1 HAD 2.50E-11 7.90E-11 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_00231 ELU45728.1 443927216 PF00702.1 Hydrolase 1.00E-10 5.30E-08 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_00233 ELU45730.1 443927218 PF07883.5 Cupin_2 0.00014 0.00055 Cupin domain
AG1IA_00233 ELU45730.1 443927218 PF08007.6 Cupin_4 0.0075 0.012 Cupin superfamily protein
AG1IA_00234 ELU45731.1 443927219 PF00651.25 BTB 8.80E-06 2.40E-05 BTB/POZ domain
AG1IA_00235 ELU45732.1 443927220 PF00152.14 tRNA-synt_2 0.00022 0.0025 tRNA synthetases class II (D, K and N)
AG1IA_00235 ELU45732.1 443927220 PF00587.19 tRNA-synt_2b 7.00E-08 1.30E-07 tRNA synthetase class II core domain (G, H, P, S and T)
AG1IA_00235 ELU45732.1 443927220 PF01409.14 tRNA-synt_2d 6.30E-88 8.90E-88 tRNA synthetases class II core domain (F)
AG1IA_00236 ELU45733.1 443927221 PF00970.18 FAD_binding_6 2.40E-14 4.10E-14 Oxidoreductase FAD-binding domain
AG1IA_00237 ELU45734.1 443927222 PF09335.5 SNARE_assoc 1.60E-07 1.60E-07 SNARE associated Golgi protein
AG1IA_00238 ELU45735.1 443927223 PF05739.13 SNARE 0.0018 0.0018 SNARE domain
AG1IA_00238 ELU45735.1 443927223 PF10496.3 Syntaxin-18_N 3.70E-09 9.30E-09 SNARE-complex protein Syntaxin-18 N-terminus
AG1IA_00239 ELU45736.1 443927224 PF01902.11 ATP_bind_4 3.50E-18 5.20E-18 ATP-binding region
AG1IA_00239 ELU45736.1 443927224 PF01042.15 Ribonuc_L-PSP 5.80E-23 1.20E-10 Endoribonuclease L-PSP
AG1IA_00241 ELU45738.1 443927226 PF00023.24 Ank 7.50E-11 0.00022 Ankyrin repeat
AG1IA_00241 ELU45738.1 443927226 PF12796.1 Ank_2 1.10E-16 7.60E-08 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)
AG1IA_00241 ELU45738.1 443927226 PF07690.10 MFS_1 1.60E-06 9.00E-06 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00242 ELU45739.1 443927227 PF00873.13 ACR_tran 0.00014 0.00023 AcrB/AcrD/AcrF family
AG1IA_00242 ELU45739.1 443927227 PF03024.8 Folate_rec 7.00E-07 1.40E-06 Folate receptor family
AG1IA_00242 ELU45739.1 443927227 PF02460.12 Patched 2.90E-42 6.30E-29 Patched family
AG1IA_00242 ELU45739.1 443927227 PF12349.2 Sterol-sensing 7.40E-46 2.30E-24 Sterol-sensing domain of SREBP cleavage-activation
AG1IA_00244 ELU45727.1 443927214 PF00937.12 Corona_nucleoca 0.00096 0.001 Coronavirus nucleocapsid protein
AG1IA_00244 ELU45727.1 443927214 PF00076.16 RRM_1 9.30E-06 1.30E-05 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00245 ELU45722.1 443927208 PF02439.9 Adeno_E3_CR2 6.90E-06 0.00091 Adenovirus E3 region protein CR2
AG1IA_00245 ELU45722.1 443927208 PF02480.10 Herpes_gE 5.30E-07 7.50E-05 Alphaherpesvirus glycoprotein E
AG1IA_00245 ELU45722.1 443927208 PF04478.6 Mid2 0.009 1.2 Mid2 like cell wall stress sensor
AG1IA_00245 ELU45722.1 443927208 PF12273.2 RCR 0.004 0.26 Chitin synthesis regulation, resistance to Congo red
AG1IA_00245 ELU45722.1 443927208 PF08693.4 SKG6 7.30E-07 0.012 Transmembrane alpha-helix domain
AG1IA_00247 ELU45724.1 443927210 PF09789.3 DUF2353 0.0034 0.0034 Uncharacterized coiled-coil protein (DUF2353)
AG1IA_00248 ELU45725.1 443927211 PF08553.4 VID27 3.60E-10 3.80E-10 VID27 cytoplasmic protein
AG1IA_00249 ELU45713.1 443927198 PF08553.4 VID27 1.60E-64 5.30E-64 VID27 cytoplasmic protein
AG1IA_00250 ELU45714.1 443927199 PF02780.14 Transketolase_C 8.30E-42 1.50E-41 Transketolase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00250 ELU45714.1 443927199 PF02779.18 Transket_pyr 1.20E-48 2.10E-48 Transketolase, pyrimidine binding domain
AG1IA_00251 ELU45715.1 443927200 PF00106.19 adh_short 1.90E-12 4.00E-12 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00251 ELU45715.1 443927200 PF00815.14 Histidinol_dh 1.10E-172 1.90E-172 Histidinol dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00251 ELU45715.1 443927200 PF01502.12 PRA-CH 1.40E-24 3.00E-24 Phosphoribosyl-AMP cyclohydrolase
AG1IA_00251 ELU45715.1 443927200 PF01503.11 PRA-PH 1.90E-09 4.80E-09 Phosphoribosyl-ATP pyrophosphohydrolase
AG1IA_00252 ELU45716.1 443927201 PF02537.9 CRCB 4.20E-21 1.90E-16 CrcB-like protein
AG1IA_00253 ELU45717.1 443927202 PF03073.9 TspO_MBR 4.20E-16 3.80E-15 TspO/MBR family
AG1IA_00254 ELU45718.1 443927203 PF03205.8 MobB 0.0096 0.016 Molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis protein B
AG1IA_00255 ELU45719.1 443927204 PF00004.23 AAA 0.0061 0.022 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00255 ELU45719.1 443927204 PF05183.6 RdRP 1.20E-72 1.00E-71 RNA dependent RNA polymerase
AG1IA_00255 ELU45719.1 443927204 PF04851.9 ResIII 0.0029 0.006 Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit
AG1IA_00255 ELU45719.1 443927204 PF01443.12 Viral_helicase1 0.00061 2.6 Viral (Superfamily 1) RNA helicase
AG1IA_00256 ELU45720.1 443927205 PF00933.15 Glyco_hydro_3 8.20E-19 8.30E-14 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 N terminal domain
AG1IA_00256 ELU45720.1 443927205 PF01915.16 Glyco_hydro_3_C 2.80E-39 5.80E-39 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 C terminal domain
AG1IA_00257 ELU45721.1 443927206 PF10046.3 BLOC1_2 0.0032 0.0032 Biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles complex-1 subunit 2
AG1IA_00257 ELU45721.1 443927206 PF07889.6 DUF1664 1.80E-07 5.70E-05 Protein of unknown function (DUF1664)
AG1IA_00257 ELU45721.1 443927206 PF04012.6 PspA_IM30 0.0013 0.0013 PspA/IM30 family
AG1IA_00257 ELU45721.1 443927206 PF04582.6 Reo_sigmaC 0.0023 0.069 Reovirus sigma C capsid protein
AG1IA_00257 ELU45721.1 443927206 PF00866.12 Ring_hydroxyl_B 0.00095 3.1 Ring hydroxylating beta subunit
AG1IA_00257 ELU45721.1 443927206 PF02403.16 Seryl_tRNA_N 0.0013 0.0068 Seryl-tRNA synthetase N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00259 ELU45710.1 443927194 PF05336.7 DUF718 5.30E-19 1.80E-18 Domain of unknown function (DUF718)
AG1IA_00261 ELU45712.1 443927196 PF10473.3 Cenp-F_leu_zip 0.0049 0.0049 Leucine-rich repeats of kinetochore protein Cenp-F/LEK1
AG1IA_00261 ELU45712.1 443927196 PF05911.5 DUF869 0.00019 0.00024 Plant protein of unknown function (DUF869)
AG1IA_00263 ELU45707.1 443927190 PF01268.13 FTHFS 1.10E-242 1.50E-242 Formate--tetrahydrofolate ligase
AG1IA_00263 ELU45707.1 443927190 PF00763.17 THF_DHG_CYH 2.60E-30 6.50E-30 Tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_00263 ELU45707.1 443927190 PF02882.13 THF_DHG_CYH_C 5.50E-50 6.10E-34 Tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase, NAD(P)-binding domain
AG1IA_00266 ELU45700.1 443927181 PF00096.20 zf-C2H2 4.50E-17 2.20E-05 Zinc finger, C2H2 type
AG1IA_00266 ELU45700.1 443927181 PF12171.2 zf-C2H2_jaz 0.00055 0.63 Zinc-finger double-stranded RNA-binding
AG1IA_00266 ELU45700.1 443927181 PF12874.1 zf-met 0.0014 0.065 Zinc-finger of C2H2 type
AG1IA_00267 ELU45701.1 443927182 PF00171.1 Aldedh 8.40E-131 1.00E-130 Aldehyde dehydrogenase family
AG1IA_00267 ELU45701.1 443927182 PF05773.16 RWD 0.0002 0.00038 RWD domain
AG1IA_00267 ELU45701.1 443927182 PF01205.13 UPF0029 8.30E-10 1.70E-09 Uncharacterized protein family UPF0029
AG1IA_00268 ELU45702.1 443927183 PF08045.5 CDC14 2.10E-28 2.90E-25 Cell division control protein 14, SIN component
AG1IA_00269 ELU45703.1 443927184 PF00566.12 TBC 0.00033 0.00056 TBC domain
AG1IA_00270 ELU45704.1 443927185 PF00069.19 Pkinase 2.70E-42 4.10E-42 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00270 ELU45704.1 443927185 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 1.80E-21 3.50E-21 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00270 ELU45704.1 443927185 PF01142.12 TruD 3.50E-56 3.80E-54 tRNA pseudouridine synthase D (TruD)
AG1IA_00271 ELU45705.1 443927186 PF08240.6 ADH_N 2.90E-13 8.70E-13 Alcohol dehydrogenase GroES-like domain
AG1IA_00271 ELU45705.1 443927186 PF00107.20 ADH_zinc_N 1.20E-21 3.30E-21 Zinc-binding dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00271 ELU45705.1 443927186 PF00173.22 Cyt-b5 0.00024 0.00064 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain
AG1IA_00271 ELU45705.1 443927186 PF01070.12 FMN_dh 6.00E-109 1.50E-108 FMN-dependent dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00271 ELU45705.1 443927186 PF01645.11 Glu_synthase 2.30E-05 3.80E-05 Conserved region in glutamate synthase
AG1IA_00271 ELU45705.1 443927186 PF00478.19 IMPDH 0.00081 0.0079 IMP dehydrogenase / GMP reductase domain
AG1IA_00272 ELU45694.1 443927174 PF07690.10 MFS_1 2.70E-20 6.20E-14 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00272 ELU45694.1 443927174 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 2.80E-99 3.30E-99 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_00274 ELU45696.1 443927176 PF01248.20 Ribosomal_L7Ae 2.20E-26 2.80E-26 Ribosomal protein L7Ae/L30e/S12e/Gadd45 family
AG1IA_00275 ELU45697.1 443927177 PF00533.20 BRCT 6.10E-06 1.70E-05 BRCA1 C Terminus (BRCT) domain
AG1IA_00275 ELU45697.1 443927177 PF12831.1 FAD_oxidored 0.0074 0.011 FAD dependent oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00275 ELU45697.1 443927177 PF00041.15 fn3 0.00094 0.0028 Fibronectin type III domain
AG1IA_00275 ELU45697.1 443927177 PF12738.1 PTCB-BRCT 0.0004 0.0013 twin BRCT domain
AG1IA_00276 ELU45698.1 443927178 PF00637.14 Clathrin 4.10E-16 1.50E-15 Region in Clathrin and VPS
AG1IA_00276 ELU45698.1 443927178 PF00173.22 Cyt-b5 1.70E-21 4.70E-21 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain
AG1IA_00276 ELU45698.1 443927178 PF10446.3 DUF2457 1.40E-05 2.90E-05 Protein of unknown function (DUF2457)
AG1IA_00276 ELU45698.1 443927178 PF01070.12 FMN_dh 3.60E-35 2.30E-19 FMN-dependent dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00276 ELU45698.1 443927178 PF00400.26 WD40 9.20E-05 0.036 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00278 ELU45679.1 443927158 PF08240.6 ADH_N 0.0014 0.0044 Alcohol dehydrogenase GroES-like domain
AG1IA_00279 ELU45680.1 443927159 PF00025.15 Arf 0.0017 0.0037 ADP-ribosylation factor family
AG1IA_00279 ELU45680.1 443927159 PF03193.10 DUF258 0.00025 0.0004 Protein of unknown function, DUF258
AG1IA_00279 ELU45680.1 443927159 PF08701.5 GN3L_Grn1 1.10E-12 3.50E-12 GNL3L/Grn1 putative GTPase
AG1IA_00279 ELU45680.1 443927159 PF00009.21 GTP_EFTU 1.10E-05 0.015 Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain
AG1IA_00279 ELU45680.1 443927159 PF08477.7 Miro 0.0013 0.41 Miro-like protein
AG1IA_00279 ELU45680.1 443927159 PF01926.17 MMR_HSR1 1.10E-06 0.00034 GTPase of unknown function
AG1IA_00279 ELU45680.1 443927159 PF03205.8 MobB 0.0039 0.0083 Molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis protein B
AG1IA_00281 ELU45682.1 443927161 PF11700.2 ATG22 8.80E-159 2.00E-158 Vacuole effluxer Atg22 like
AG1IA_00281 ELU45682.1 443927161 PF07690.10 MFS_1 3.90E-08 8.50E-07 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00283 ELU45684.1 443927163 PF02421.12 FeoB_N 7.30E-09 1.40E-08 Ferrous iron transport protein B
AG1IA_00283 ELU45684.1 443927163 PF01926.17 MMR_HSR1 5.70E-18 1.70E-17 GTPase of unknown function
AG1IA_00283 ELU45684.1 443927163 PF01679.11 Pmp3 4.90E-13 8.70E-13 Proteolipid membrane potential modulator
AG1IA_00283 ELU45684.1 443927163 PF02824.15 TGS 1.40E-09 3.10E-09 TGS domain
AG1IA_00284 ELU45685.1 443927164 PF07074.6 TRAP-gamma 0.0064 0.16 Translocon-associated protein, gamma subunit (TRAP-gamma)
AG1IA_00285 ELU45686.1 443927165 PF00067.16 p450 7.40E-20 1.50E-19 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00286 ELU45687.1 443927166 PF00763.17 THF_DHG_CYH 9.70E-12 1.60E-11 Tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_00286 ELU45687.1 443927166 PF02882.13 THF_DHG_CYH_C 4.70E-12 1.80E-08 Tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase, NAD(P)-binding domain
AG1IA_00287 ELU45688.1 443927167 PF04061.8 ORMDL 1.60E-33 1.60E-33 ORMDL family
AG1IA_00288 ELU45689.1 443927168 PF00652.16 Ricin_B_lectin 0.00047 0.0025 Ricin-type beta-trefoil lectin domain
AG1IA_00292 ELU45693.1 443927172 PF00173.22 Cyt-b5 7.20E-05 9.80E-05 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain
AG1IA_00293 ELU45670.1 443927148 PF00788.17 RA 0.0032 0.013 Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain
AG1IA_00294 ELU45671.1 443927149 PF00731.14 AIRC 3.10E-63 3.10E-63 AIR carboxylase
AG1IA_00294 ELU45671.1 443927149 PF02222.16 ATP-grasp 1.40E-58 2.50E-58 ATP-grasp domain
AG1IA_00294 ELU45671.1 443927149 PF02786.11 CPSase_L_D2 0.00019 0.00037 Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase L chain, ATP binding domain
AG1IA_00296 ELU45673.1 443927151 PF04652.10 DUF605 0.0032 0.0036 Vta1 like
AG1IA_00297 ELU45674.1 443927152 PF00004.23 AAA 4.60E-10 1.50E-09 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00297 ELU45674.1 443927152 PF00533.20 BRCT 8.20E-13 3.60E-05 BRCA1 C Terminus (BRCT) domain
AG1IA_00297 ELU45674.1 443927152 PF03215.9 Rad17 6.30E-06 0.0002 Rad17 cell cycle checkpoint protein
AG1IA_00297 ELU45674.1 443927152 PF08519.6 RFC1 1.90E-42 1.40E-40 Replication factor RFC1 C terminal domain
AG1IA_00297 ELU45674.1 443927152 PF05496.6 RuvB_N 0.00022 0.0005 Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus
AG1IA_00298 ELU45675.1 443927153 PF01966.16 HD 8.70E-05 0.0016 HD domain
AG1IA_00299 ELU45676.1 443927154 PF07690.10 MFS_1 1.80E-06 9.00E-06 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00299 ELU45676.1 443927154 PF06813.7 Nodulin-like 7.00E-05 0.00013 Nodulin-like
AG1IA_00300 ELU45677.1 443927155 PF04910.8 DUF654 8.00E-44 1.80E-43 Protein of unknown function, DUF654
AG1IA_00301 ELU45668.1 443927145 PF03372.17 Exo_endo_phos 4.00E-42 5.90E-42 Endonuclease/Exonuclease/phosphatase family
AG1IA_00301 ELU45668.1 443927145 PF01535.14 PPR 0.0036 3.1 PPR repeat
AG1IA_00303 ELU45659.1 443927135 PF04959.7 ARS2 7.70E-05 7.70E-05 Arsenite-resistance protein 2
AG1IA_00303 ELU45659.1 443927135 PF12066.2 DUF3546 2.40E-09 4.80E-09 Domain of unknown function (DUF3546)
AG1IA_00303 ELU45659.1 443927135 PF00076.16 RRM_1 5.50E-08 0.026 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00304 ELU45660.1 443927136 PF00413.1 Peptidase_M10 1.20E-05 0.066 Matrixin
AG1IA_00304 ELU45660.1 443927136 PF05572.7 Peptidase_M43 6.10E-43 2.10E-20 Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A
AG1IA_00304 ELU45660.1 443927136 PF07998.5 Peptidase_M54 0.00095 0.34 Peptidase family M54
AG1IA_00304 ELU45660.1 443927136 PF12388.2 Peptidase_M57 1.90E-10 1.20E-06 Dual-action HEIGH metallo-peptidase
AG1IA_00304 ELU45660.1 443927136 PF10462.3 Peptidase_M66 9.00E-06 0.011 Peptidase M66
AG1IA_00304 ELU45660.1 443927136 PF02031.1 Peptidase_M7 1.80E-05 0.0022 Streptomyces extracellular neutral proteinase (M7) family
AG1IA_00304 ELU45660.1 443927136 PF08880.5 QLQ 0.0016 0.59 QLQ
AG1IA_00308 ELU45664.1 443927140 PF00505.13 HMG_box 2.30E-13 4.00E-10 HMG (high mobility group) box
AG1IA_00311 ELU45667.1 443927143 PF00134.17 Cyclin_N 0.0079 0.016 Cyclin, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00311 ELU45667.1 443927143 PF00382.13 TFIIB 1.90E-38 6.70E-24 Transcription factor TFIIB repeat
AG1IA_00311 ELU45667.1 443927143 PF08271.6 TF_Zn_Ribbon 1.10E-10 2.30E-10 TFIIB zinc-binding
AG1IA_00316 ELU45644.1 443927116 PF12698.1 ABC2_membrane_3 0.00081 0.0021 ABC-2 family transporter protein
AG1IA_00316 ELU45644.1 443927116 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 7.20E-11 2.00E-10 ABC transporter
AG1IA_00317 ELU45645.1 443927117 PF05783.5 DLIC 2.80E-43 1.80E-37 Dynein light intermediate chain (DLIC)
AG1IA_00317 ELU45645.1 443927117 PF01580.12 FtsK_SpoIIIE 0.0085 0.02 FtsK/SpoIIIE family
AG1IA_00317 ELU45645.1 443927117 PF00009.21 GTP_EFTU 0.00016 0.0044 Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain
AG1IA_00318 ELU45646.1 443927118 PF00067.16 p450 1.30E-54 1.70E-46 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00319 ELU45647.1 443927119 PF12937.1 F-box-like 2.90E-08 1.10E-07 F-box-like
AG1IA_00323 ELU45651.1 443927123 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 1.70E-23 1.60E-22 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00323 ELU45651.1 443927123 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 8.30E-14 2.00E-13 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00323 ELU45651.1 443927123 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 4.90E-36 7.30E-36 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00323 ELU45651.1 443927123 PF12146.2 Hydrolase_4 0.0028 0.0072 Putative lysophospholipase
AG1IA_00323 ELU45651.1 443927123 PF03096.8 Ndr 1.20E-05 2.70E-05 Ndr family
AG1IA_00324 ELU45652.1 443927124 PF00400.26 WD40 3.10E-20 2.30E-05 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00325 ELU45653.1 443927125 PF00324.15 AA_permease 5.40E-37 6.60E-31 Amino acid permease
AG1IA_00327 ELU45641.1 443927112 PF00098.17 zf-CCHC 0.00039 0.00039 Zinc knuckle
AG1IA_00329 ELU45643.1 443927114 PF00046.23 Homeobox 4.00E-16 7.70E-16 Homeobox domain
AG1IA_00330 ELU45639.1 443927109 PF00046.23 Homeobox 6.60E-08 0.00058 Homeobox domain
AG1IA_00334 ELU45615.1 443927084 PF00076.16 RRM_1 3.40E-15 8.10E-15 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00337 ELU45618.1 443927087 PF04450.6 BSP 1.00E-59 1.70E-59 Plant Basic Secretory Protein
AG1IA_00337 ELU45618.1 443927087 PF01920.14 Prefoldin_2 6.70E-19 1.10E-18 Prefoldin subunit
AG1IA_00337 ELU45618.1 443927087 PF10263.3 SprT-like 0.0012 0.0024 SprT-like family
AG1IA_00338 ELU45619.1 443927088 PF00037.21 Fer4 4.40E-07 4.40E-07 4Fe-4S binding domain
AG1IA_00338 ELU45619.1 443927088 PF12797.1 Fer4_2 0.0039 0.0039 4Fe-4S binding domain
AG1IA_00338 ELU45619.1 443927088 PF12837.1 Fer4_6 0.0038 0.0038 4Fe-4S binding domain
AG1IA_00338 ELU45619.1 443927088 PF12838.1 Fer4_7 7.10E-05 0.00012 4Fe-4S dicluster domain
AG1IA_00339 ELU45620.1 443927089 PF03372.17 Exo_endo_phos 6.60E-23 1.40E-13 Endonuclease/Exonuclease/phosphatase family
AG1IA_00339 ELU45620.1 443927089 PF02383.12 Syja_N 2.80E-33 1.30E-17 SacI homology domain
AG1IA_00340 ELU45621.1 443927090 PF11931.2 DUF3449 1.20E-69 1.60E-69 Domain of unknown function (DUF3449)
AG1IA_00340 ELU45621.1 443927090 PF12108.2 SF3a60_bindingd 4.60E-10 8.30E-10 Splicing factor SF3a60 binding domain
AG1IA_00340 ELU45621.1 443927090 PF12756.1 zf-C2H2_2 0.00052 0.059 C2H2 type zinc-finger
AG1IA_00340 ELU45621.1 443927090 PF12171.2 zf-C2H2_jaz 7.10E-06 7.10E-06 Zinc-finger double-stranded RNA-binding
AG1IA_00340 ELU45621.1 443927090 PF12874.1 zf-met 3.00E-06 4.90E-06 Zinc-finger of C2H2 type
AG1IA_00341 ELU45622.1 443927091 PF00270.23 DEAD 1.10E-46 2.00E-46 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_00341 ELU45622.1 443927091 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 2.90E-09 0.00055 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00341 ELU45622.1 443927091 PF04851.9 ResIII 0.0037 0.012 Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit
AG1IA_00342 ELU45623.1 443927092 PF07052.5 Hep_59 9.20E-25 9.20E-25 Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 59
AG1IA_00343 ELU45624.1 443927093 PF03357.15 Snf7 5.80E-12 7.30E-12 Snf7
AG1IA_00346 ELU45627.1 443927096 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 6.50E-07 2.00E-06 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00346 ELU45627.1 443927096 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 9.50E-13 1.50E-12 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00346 ELU45627.1 443927096 PF03096.8 Ndr 0.0089 0.013 Ndr family
AG1IA_00347 ELU45628.1 443927097 PF04571.8 Lipin_N 2.40E-32 6.80E-32 lipin, N-terminal conserved region
AG1IA_00347 ELU45628.1 443927097 PF08235.7 LNS2 7.60E-71 1.10E-70 LNS2 (Lipin/Ned1/Smp2)
AG1IA_00348 ELU45629.1 443927098 PF01412.12 ArfGap 3.50E-12 4.10E-07 Putative GTPase activating protein for Arf
AG1IA_00348 ELU45629.1 443927098 PF05715.7 zf-piccolo 0.0077 0.019 Piccolo Zn-finger
AG1IA_00349 ELU45630.1 443927099 PF11754.2 Velvet 1.10E-20 5.60E-11 Velvet factor
AG1IA_00350 ELU45631.1 443927100 PF01172.12 SBDS 4.40E-08 6.20E-08 Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome (SBDS) protein
AG1IA_00351 ELU45632.1 443927101 PF01119.13 DNA_mis_repair 8.20E-05 0.00018 DNA mismatch repair protein, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00351 ELU45632.1 443927101 PF02518.20 HATPase_c 8.20E-07 2.20E-06 Histidine kinase-, DNA gyrase B-, and HSP90-like ATPase
AG1IA_00351 ELU45632.1 443927101 PF08676.5 MutL_C 3.80E-07 2.10E-06 MutL C terminal dimerisation domain
AG1IA_00352 ELU45633.1 443927102 PF04939.6 RRS1 4.20E-53 1.10E-52 Ribosome biogenesis regulatory protein (RRS1)
AG1IA_00353 ELU45634.1 443927103 PF04176.7 TIP41 2.00E-44 3.10E-44 TIP41-like family
AG1IA_00354 ELU45635.1 443927104 PF00400.26 WD40 7.00E-11 1.20E-06 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00356 ELU45637.1 443927106 PF00857.14 Isochorismatase 0.0033 0.0047 Isochorismatase family
AG1IA_00357 ELU45638.1 443927107 PF00857.14 Isochorismatase 2.90E-06 3.60E-06 Isochorismatase family
AG1IA_00358 ELU45598.1 443927066 PF00773.13 RNB 4.70E-97 1.00E-96 RNB domain
AG1IA_00360 ELU45600.1 443927068 PF08149.5 BING4CT 4.00E-30 1.10E-29 BING4CT (NUC141) domain
AG1IA_00360 ELU45600.1 443927068 PF00400.26 WD40 1.20E-09 8.10E-09 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00363 ELU45603.1 443927071 PF01830.12 Peptidase_C7 0.0031 0.0038 Peptidase C7 family
AG1IA_00364 ELU45604.1 443927072 PF00180.14 Iso_dh 2.50E-84 4.40E-84 Isocitrate/isopropylmalate dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00366 ELU45606.1 443927074 PF04082.12 Fungal_trans 1.50E-19 2.80E-19 Fungal specific transcription factor domain
AG1IA_00366 ELU45606.1 443927074 PF03357.15 Snf7 1.90E-31 3.20E-31 Snf7
AG1IA_00367 ELU45607.1 443927075 PF08216.5 DUF1716 5.50E-25 5.30E-24 Eukaryotic domain of unknown function (DUF1716)
AG1IA_00368 ELU45608.1 443927076 PF02239.10 Cytochrom_D1 5.80E-05 0.012 Cytochrome D1 heme domain
AG1IA_00368 ELU45608.1 443927076 PF09384.4 UTP15_C 3.60E-46 5.30E-46 UTP15 C terminal
AG1IA_00368 ELU45608.1 443927076 PF00400.26 WD40 2.60E-29 1.60E-06 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00369 ELU45609.1 443927077 PF10737.3 GerPC 0.0015 0.0023 Spore germination protein GerPC
AG1IA_00369 ELU45609.1 443927077 PF00838.11 TCTP 3.30E-54 3.20E-47 Translationally controlled tumour protein
AG1IA_00371 ELU45611.1 443927079 PF00957.15 Synaptobrevin 1.20E-11 2.50E-11 Synaptobrevin
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF01266.18 DAO 4.00E-13 2.30E-05 FAD dependent oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF00890.18 FAD_binding_2 8.60E-10 0.0002 FAD binding domain
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF01494.13 FAD_binding_3 0.0027 0.005 FAD binding domain
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF12831.1 FAD_oxidored 9.50E-05 0.34 FAD dependent oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF05199.7 GMC_oxred_C 6.30E-19 1.70E-18 GMC oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF00732.13 GMC_oxred_N 1.80E-22 3.20E-22 GMC oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF03486.8 HI0933_like 6.50E-05 0.00043 HI0933-like protein
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF00070.21 Pyr_redox 0.0021 0.046 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00372 ELU45612.1 443927080 PF01946.11 Thi4 0.00019 0.013 Thi4 family
AG1IA_00373 ELU45590.1 443927057 PF09816.3 EAF 0.00071 0.0018 RNA polymerase II transcription elongation factor
AG1IA_00374 ELU45591.1 443927058 PF12895.1 Apc3 9.40E-06 0.00029 Anaphase-promoting complex, cyclosome, subunit 3
AG1IA_00374 ELU45591.1 443927058 PF00806.13 PUF 4.60E-08 1.7 Pumilio-family RNA binding repeat
AG1IA_00374 ELU45591.1 443927058 PF00515.22 TPR_1 4.00E-40 7.20E-06 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00374 ELU45591.1 443927058 PF07719.11 TPR_2 6.40E-31 2.60E-05 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00375 ELU45592.1 443927059 PF01073.13 3Beta_HSD 7.10E-06 1.70E-05 3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/isomerase family
AG1IA_00375 ELU45592.1 443927059 PF01370.15 Epimerase 2.20E-34 1.00E-33 NAD dependent epimerase/dehydratase family
AG1IA_00375 ELU45592.1 443927059 PF07993.6 NAD_binding_4 3.90E-05 0.22 Male sterility protein
AG1IA_00375 ELU45592.1 443927059 PF02719.9 Polysacc_synt_2 0.0012 1.6 Polysaccharide biosynthesis protein
AG1IA_00375 ELU45592.1 443927059 PF04321.11 RmlD_sub_bind 0.0021 1.4 RmlD substrate binding domain
AG1IA_00376 ELU45593.1 443927060 PF01171.14 ATP_bind_3 9.50E-07 2.70E-06 PP-loop family
AG1IA_00376 ELU45593.1 443927060 PF06522.5 B12D 7.10E-15 3.20E-14 NADH-ubiquinone reductase complex 1 MLRQ subunit
AG1IA_00376 ELU45593.1 443927060 PF10288.3 DUF2392 0.0081 0.018 Protein of unknown function (DUF2392)
AG1IA_00377 ELU45594.1 443927061 PF00106.19 adh_short 2.50E-12 4.80E-10 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00377 ELU45594.1 443927061 PF03188.10 Cytochrom_B561 2.90E-15 7.20E-15 Eukaryotic cytochrome b561
AG1IA_00377 ELU45594.1 443927061 PF00334.13 NDK 2.90E-50 5.80E-50 Nucleoside diphosphate kinase
AG1IA_00379 ELU45596.1 443927063 PF00215.18 OMPdecase 3.10E-61 9.40E-61 Orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase / HUMPS family
AG1IA_00380 ELU45597.1 443927064 PF00169.23 PH 0.0095 0.025 PH domain
AG1IA_00380 ELU45597.1 443927064 PF00069.19 Pkinase 3.00E-15 8.60E-07 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00380 ELU45597.1 443927064 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 7.30E-18 3.10E-09 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00380 ELU45597.1 443927064 PF00621.14 RhoGEF 1.10E-16 1.60E-16 RhoGEF domain
AG1IA_00381 ELU45586.1 443927052 PF00875.12 DNA_photolyase 4.60E-23 1.20E-22 DNA photolyase
AG1IA_00381 ELU45586.1 443927052 PF03441.8 FAD_binding_7 3.50E-83 1.00E-82 FAD binding domain of DNA photolyase
AG1IA_00382 ELU45587.1 443927053 PF02775.15 TPP_enzyme_C 0.0033 0.039 Thiamine pyrophosphate enzyme, C-terminal TPP binding domain
AG1IA_00382 ELU45587.1 443927053 PF02780.14 Transketolase_C 3.00E-12 6.30E-12 Transketolase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00382 ELU45587.1 443927053 PF00456.15 Transketolase_N 1.60E-149 2.10E-149 Transketolase, thiamine diphosphate binding domain
AG1IA_00382 ELU45587.1 443927053 PF02779.18 Transket_pyr 1.10E-41 2.30E-41 Transketolase, pyrimidine binding domain
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF00967.11 Barwin 0.0066 0.019 Barwin family
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF04053.8 Coatomer_WDAD 0.0015 0.0024 Coatomer WD associated region
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF03330.12 DPBB_1 3.60E-09 1.10E-08 Rare lipoprotein A (RlpA)-like double-psi beta-barrel
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF11768.2 DUF3312 0.0019 0.22 Protein of unknown function (DUF3312)
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF08801.5 Nucleoporin_N 1.40E-06 0.062 Nup133 N terminal like
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF11715.2 Nup160 0.001 0.58 Nucleoporin Nup120/160
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF07676.6 PD40 2.20E-08 2.2 WD40-like Beta Propeller Repeat
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF10584.3 Proteasome_A_N 4.60E-06 0.12 Proteasome subunit A N-terminal signature
AG1IA_00383 ELU45588.1 443927054 PF00400.26 WD40 2.50E-77 4.10E-14 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00385 ELU45584.1 443927049 PF00782.14 DSPc 3.30E-17 4.00E-17 Dual specificity phosphatase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_00386 ELU45585.1 443927050 PF00621.14 RhoGEF 2.60E-15 4.10E-15 RhoGEF domain
AG1IA_00389 ELU45574.1 443927038 PF00621.14 RhoGEF 3.60E-29 7.30E-29 RhoGEF domain
AG1IA_00390 ELU45575.1 443927039 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 0.0067 0.0067 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_00391 ELU45576.1 443927040 PF00646.27 F-box 1.20E-09 1.40E-08 F-box domain
AG1IA_00391 ELU45576.1 443927040 PF12937.1 F-box-like 2.00E-10 2.00E-10 F-box-like
AG1IA_00391 ELU45576.1 443927040 PF08801.5 Nucleoporin_N 0.00032 1.6 Nup133 N terminal like
AG1IA_00391 ELU45576.1 443927040 PF11715.2 Nup160 9.70E-08 0.17 Nucleoporin Nup120/160
AG1IA_00391 ELU45576.1 443927040 PF00400.26 WD40 1.00E-58 1.50E-11 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00392 ELU45577.1 443927041 PF11543.2 UN_NPL4 0.0078 0.016 Nuclear pore localisation protein NPL4
AG1IA_00394 ELU45579.1 443927043 PF07859.7 Abhydrolase_3 0.0034 0.0057 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00394 ELU45579.1 443927043 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 2.70E-05 9.70E-05 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00394 ELU45579.1 443927043 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 2.30E-06 4.10E-06 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00394 ELU45579.1 443927043 PF05057.8 DUF676 2.80E-05 0.00068 Putative serine esterase (DUF676)
AG1IA_00394 ELU45579.1 443927043 PF01764.1 Lipase_3 0.00033 0.00057 Lipase (class 3)
AG1IA_00394 ELU45579.1 443927043 PF07819.7 PGAP1 0.00039 0.00079 PGAP1-like protein
AG1IA_00395 ELU45580.1 443927044 PF00583.18 Acetyltransf_1 1.10E-14 1.40E-14 Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family
AG1IA_00395 ELU45580.1 443927044 PF08445.4 FR47 9.60E-08 1.90E-07 FR47-like protein
AG1IA_00396 ELU45581.1 443927045 PF04430.8 DUF498 1.50E-23 1.90E-23 Protein of unknown function (DUF498/DUF598)
AG1IA_00397 ELU45582.1 443927046 PF02826.13 2-Hacid_dh_C 0.00025 0.00046 D-isomer specific 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00397 ELU45582.1 443927046 PF08240.6 ADH_N 1.70E-23 3.50E-23 Alcohol dehydrogenase GroES-like domain
AG1IA_00397 ELU45582.1 443927046 PF00107.20 ADH_zinc_N 9.20E-17 1.90E-16 Zinc-binding dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00397 ELU45582.1 443927046 PF00026.17 Asp 8.10E-109 1.20E-108 Eukaryotic aspartyl protease
AG1IA_00398 ELU45583.1 443927047 PF12348.2 CLASP_N 0.00078 0.0028 CLASP N terminal
AG1IA_00398 ELU45583.1 443927047 PF02985.16 HEAT 1.50E-06 0.11 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_00400 ELU45522.1 443926985 PF01553.15 Acyltransferase 3.70E-10 2.80E-09 Acyltransferase
AG1IA_00404 ELU45526.1 443926989 PF00134.17 Cyclin_N 0.0011 0.004 Cyclin, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00406 ELU45528.1 443926991 PF03571.1 Peptidase_M49 8.90E-136 1.20E-133 Peptidase family M49
AG1IA_00407 ELU45529.1 443926992 PF00067.16 p450 1.40E-23 5.10E-23 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00408 ELU45530.1 443926993 PF00122.14 E1-E2_ATPase 1.80E-46 2.30E-46 E1-E2 ATPase
AG1IA_00408 ELU45530.1 443926993 PF12710.1 HAD 2.40E-15 5.80E-15 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_00408 ELU45530.1 443926993 PF00403.20 HMA 1.30E-31 9.90E-13 Heavy-metal-associated domain
AG1IA_00408 ELU45530.1 443926993 PF00702.1 Hydrolase 3.20E-19 1.00E-18 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_00408 ELU45530.1 443926993 PF10257.3 RAI16-like 6.10E-60 9.60E-60 Retinoic acid induced 16-like protein
AG1IA_00409 ELU45531.1 443926994 PF05254.6 UPF0203 2.10E-11 4.20E-10 Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0203)
AG1IA_00412 ELU45534.1 443926997 PF06733.9 DEAD_2 1.10E-24 2.00E-24 DEAD_2
AG1IA_00412 ELU45534.1 443926997 PF06777.5 DUF1227 6.30E-31 2.80E-30 Protein of unknown function (DUF1227)
AG1IA_00413 ELU45535.1 443926998 PF01569.15 PAP2 0.00017 0.0035 PAP2 superfamily
AG1IA_00415 ELU45537.1 443927000 PF01399.21 PCI 5.40E-14 2.10E-13 PCI domain
AG1IA_00416 ELU45538.1 443927001 PF04003.6 Utp12 1.80E-15 5.60E-15 Dip2/Utp12 Family
AG1IA_00416 ELU45538.1 443927001 PF00400.26 WD40 1.40E-11 1.20E-05 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00418 ELU45540.1 443927003 PF02656.9 DUF202 1.10E-10 3.30E-10 Domain of unknown function DUF
AG1IA_00418 ELU45540.1 443927003 PF12937.1 F-box-like 4.50E-10 4.50E-10 F-box-like
AG1IA_00418 ELU45540.1 443927003 PF00560.27 LRR_1 1.50E-05 2.8 Leucine Rich Repeat
AG1IA_00418 ELU45540.1 443927003 PF12799.1 LRR_4 5.60E-10 0.033 Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies)
AG1IA_00420 ELU45542.1 443927005 PF07145.9 PAM2 0.0047 0.0098 Ataxin-2 C-terminal region
AG1IA_00420 ELU45542.1 443927005 PF05615.7 THOC7 2.20E-14 2.20E-14 Tho complex subunit 7
AG1IA_00421 ELU45543.1 443927006 PF01399.21 PCI 4.90E-06 1.80E-05 PCI domain
AG1IA_00422 ELU45544.1 443927007 PF04597.8 Ribophorin_I 1.10E-114 1.30E-114 Ribophorin I
AG1IA_00423 ELU45545.1 443927008 PF01535.14 PPR 0.0012 32 PPR repeat
AG1IA_00424 ELU45546.1 443927009 PF08571.4 Yos1 9.00E-19 9.00E-19 Yos1-like
AG1IA_00425 ELU45547.1 443927010 PF00237.13 Ribosomal_L22 5.90E-23 8.50E-23 Ribosomal protein L22p/L17e
AG1IA_00426 ELU45548.1 443927011 PF00465.13 Fe-ADH 2.90E-50 4.10E-34 Iron-containing alcohol dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00428 ELU45550.1 443927013 PF01125.11 G10 2.90E-58 2.90E-58 G10 protein
AG1IA_00429 ELU45551.1 443927014 PF00999.15 Na_H_Exchanger 1.80E-44 2.70E-44 Sodium/hydrogen exchanger family
AG1IA_00430 ELU45552.1 443927015 PF00977.15 His_biosynth 2.90E-11 5.00E-09 Histidine biosynthesis protein
AG1IA_00431 ELU45553.1 443927016 PF03227.10 GILT 4.30E-12 2.40E-11 Gamma interferon inducible lysosomal thiol reductase (GILT)
AG1IA_00432 ELU45554.1 443927017 PF03134.13 TB2_DP1_HVA22 1.50E-09 2.60E-09 TB2/DP1, HVA22 family
AG1IA_00434 ELU45556.1 443927019 PF04303.7 PrpF 1.40E-37 4.20E-32 PrpF protein
AG1IA_00435 ELU45557.1 443927020 PF00831.17 Ribosomal_L29 0.00027 0.0027 Ribosomal L29 protein
AG1IA_00437 ELU45559.1 443927022 PF05532.6 CsbD 0.0024 0.0063 CsbD-like
AG1IA_00438 ELU45560.1 443927023 PF05327.5 RRN3 1.40E-147 3.80E-147 RNA polymerase I specific transcription initiation factor RRN3
AG1IA_00440 ELU45562.1 443927025 PF06367.10 Drf_FH3 1.20E-09 1.20E-09 Diaphanous FH3 Domain
AG1IA_00440 ELU45562.1 443927025 PF06371.7 Drf_GBD 4.30E-08 0.0023 Diaphanous GTPase-binding Domain
AG1IA_00440 ELU45562.1 443927025 PF02181.17 FH2 9.80E-74 9.80E-74 Formin Homology 2 Domain
AG1IA_00441 ELU45563.1 443927026 PF01156.13 IU_nuc_hydro 1.40E-62 7.80E-62 Inosine-uridine preferring nucleoside hydrolase
AG1IA_00442 ELU45564.1 443927027 PF01398.15 Mov34 2.50E-15 4.40E-15 Mov34/MPN/PAD-1 family
AG1IA_00443 ELU45565.1 443927028 PF00097.19 zf-C3HC4 6.70E-08 9.30E-08 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
AG1IA_00443 ELU45565.1 443927028 PF11789.2 zf-Nse 3.90E-06 3.90E-06 Zinc-finger of the MIZ type in Nse subunit
AG1IA_00444 ELU45566.1 443927029 PF09325.4 Vps5 5.20E-17 7.60E-17 Vps5 C terminal like
AG1IA_00445 ELU45567.1 443927030 PF04938.6 SIP1 5.40E-15 1.20E-14 Survival motor neuron (SMN) interacting protein 1 (SIP1)
AG1IA_00447 ELU45569.1 443927032 PF02985.16 HEAT 4.50E-09 0.0016 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_00447 ELU45569.1 443927032 PF01730.10 UreF 5.40E-14 1.60E-13 UreF
AG1IA_00447 ELU45569.1 443927032 PF12755.1 Vac14_Fab1_bd 3.00E-42 8.50E-40 Vacuolar 14 Fab1-binding region
AG1IA_00447 ELU45569.1 443927032 PF11916.2 Vac14_Fig4_bd 1.30E-69 2.20E-69 Vacuolar protein 14 C-terminal Fig4p binding
AG1IA_00448 ELU45570.1 443927033 PF03969.10 AFG1_ATPase 1.20E-74 1.00E-70 AFG1-like ATPase
AG1IA_00449 ELU45571.1 443927034 PF00803.12 3A 0.0056 0.0083 3A/RNA2 movement protein family
AG1IA_00450 ELU45516.1 443926978 PF11595.2 DUF3245 6.80E-08 5.60E-07 Protein of unknown function (DUF3245)
AG1IA_00451 ELU45517.1 443926979 PF01124.12 MAPEG 7.60E-17 1.30E-16 MAPEG family
AG1IA_00452 ELU45518.1 443926980 PF04062.8 P21-Arc 6.00E-77 6.70E-77 ARP2/3 complex ARPC3 (21 kDa) subunit
AG1IA_00455 ELU45506.1 443926967 PF00491.15 Arginase 6.20E-51 8.70E-51 Arginase family
AG1IA_00456 ELU45507.1 443926968 PF00004.23 AAA 8.10E-09 2.10E-08 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00458 ELU45509.1 443926970 PF02064.9 MAS20 5.00E-30 5.80E-28 MAS20 protein import receptor
AG1IA_00458 ELU45509.1 443926970 PF00856.22 SET 8.00E-05 0.0023 SET domain
AG1IA_00460 ELU45511.1 443926972 PF02558.10 ApbA 3.40E-23 6.30E-23 Ketopantoate reductase PanE/ApbA
AG1IA_00461 ELU45512.1 443926973 PF10996.2 Beta-Casp 2.80E-15 5.80E-15 Beta-Casp domain
AG1IA_00461 ELU45512.1 443926973 PF12706.1 Lactamase_B_2 9.80E-06 2.30E-05 Beta-lactamase superfamily domain
AG1IA_00462 ELU45513.1 443926974 PF01591.12 6PF2K 0.0071 0.0094 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase
AG1IA_00462 ELU45513.1 443926974 PF00025.15 Arf 7.40E-69 9.70E-69 ADP-ribosylation factor family
AG1IA_00462 ELU45513.1 443926974 PF00503.14 G-alpha 3.70E-05 0.00046 G-protein alpha subunit
AG1IA_00462 ELU45513.1 443926974 PF04670.6 Gtr1_RagA 1.00E-08 2.50E-08 Gtr1/RagA G protein conserved region
AG1IA_00462 ELU45513.1 443926974 PF08477.7 Miro 3.50E-09 5.00E-09 Miro-like protein
AG1IA_00462 ELU45513.1 443926974 PF00071.16 Ras 6.10E-08 7.80E-08 Ras family
AG1IA_00462 ELU45513.1 443926974 PF09439.4 SRPRB 3.20E-12 5.00E-12 Signal recognition particle receptor beta subunit
AG1IA_00463 ELU45514.1 443926975 PF10392.3 COG5 0.0013 0.0047 Golgi transport complex subunit 5
AG1IA_00463 ELU45514.1 443926975 PF04091.6 Sec15 9.60E-32 1.80E-31 Exocyst complex subunit Sec15-like
AG1IA_00463 ELU45514.1 443926975 PF04048.8 Sec8_exocyst 0.0022 0.0063 Sec8 exocyst complex component specific domain
AG1IA_00463 ELU45514.1 443926975 PF08700.5 Vps51 2.30E-05 7.90E-05 Vps51/Vps67
AG1IA_00464 ELU45515.1 443926976 PF00610.15 DEP 1.20E-15 1.80E-09 Domain found in Dishevelled, Egl-10, and Pleckstrin (DEP)
AG1IA_00465 ELU45494.1 443926954 PF00615.13 RGS 3.90E-20 5.30E-20 Regulator of G protein signaling domain
AG1IA_00469 ELU45498.1 443926958 PF12998.1 ING 2.20E-07 2.30E-07 Inhibitor of growth proteins N-terminal histone-binding
AG1IA_00471 ELU45500.1 443926960 PF06011.6 TRP 6.80E-68 1.00E-67 Transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channel
AG1IA_00473 ELU45502.1 443926962 PF00023.24 Ank 8.90E-23 1.00E-05 Ankyrin repeat
AG1IA_00473 ELU45502.1 443926962 PF12796.1 Ank_2 4.90E-24 4.60E-12 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)
AG1IA_00473 ELU45502.1 443926962 PF01363.15 FYVE 4.60E-07 1.10E-06 FYVE zinc finger
AG1IA_00474 ELU45503.1 443926963 PF08577.5 PI31_Prot_C 4.70E-08 4.70E-08 PI31 proteasome regulator
AG1IA_00474 ELU45503.1 443926963 PF11566.2 PI31_Prot_N 3.30E-30 4.20E-30 PI31 proteasome regulator N-terminal
AG1IA_00475 ELU45504.1 443926964 PF00865.12 Osteopontin 0.00071 0.0011 Osteopontin
AG1IA_00476 ELU45505.1 443926965 PF01956.10 DUF106 1.70E-41 2.60E-41 Integral membrane protein DUF106
AG1IA_00486 ELU45470.1 443926924 PF02558.10 ApbA 9.90E-14 1.70E-13 Ketopantoate reductase PanE/ApbA
AG1IA_00486 ELU45470.1 443926924 PF08546.1 ApbA_C 2.30E-13 4.20E-13 Ketopantoate reductase PanE/ApbA C terminal
AG1IA_00487 ELU45471.1 443926925 PF01053.14 Cys_Met_Meta_PP 3.10E-08 3.60E-05 Cys/Met metabolism PLP-dependent enzyme
AG1IA_00487 ELU45471.1 443926925 PF00270.23 DEAD 1.80E-51 5.00E-51 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_00487 ELU45471.1 443926925 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 4.80E-23 4.80E-23 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00489 ELU45473.1 443926927 PF11768.2 DUF3312 0.0016 2.8 Protein of unknown function (DUF3312)
AG1IA_00489 ELU45473.1 443926927 PF11715.2 Nup160 2.60E-06 7.10E-05 Nucleoporin Nup120/160
AG1IA_00489 ELU45473.1 443926927 PF04003.6 Utp12 0.0014 0.003 Dip2/Utp12 Family
AG1IA_00489 ELU45473.1 443926927 PF00400.26 WD40 1.60E-53 4.10E-07 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00490 ELU45474.1 443926928 PF02127.9 Peptidase_M18 5.40E-122 1.10E-102 Aminopeptidase I zinc metalloprotease (M18)
AG1IA_00491 ELU45475.1 443926929 PF00248.15 Aldo_ket_red 7.50E-75 8.50E-75 Aldo/keto reductase family
AG1IA_00493 ELU45477.1 443926931 PF02518.20 HATPase_c 3.10E-06 8.20E-06 Histidine kinase-, DNA gyrase B-, and HSP90-like ATPase
AG1IA_00493 ELU45477.1 443926931 PF00183.12 HSP90 6.00E-118 9.40E-118 Hsp90 protein
AG1IA_00493 ELU45477.1 443926931 PF10279.3 Latarcin 0.0072 1.1 Latarcin precursor
AG1IA_00493 ELU45477.1 443926931 PF00428.13 Ribosomal_60s 0.00059 0.00059 60s Acidic ribosomal protein
AG1IA_00496 ELU45480.1 443926934 PF00679.18 EFG_C 1.40E-13 3.60E-12 Elongation factor G C-terminus
AG1IA_00496 ELU45480.1 443926934 PF00009.21 GTP_EFTU 4.40E-48 7.10E-48 Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain
AG1IA_00498 ELU45482.1 443926936 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 0.00081 0.0022 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00498 ELU45482.1 443926936 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 1.90E-09 2.90E-09 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00498 ELU45482.1 443926936 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 1.10E-21 2.50E-21 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00499 ELU45483.1 443926937 PF09088.5 MIF4G_like 1.10E-49 2.10E-49 MIF4G like
AG1IA_00499 ELU45483.1 443926937 PF09090.5 MIF4G_like_2 2.90E-31 4.00E-31 MIF4G like
AG1IA_00502 ELU45467.1 443926920 PF00294.18 PfkB 1.80E-09 0.012 pfkB family carbohydrate kinase
AG1IA_00503 ELU45468.1 443926921 PF00347.17 Ribosomal_L6 4.00E-13 7.90E-09 Ribosomal protein L6
AG1IA_00504 ELU45469.1 443926922 PF04140.8 ICMT 1.00E-06 1.10E-06 Isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase (ICMT) family
AG1IA_00506 ELU45462.1 443926914 PF02259.17 FAT 1.50E-67 1.50E-67 FAT domain
AG1IA_00506 ELU45462.1 443926914 PF00454.21 PI3_PI4_kinase 6.40E-11 1.80E-10 Phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinase
AG1IA_00506 ELU45462.1 443926914 PF00400.26 WD40 1.20E-09 0.00053 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00507 ELU45463.1 443926915 PF00069.19 Pkinase 9.70E-60 1.20E-58 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00507 ELU45463.1 443926915 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 3.10E-28 5.10E-26 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00508 ELU45464.1 443926916 PF01399.21 PCI 3.90E-11 1.10E-10 PCI domain
AG1IA_00512 ELU45450.1 443926901 PF08648.6 DUF1777 0.00029 0.00038 Protein of unknown function (DUF1777)
AG1IA_00512 ELU45450.1 443926901 PF00069.19 Pkinase 1.60E-06 2.30E-06 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00512 ELU45450.1 443926901 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 0.0025 0.0053 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00513 ELU45451.1 443926902 PF00069.19 Pkinase 2.00E-42 3.40E-42 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00513 ELU45451.1 443926902 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 4.80E-16 1.10E-15 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00513 ELU45451.1 443926902 PF12851.1 TET_DSBH 0.002 0.0023 Double-stranded beta helix fold of oxygenase domain of TET proteins
AG1IA_00514 ELU45452.1 443926903 PF02291.9 TFIID-31kDa 3.20E-17 1.90E-16 Transcription initiation factor IID, 31kD subunit
AG1IA_00516 ELU45454.1 443926905 PF07690.10 MFS_1 3.40E-27 1.70E-26 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00516 ELU45454.1 443926905 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 2.50E-05 5.40E-05 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_00518 ELU45456.1 443926907 PF05653.8 DUF803 4.20E-32 4.90E-28 Protein of unknown function (DUF803)
AG1IA_00518 ELU45456.1 443926907 PF00892.14 EamA 2.20E-05 2.20E-05 EamA-like transporter family
AG1IA_00519 ELU45457.1 443926908 PF05022.6 SRP40_C 8.00E-20 1.60E-19 SRP40, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00520 ELU45458.1 443926909 PF00989.18 PAS 6.10E-05 0.00016 PAS fold
AG1IA_00520 ELU45458.1 443926909 PF08448.4 PAS_4 0.00035 0.00098 PAS fold
AG1IA_00521 ELU45459.1 443926910 PF01171.14 ATP_bind_3 7.20E-30 2.60E-27 PP-loop family
AG1IA_00523 ELU45443.1 443926893 PF04488.9 Gly_transf_sug 1.40E-14 2.40E-14 Glycosyltransferase sugar-binding region containing DXD motif
AG1IA_00524 ELU45444.1 443926894 PF01423.16 LSM 2.30E-11 3.90E-11 LSM domain
AG1IA_00527 ELU45447.1 443926897 PF12519.2 DUF3722 3.50E-33 6.10E-33 Protein of unknown function (DUF3722)
AG1IA_00527 ELU45447.1 443926897 PF01459.16 Porin_3 5.50E-06 0.0013 Eukaryotic porin
AG1IA_00528 ELU45439.1 443926888 PF12519.2 DUF3722 8.50E-34 9.40E-34 Protein of unknown function (DUF3722)
AG1IA_00531 ELU45442.1 443926891 PF11882.2 DUF3402 6.10E-62 7.10E-45 Domain of unknown function (DUF3402)
AG1IA_00531 ELU45442.1 443926891 PF07923.7 N1221 4.90E-30 1.90E-27 N1221-like protein
AG1IA_00532 ELU45433.1 443926881 PF04082.12 Fungal_trans 1.80E-19 2.80E-19 Fungal specific transcription factor domain
AG1IA_00533 ELU45434.1 443926882 PF01226.11 Form_Nir_trans 8.80E-24 1.80E-22 Formate/nitrite transporter
AG1IA_00533 ELU45434.1 443926882 PF05231.8 MASE1 0.0031 0.0086 MASE1
AG1IA_00534 ELU45435.1 443926883 PF00899.15 ThiF 3.20E-26 3.10E-16 ThiF family
AG1IA_00534 ELU45435.1 443926883 PF02134.15 UBACT 5.00E-33 7.10E-17 Repeat in ubiquitin-activating (UBA) protein
AG1IA_00534 ELU45435.1 443926883 PF09358.4 UBA_e1_C 6.20E-38 1.50E-37 Ubiquitin-activating enzyme e1 C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00534 ELU45435.1 443926883 PF10585.1 UBA_e1_thiolCys 2.30E-14 3.10E-10 Ubiquitin-activating enzyme active site
AG1IA_00535 ELU45436.1 443926884 PF00638.12 Ran_BP1 1.80E-45 3.30E-45 RanBP1 domain
AG1IA_00538 ELU45431.1 443926878 PF01866.11 Diphthamide_syn 9.00E-37 1.10E-36 Putative diphthamide synthesis protein
AG1IA_00540 ELU45428.1 443926874 PF00250.12 Fork_head 2.30E-24 3.70E-24 Fork head domain
AG1IA_00541 ELU45429.1 443926875 PF09732.3 CactinC_cactus 8.50E-50 1.70E-49 Cactus-binding C-terminus of cactin protein
AG1IA_00541 ELU45429.1 443926875 PF10312.3 Cactin_mid 6.70E-64 1.70E-63 Conserved mid region of cactin
AG1IA_00542 ELU45430.1 443926876 PF00098.17 zf-CCHC 1.40E-22 2.00E-06 Zinc knuckle
AG1IA_00543 ELU45427.1 443926872 PF00160.15 Pro_isomerase 5.30E-19 9.00E-19 Cyclophilin type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase/CLD
AG1IA_00544 ELU45404.1 443926848 PF02985.16 HEAT 0.0098 5.1 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_00544 ELU45404.1 443926848 PF00616.13 RasGAP 1.80E-38 1.50E-37 GTPase-activator protein for Ras-like GTPase
AG1IA_00546 ELU45406.1 443926850 PF01150.11 GDA1_CD39 7.20E-98 2.00E-90 GDA1/CD39 (nucleoside phosphatase) family
AG1IA_00547 ELU45407.1 443926851 PF05603.6 DUF775 1.80E-25 3.60E-25 Protein of unknown function (DUF775)
AG1IA_00547 ELU45407.1 443926851 PF05193.15 Peptidase_M16_C 1.50E-12 2.10E-07 Peptidase M16 inactive domain
AG1IA_00548 ELU45408.1 443926852 PF00675.14 Peptidase_M16 6.00E-20 9.00E-20 Insulinase (Peptidase family M16)
AG1IA_00548 ELU45408.1 443926852 PF05193.15 Peptidase_M16_C 0.00031 0.00097 Peptidase M16 inactive domain
AG1IA_00549 ELU45409.1 443926853 PF11711.2 Tim54 3.40E-69 5.50E-69 Inner membrane protein import complex subunit Tim54
AG1IA_00551 ELU45411.1 443926855 PF05681.8 Fumerase 0.0084 0.013 Fumarate hydratase (Fumerase)
AG1IA_00551 ELU45411.1 443926855 PF00069.19 Pkinase 2.20E-14 1.60E-06 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00551 ELU45411.1 443926855 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.00E-06 0.0011 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00552 ELU45412.1 443926856 PF01111.13 CKS 1.80E-27 2.30E-27 Cyclin-dependent kinase regulatory subunit
AG1IA_00553 ELU45413.1 443926857 PF07933.8 DUF1681 6.80E-51 7.90E-51 Protein of unknown function (DUF1681)
AG1IA_00554 ELU45414.1 443926858 PF12799.1 LRR_4 9.30E-09 5.30E-05 Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies)
AG1IA_00554 ELU45414.1 443926858 PF04057.6 Rep-A_N 1.50E-16 7.70E-16 Replication factor-A protein 1, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00554 ELU45414.1 443926858 PF08646.4 Rep_fac-A_C 3.00E-51 2.10E-48 Replication factor-A C terminal domain
AG1IA_00554 ELU45414.1 443926858 PF01336.19 tRNA_anti 2.60E-10 2.00E-09 OB-fold nucleic acid binding domain
AG1IA_00555 ELU45415.1 443926859 PF07883.5 Cupin_2 1.70E-07 3.40E-07 Cupin domain
AG1IA_00555 ELU45415.1 443926859 PF00378.14 ECH 6.50E-06 2.30E-05 Enoyl-CoA hydratase/isomerase family
AG1IA_00556 ELU45416.1 443926860 PF01231.12 IDO 5.10E-80 7.00E-80 Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
AG1IA_00558 ELU45418.1 443926862 PF00076.16 RRM_1 2.10E-07 3.60E-07 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00559 ELU45419.1 443926863 PF00266.1 Aminotran_5 2.30E-90 2.90E-90 Aminotransferase class-V
AG1IA_00559 ELU45419.1 443926863 PF03031.12 NIF 0.00042 0.00095 NLI interacting factor-like phosphatase
AG1IA_00559 ELU45419.1 443926863 PF00240.17 ubiquitin 1.30E-05 2.50E-05 Ubiquitin family
AG1IA_00561 ELU45421.1 443926865 PF07859.7 Abhydrolase_3 2.00E-07 5.80E-07 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00561 ELU45421.1 443926865 PF00135.22 COesterase 1.50E-52 6.30E-52 Carboxylesterase family
AG1IA_00562 ELU45422.1 443926866 PF00491.15 Arginase 6.00E-66 8.70E-66 Arginase family
AG1IA_00563 ELU45423.1 443926867 PF02770.13 Acyl-CoA_dh_M 1.80E-20 3.80E-20 Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, middle domain
AG1IA_00563 ELU45423.1 443926867 PF02771.10 Acyl-CoA_dh_N 1.30E-24 2.00E-24 Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00566 ELU45426.1 443926870 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 3.00E-08 4.60E-08 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_00568 ELU45402.1 443926845 PF00155.15 Aminotran_1_2 0.0023 0.0033 Aminotransferase class I and II
AG1IA_00571 ELU45399.1 443926841 PF08702.4 Fib_alpha 0.0009 0.0009 Fibrinogen alpha/beta chain family
AG1IA_00571 ELU45399.1 443926841 PF00225.17 Kinesin 1.40E-33 3.80E-33 Kinesin motor domain
AG1IA_00571 ELU45399.1 443926841 PF04102.6 SlyX 0.0018 0.0018 SlyX
AG1IA_00571 ELU45399.1 443926841 PF12329.2 TMF_DNA_bd 0.0023 0.0023 TATA element modulatory factor 1 DNA binding
AG1IA_00572 ELU45400.1 443926842 PF00106.19 adh_short 0.0019 0.0036 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00579 ELU45381.1 443926821 PF01026.15 TatD_DNase 7.80E-20 7.70E-19 TatD related DNase
AG1IA_00579 ELU45381.1 443926821 PF04146.9 YTH 1.50E-39 2.70E-39 YT521-B-like domain
AG1IA_00580 ELU45382.1 443926822 PF00300.1 His_Phos_1 1.50E-22 4.40E-21 Histidine phosphatase superfamily (branch 1)
AG1IA_00581 ELU45383.1 443926823 PF10391.3 DNA_pol_lambd_f 4.00E-08 7.70E-08 Fingers domain of DNA polymerase lambda
AG1IA_00584 ELU45386.1 443926826 PF04479.7 RTA1 1.50E-31 2.10E-31 RTA1 like protein
AG1IA_00585 ELU45387.1 443926827 PF00125.18 Histone 8.20E-25 8.40E-14 Core histone H2A/H2B/H3/H4
AG1IA_00586 ELU45388.1 443926828 PF02970.10 TBCA 5.20E-19 6.00E-19 Tubulin binding cofactor A
AG1IA_00587 ELU45389.1 443926829 PF04438.10 zf-HIT 2.70E-08 4.70E-08 HIT zinc finger
AG1IA_00588 ELU45390.1 443926830 PF05093.7 CIAPIN1 3.70E-28 5.90E-28 Cytokine-induced anti-apoptosis inhibitor 1, Fe-S biogenesis
AG1IA_00589 ELU45391.1 443926831 PF02845.10 CUE 0.00048 0.00081 CUE domain
AG1IA_00591 ELU45379.1 443926817 PF00694.13 Aconitase_C 2.40E-31 3.40E-31 Aconitase C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00592 ELU45358.1 443926795 PF00330.14 Aconitase 8.00E-151 1.00E-150 Aconitase family (aconitate hydratase)
AG1IA_00593 ELU45359.1 443926796 PF01779.11 Ribosomal_L29e 7.50E-14 1.50E-13 Ribosomal L29e protein family
AG1IA_00595 ELU45361.1 443926798 PF00076.16 RRM_1 3.00E-13 5.00E-13 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00596 ELU45362.1 443926799 PF00861.16 Ribosomal_L18p 4.20E-40 9.60E-40 Ribosomal L18p/L5e family
AG1IA_00597 ELU45363.1 443926800 PF08449.5 UAA 3.70E-64 4.30E-54 UAA transporter family
AG1IA_00600 ELU45366.1 443926803 PF07690.10 MFS_1 7.20E-42 7.20E-42 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00602 ELU45368.1 443926805 PF00106.19 adh_short 3.20E-24 4.30E-24 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00602 ELU45368.1 443926805 PF08659.4 KR 1.30E-08 2.40E-08 KR domain
AG1IA_00603 ELU45369.1 443926806 PF01217.14 Clat_adaptor_s 1.30E-33 1.70E-33 Clathrin adaptor complex small chain
AG1IA_00604 ELU45370.1 443926807 PF03798.10 TRAM_LAG1_CLN8 1.10E-24 1.80E-24 TLC domain
AG1IA_00605 ELU45371.1 443926808 PF05916.5 Sld5 3.80E-11 5.90E-11 GINS complex protein
AG1IA_00606 ELU45372.1 443926809 PF00929.18 RNase_T 1.40E-11 2.30E-06 Exonuclease
AG1IA_00607 ELU45373.1 443926810 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 0.00065 0.0012 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00607 ELU45373.1 443926810 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 1.30E-07 3.10E-07 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00608 ELU45374.1 443926811 PF00180.14 Iso_dh 4.00E-78 5.70E-78 Isocitrate/isopropylmalate dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00609 ELU45375.1 443926812 PF00226.25 DnaJ 3.80E-14 6.20E-14 DnaJ domain
AG1IA_00610 ELU45376.1 443926813 PF03364.14 Polyketide_cyc 1.30E-18 2.00E-18 Polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport
AG1IA_00611 ELU45377.1 443926814 PF00069.19 Pkinase 1.00E-24 2.30E-24 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00611 ELU45377.1 443926814 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.20E-14 3.20E-09 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00612 ELU45378.1 443926815 PF00120.18 Gln-synt_C 2.60E-61 3.30E-61 Glutamine synthetase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_00612 ELU45378.1 443926815 PF03951.13 Gln-synt_N 3.60E-13 7.10E-13 Glutamine synthetase, beta-Grasp domain
AG1IA_00614 ELU45352.1 443926788 PF04082.12 Fungal_trans 3.00E-05 4.40E-05 Fungal specific transcription factor domain
AG1IA_00616 ELU45354.1 443926790 PF11608.2 Limkain-b1 0.0039 0.59 Limkain b1
AG1IA_00616 ELU45354.1 443926790 PF00076.16 RRM_1 1.80E-26 2.00E-14 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00616 ELU45354.1 443926790 PF08777.5 RRM_3 0.0003 0.00091 RNA binding motif
AG1IA_00618 ELU45356.1 443926792 PF10315.3 DUF2416 2.40E-13 3.10E-13 Protein of unknown function (DUF2416)
AG1IA_00621 ELU45338.1 443926770 PF12937.1 F-box-like 0.0081 0.0081 F-box-like
AG1IA_00623 ELU45340.1 443926772 PF12937.1 F-box-like 6.40E-07 0.0028 F-box-like
AG1IA_00625 ELU45342.1 443926774 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 7.90E-20 1.60E-15 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00625 ELU45342.1 443926774 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 0.00069 0.055 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00625 ELU45342.1 443926774 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 2.00E-14 4.60E-10 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00625 ELU45342.1 443926774 PF00756.14 Esterase 4.80E-06 8.40E-06 Putative esterase
AG1IA_00626 ELU45343.1 443926775 PF00481.15 PP2C 3.20E-22 2.60E-20 Protein phosphatase 2C
AG1IA_00628 ELU45345.1 443926777 PF07690.10 MFS_1 8.60E-11 3.60E-10 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00628 ELU45345.1 443926777 PF04906.7 Tweety 0.00024 0.00035 Tweety
AG1IA_00630 ELU45347.1 443926779 PF02463.13 SMC_N 1.00E-06 1.00E-06 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_00631 ELU45348.1 443926780 PF01138.15 RNase_PH 1.50E-22 7.70E-22 3' exoribonuclease family, domain 1
AG1IA_00632 ELU45349.1 443926781 PF00076.16 RRM_1 0.0061 2 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00632 ELU45349.1 443926781 PF08777.5 RRM_3 4.90E-07 1.10E-06 RNA binding motif
AG1IA_00634 ELU45335.1 443926765 PF00295.11 Glyco_hydro_28 1.20E-35 1.70E-35 Glycosyl hydrolases family 28
AG1IA_00636 ELU45337.1 443926767 PF05701.5 DUF827 0.0011 0.0048 Plant protein of unknown function (DUF827)
AG1IA_00637 ELU45333.1 443926761 PF00180.14 Iso_dh 3.90E-115 6.90E-115 Isocitrate/isopropylmalate dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00638 ELU45329.1 443926756 PF01388.15 ARID 4.40E-17 1.10E-16 ARID/BRIGHT DNA binding domain
AG1IA_00638 ELU45329.1 443926756 PF02373.16 JmjC 1.50E-21 6.70E-21 JmjC domain
AG1IA_00638 ELU45329.1 443926756 PF02375.11 JmjN 6.00E-13 1.20E-12 jmjN domain
AG1IA_00638 ELU45329.1 443926756 PF00628.23 PHD 1.90E-17 1.20E-12 PHD-finger
AG1IA_00638 ELU45329.1 443926756 PF08429.5 PLU-1 6.80E-41 1.10E-40 PLU-1-like protein
AG1IA_00638 ELU45329.1 443926756 PF02928.10 zf-C5HC2 1.80E-12 1.80E-12 C5HC2 zinc finger
AG1IA_00639 ELU45330.1 443926757 PF08772.5 NOB1_Zn_bind 9.00E-25 1.90E-24 Nin one binding (NOB1) Zn-ribbon like
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF00004.23 AAA 0.0099 17 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF12846.1 AAA_10 0.0048 1 AAA-like domain
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 5.40E-14 2.60E-09 ABC transporter
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF12848.1 ABC_tran_2 5.20E-07 5.20E-07 ABC transporter
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF00006.19 ATP-synt_ab 0.00022 0.36 ATP synthase alpha/beta family, nucleotide-binding domain
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF03193.10 DUF258 6.00E-05 0.076 Protein of unknown function, DUF258
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF01935.11 DUF87 0.00079 0.43 Domain of unknown function DUF87
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF00350.17 Dynamin_N 0.0017 0.56 Dynamin family
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF01580.12 FtsK_SpoIIIE 1.90E-05 0.18 FtsK/SpoIIIE family
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF08477.7 Miro 2.00E-06 0.068 Miro-like protein
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF03205.8 MobB 0.00055 1.6 Molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis protein B
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF05729.6 NACHT 9.80E-06 0.049 NACHT domain
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF00910.16 RNA_helicase 0.00094 0.82 RNA helicase
AG1IA_00640 ELU45331.1 443926758 PF02463.13 SMC_N 0.00024 0.58 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_00650 ELU45327.1 443926753 PF00687.15 Ribosomal_L1 9.20E-49 1.20E-48 Ribosomal protein L1p/L10e family
AG1IA_00654 ELU45312.1 443926737 PF02826.13 2-Hacid_dh_C 0.0012 0.0023 D-isomer specific 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00654 ELU45312.1 443926737 PF08240.6 ADH_N 3.20E-06 6.10E-06 Alcohol dehydrogenase GroES-like domain
AG1IA_00654 ELU45312.1 443926737 PF00107.20 ADH_zinc_N 1.50E-23 2.70E-23 Zinc-binding dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00654 ELU45312.1 443926737 PF01262.15 AlaDh_PNT_C 2.00E-06 3.70E-06 Alanine dehydrogenase/PNT, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00654 ELU45312.1 443926737 PF00208.15 ELFV_dehydrog 0.00029 0.00044 Glutamate/Leucine/Phenylalanine/Valine dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00654 ELU45312.1 443926737 PF02254.12 TrkA_N 0.0039 0.0064 TrkA-N domain
AG1IA_00659 ELU45317.1 443926742 PF00226.25 DnaJ 0.0052 0.015 DnaJ domain
AG1IA_00659 ELU45317.1 443926742 PF00515.22 TPR_1 8.90E-07 0.55 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00659 ELU45317.1 443926742 PF07719.11 TPR_2 1.50E-08 0.011 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00659 ELU45317.1 443926742 PF00627.25 UBA 0.00055 0.0019 UBA/TS-N domain
AG1IA_00661 ELU45309.1 443926733 PF10647.3 Gmad1 2.50E-07 0.0026 Lipoprotein LpqB beta-propeller domain
AG1IA_00661 ELU45309.1 443926733 PF08801.5 Nucleoporin_N 2.10E-07 0.33 Nup133 N terminal like
AG1IA_00661 ELU45309.1 443926733 PF00400.26 WD40 1.80E-121 4.70E-11 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00664 ELU45304.1 443926726 PF00999.15 Na_H_Exchanger 5.80E-29 9.60E-29 Sodium/hydrogen exchanger family
AG1IA_00667 ELU45307.1 443926729 PF03443.8 Glyco_hydro_61 1.20E-53 1.80E-53 Glycosyl hydrolase family 61
AG1IA_00669 ELU45298.1 443926718 PF03443.8 Glyco_hydro_61 1.00E-51 1.10E-51 Glycosyl hydrolase family 61
AG1IA_00671 ELU45300.1 443926720 PF00270.23 DEAD 1.20E-19 2.00E-19 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_00671 ELU45300.1 443926720 PF05876.6 Terminase_GpA 0.0011 0.0019 Phage terminase large subunit (GpA)
AG1IA_00671 ELU45300.1 443926720 PF00580.15 UvrD-helicase 0.00073 0.0014 UvrD/REP helicase
AG1IA_00673 ELU45292.1 443926711 PF03255.8 ACCA 0.0023 2.6 Acetyl co-enzyme A carboxylase carboxyltransferase alpha subunit
AG1IA_00673 ELU45292.1 443926711 PF00270.23 DEAD 4.80E-43 2.20E-23 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_00674 ELU45293.1 443926712 PF01145.19 Band_7 1.20E-27 1.80E-27 SPFH domain / Band 7 family
AG1IA_00675 ELU45294.1 443926713 PF11790.2 Glyco_hydro_cc 4.70E-54 3.10E-33 Glycosyl hydrolase catalytic core
AG1IA_00685 ELU45283.1 443926701 PF01118.18 Semialdhyde_dh 8.90E-27 1.50E-26 Semialdehyde dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00685 ELU45283.1 443926701 PF02774.12 Semialdhyde_dhC 3.30E-39 4.60E-39 Semialdehyde dehydrogenase, dimerisation domain
AG1IA_00687 ELU45285.1 443926703 PF00933.15 Glyco_hydro_3 8.60E-42 6.30E-41 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 N terminal domain
AG1IA_00687 ELU45285.1 443926703 PF01915.16 Glyco_hydro_3_C 1.50E-55 2.10E-55 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 C terminal domain
AG1IA_00687 ELU45285.1 443926703 PF07691.6 PA14 4.80E-11 8.70E-11 PA14 domain
AG1IA_00688 ELU45286.1 443926704 PF00244.14 2014/3/3 7.30E-117 9.40E-117 14-3-3 protein
AG1IA_00690 ELU45288.1 443926706 PF00544.13 Pec_lyase_C 2.80E-41 1.00E-35 Pectate lyase
AG1IA_00691 ELU45289.1 443926707 PF06487.6 SAP18 2.70E-16 3.30E-16 Sin3 associated polypeptide p18 (SAP18)
AG1IA_00692 ELU45290.1 443926708 PF01266.18 DAO 1.20E-09 2.20E-09 FAD dependent oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00692 ELU45290.1 443926708 PF00890.18 FAD_binding_2 6.50E-05 0.0001 FAD binding domain
AG1IA_00692 ELU45290.1 443926708 PF06963.6 FPN1 1.60E-68 5.70E-24 Ferroportin1 (FPN1)
AG1IA_00692 ELU45290.1 443926708 PF03486.8 HI0933_like 0.0067 0.0097 HI0933-like protein
AG1IA_00692 ELU45290.1 443926708 PF05834.6 Lycopene_cycl 1.20E-06 2.70E-06 Lycopene cyclase protein
AG1IA_00692 ELU45290.1 443926708 PF07992.8 Pyr_redox_2 6.70E-05 0.00012 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00692 ELU45290.1 443926708 PF01946.11 Thi4 1.10E-54 5.20E-29 Thi4 family
AG1IA_00694 ELU45274.1 443926691 PF00307.25 CH 0.0026 0.005 Calponin homology (CH) domain
AG1IA_00694 ELU45274.1 443926691 PF00169.23 PH 1.30E-13 2.70E-13 PH domain
AG1IA_00694 ELU45274.1 443926691 PF00536.24 SAM_1 1.40E-07 4.10E-07 SAM domain (Sterile alpha motif)
AG1IA_00694 ELU45274.1 443926691 PF07647.11 SAM_2 2.90E-10 5.20E-10 SAM domain (Sterile alpha motif)
AG1IA_00695 ELU45275.1 443926692 PF10602.3 RPN7 0.0099 7.7 26S proteasome subunit RPN7
AG1IA_00695 ELU45275.1 443926692 PF00515.22 TPR_1 8.00E-07 0.053 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00695 ELU45275.1 443926692 PF07719.11 TPR_2 1.30E-06 0.026 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00697 ELU45271.1 443926687 PF00515.22 TPR_1 0.00041 22 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00697 ELU45271.1 443926687 PF07719.11 TPR_2 7.90E-06 1.00E+02 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00699 ELU45273.1 443926689 PF00069.19 Pkinase 7.20E-23 1.20E-22 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00699 ELU45273.1 443926689 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.90E-16 5.10E-16 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00703 ELU45270.1 443926685 PF07000.5 DUF1308 2.30E-24 8.70E-24 Protein of unknown function (DUF1308)
AG1IA_00703 ELU45270.1 443926685 PF07080.5 DUF1348 4.60E-21 9.10E-21 Protein of unknown function (DUF1348)
AG1IA_00705 ELU45266.1 443926680 PF12846.1 AAA_10 0.0039 0.0092 AAA-like domain
AG1IA_00705 ELU45266.1 443926680 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 8.80E-13 1.10E-11 ABC transporter
AG1IA_00705 ELU45266.1 443926680 PF03193.10 DUF258 7.80E-05 0.00013 Protein of unknown function, DUF258
AG1IA_00706 ELU45255.1 443926666 PF03443.8 Glyco_hydro_61 5.00E-54 7.40E-54 Glycosyl hydrolase family 61
AG1IA_00707 ELU45256.1 443926667 PF09458.4 H_lectin 2.00E-36 1.70E-16 H-type lectin domain
AG1IA_00708 ELU45257.1 443926668 PF08650.4 DASH_Dad4 1.30E-20 2.30E-20 DASH complex subunit Dad4
AG1IA_00709 ELU45258.1 443926669 PF02996.11 Prefoldin 9.70E-27 7.60E-26 Prefoldin subunit
AG1IA_00711 ELU45260.1 443926671 PF02798.14 GST_N 2.20E-07 4.20E-07 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00713 ELU45262.1 443926673 PF00153.21 Mito_carr 4.10E-14 2.30E-12 Mitochondrial carrier protein
AG1IA_00715 ELU45264.1 443926675 PF00043.19 GST_C 0.00015 0.00026 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00715 ELU45264.1 443926675 PF02798.14 GST_N 6.80E-10 1.20E-09 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00716 ELU45254.1 443926664 PF01480.11 PWI 0.00067 0.0019 PWI domain
AG1IA_00716 ELU45254.1 443926664 PF00076.16 RRM_1 2.50E-05 6.10E-05 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00718 ELU45253.1 443926662 PF12729.1 4HB_MCP_2 0.0092 0.014 Four helix bundle sensory module for signal transduction
AG1IA_00718 ELU45253.1 443926662 PF10187.3 Nefa_Nip30_N 7.70E-08 2.10E-06 N-terminal domain of NEFA-interacting nuclear protein NIP30
AG1IA_00719 ELU45248.1 443926656 PF03878.9 YIF1 7.60E-66 1.10E-65 YIF1
AG1IA_00719 ELU45248.1 443926656 PF04893.11 Yip1 9.10E-06 1.40E-05 Yip1 domain
AG1IA_00720 ELU45249.1 443926657 PF07470.1 Glyco_hydro_88 5.40E-20 8.70E-20 Glycosyl Hydrolase Family 88
AG1IA_00720 ELU45249.1 443926657 PF07690.10 MFS_1 7.50E-20 1.70E-19 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00720 ELU45249.1 443926657 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 5.60E-47 2.00E-43 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_00721 ELU45250.1 443926658 PF12895.1 Apc3 2.60E-09 0.025 Anaphase-promoting complex, cyclosome, subunit 3
AG1IA_00721 ELU45250.1 443926658 PF00069.19 Pkinase 8.20E-31 4.40E-28 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00721 ELU45250.1 443926658 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 3.50E-29 3.60E-27 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00721 ELU45250.1 443926658 PF01535.14 PPR 1.70E-05 16 PPR repeat
AG1IA_00721 ELU45250.1 443926658 PF00515.22 TPR_1 8.50E-13 0.027 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00721 ELU45250.1 443926658 PF07719.11 TPR_2 2.30E-11 1 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00721 ELU45250.1 443926658 PF07720.6 TPR_3 0.0021 0.47 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00722 ELU45251.1 443926659 PF00245.14 Alk_phosphatase 7.00E-78 1.60E-75 Alkaline phosphatase
AG1IA_00722 ELU45251.1 443926659 PF01676.12 Metalloenzyme 0.0034 0.0067 Metalloenzyme superfamily
AG1IA_00723 ELU45247.1 443926654 PF00067.16 p450 9.20E-29 4.20E-28 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00724 ELU45238.1 443926644 PF08935.4 DUF1865 0.007 0.029 Domain of unknown function (DUF1865)
AG1IA_00724 ELU45238.1 443926644 PF00544.13 Pec_lyase_C 9.30E-20 5.40E-19 Pectate lyase
AG1IA_00725 ELU45239.1 443926645 PF07690.10 MFS_1 2.70E-25 6.50E-25 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00735 ELU45236.1 443926639 PF00096.20 zf-C2H2 0.0041 0.54 Zinc finger, C2H2 type
AG1IA_00737 ELU45231.1 443926633 PF08386.4 Abhydrolase_4 1.30E-09 4.50E-09 TAP-like protein
AG1IA_00740 ELU45227.1 443926628 PF00106.19 adh_short 9.10E-08 1.80E-07 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00742 ELU45229.1 443926630 PF00067.16 p450 0.00016 0.00019 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00743 ELU45230.1 443926631 PF00067.16 p450 5.20E-39 6.00E-39 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00745 ELU45224.1 443926623 PF01791.3 DeoC 1.30E-21 4.80E-10 DeoC/LacD family aldolase
AG1IA_00746 ELU45225.1 443926624 PF11022.2 DUF2611 1.70E-08 2.10E-08 Protein of unknown function (DUF2611)
AG1IA_00749 ELU45222.1 443926620 PF00069.19 Pkinase 2.00E-20 3.80E-18 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00749 ELU45222.1 443926620 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 1.50E-24 1.20E-20 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00755 ELU45215.1 443926611 PF01636.17 APH 7.80E-07 2.50E-06 Phosphotransferase enzyme family
AG1IA_00756 ELU45212.1 443926607 PF12512.2 DUF3717 0.0081 0.024 Protein of unknown function (DUF3717)
AG1IA_00756 ELU45212.1 443926607 PF07690.10 MFS_1 0.0013 0.0017 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00757 ELU45213.1 443926608 PF07690.10 MFS_1 8.90E-20 2.20E-10 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00758 ELU45214.1 443926609 PF01775.11 Ribosomal_L18ae 2.20E-33 3.30E-33 Ribosomal L18ae/LX protein domain
AG1IA_00760 ELU45211.1 443926605 PF08240.6 ADH_N 1.80E-07 5.50E-07 Alcohol dehydrogenase GroES-like domain
AG1IA_00761 ELU45209.1 443926602 PF00107.20 ADH_zinc_N 0.0042 0.0082 Zinc-binding dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00766 ELU45199.1 443926586 PF02798.14 GST_N 3.80E-14 2.40E-06 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00769 ELU45202.1 443926589 PF01119.13 DNA_mis_repair 3.20E-15 6.70E-15 DNA mismatch repair protein, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00769 ELU45202.1 443926589 PF02518.20 HATPase_c 1.20E-10 2.90E-10 Histidine kinase-, DNA gyrase B-, and HSP90-like ATPase
AG1IA_00770 ELU45203.1 443926590 PF00175.15 NAD_binding_1 4.00E-07 1.10E-06 Oxidoreductase NAD-binding domain
AG1IA_00770 ELU45203.1 443926590 PF08030.6 NAD_binding_6 0.0051 0.01 Ferric reductase NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00770 ELU45203.1 443926590 PF09184.5 PPP4R2 5.20E-13 6.60E-13 PPP4R2
AG1IA_00775 ELU45196.1 443926581 PF12850.1 Metallophos_2 1.40E-06 3.10E-06 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase superfamily domain
AG1IA_00780 ELU45189.1 443926572 PF06472.9 ABC_membrane_2 9.00E-60 1.30E-36 ABC transporter transmembrane region 2
AG1IA_00780 ELU45189.1 443926572 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 0.00017 0.00038 ABC transporter
AG1IA_00781 ELU45190.1 443926573 PF01423.16 LSM 5.00E-14 6.50E-14 LSM domain
AG1IA_00782 ELU45172.1 443926554 PF00135.22 COesterase 1.90E-44 6.10E-20 Carboxylesterase family
AG1IA_00782 ELU45172.1 443926554 PF08159.6 NUC153 6.10E-13 1.10E-12 NUC153 domain
AG1IA_00783 ELU45173.1 443926555 PF07859.7 Abhydrolase_3 6.50E-05 9.60E-05 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00783 ELU45173.1 443926555 PF00135.22 COesterase 2.20E-59 1.70E-37 Carboxylesterase family
AG1IA_00784 ELU45174.1 443926556 PF02585.11 PIG-L 3.10E-09 7.50E-09 GlcNAc-PI de-N-acetylase
AG1IA_00785 ELU45175.1 443926557 PF00173.22 Cyt-b5 4.40E-22 9.20E-22 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain
AG1IA_00785 ELU45175.1 443926557 PF04116.7 FA_hydroxylase 1.50E-08 1.50E-08 Fatty acid hydroxylase superfamily
AG1IA_00787 ELU45177.1 443926559 PF05721.7 PhyH 4.60E-05 0.0002 Phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase (PhyH)
AG1IA_00790 ELU45180.1 443926562 PF00106.19 adh_short 0.0062 0.0079 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00790 ELU45180.1 443926562 PF08659.4 KR 0.0001 0.00014 KR domain
AG1IA_00790 ELU45180.1 443926562 PF05368.7 NmrA 6.10E-20 1.70E-14 NmrA-like family
AG1IA_00794 ELU45184.1 443926566 PF06455.5 NADH5_C 0.0016 0.0056 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 C-terminus
AG1IA_00795 ELU45185.1 443926567 PF01138.15 RNase_PH 9.40E-18 1.80E-17 3' exoribonuclease family, domain 1
AG1IA_00796 ELU45186.1 443926568 PF08589.4 DUF1770 0.0011 0.0025 Fungal protein of unknown function (DUF1770)
AG1IA_00796 ELU45186.1 443926568 PF00328.1 His_Phos_2 1.50E-09 4.90E-06 Histidine phosphatase superfamily (branch 2)
AG1IA_00797 ELU45187.1 443926569 PF00153.21 Mito_carr 4.50E-55 3.20E-20 Mitochondrial carrier protein
AG1IA_00798 ELU45188.1 443926570 PF00378.14 ECH 2.40E-11 4.80E-11 Enoyl-CoA hydratase/isomerase family
AG1IA_00799 ELU45165.1 443926546 PF00551.13 Formyl_trans_N 1.30E-07 0.0015 Formyl transferase
AG1IA_00799 ELU45165.1 443926546 PF08241.6 Methyltransf_11 1.20E-07 2.90E-07 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_00799 ELU45165.1 443926546 PF08242.6 Methyltransf_12 0.003 0.0089 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_00802 ELU45168.1 443926549 PF12937.1 F-box-like 5.50E-06 1.20E-05 F-box-like
AG1IA_00802 ELU45168.1 443926549 PF01670.10 Glyco_hydro_12 1.40E-34 2.80E-34 Glycosyl hydrolase family 12
AG1IA_00803 ELU45169.1 443926550 PF01073.13 3Beta_HSD 0.0025 0.0041 3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/isomerase family
AG1IA_00803 ELU45169.1 443926550 PF05368.7 NmrA 9.20E-26 2.10E-22 NmrA-like family
AG1IA_00804 ELU45170.1 443926551 PF00026.17 Asp 1.50E-82 1.90E-82 Eukaryotic aspartyl protease
AG1IA_00805 ELU45171.1 443926552 PF06838.5 Alum_res 0.00017 0.00027 Aluminium resistance protein
AG1IA_00805 ELU45171.1 443926552 PF00155.15 Aminotran_1_2 0.00039 0.00074 Aminotransferase class I and II
AG1IA_00805 ELU45171.1 443926552 PF01053.14 Cys_Met_Meta_PP 7.10E-117 2.20E-115 Cys/Met metabolism PLP-dependent enzyme
AG1IA_00808 ELU45162.1 443926542 PF08240.6 ADH_N 8.80E-30 1.70E-29 Alcohol dehydrogenase GroES-like domain
AG1IA_00808 ELU45162.1 443926542 PF00107.20 ADH_zinc_N 2.10E-10 3.20E-08 Zinc-binding dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00808 ELU45162.1 443926542 PF10100.3 DUF2338 0.0067 0.0094 Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria (DUF2338)
AG1IA_00808 ELU45162.1 443926542 PF01494.13 FAD_binding_3 0.00027 0.0004 FAD binding domain
AG1IA_00809 ELU45163.1 443926543 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 2.00E-06 3.40E-06 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00809 ELU45163.1 443926543 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 8.00E-12 2.70E-11 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00809 ELU45163.1 443926543 PF10142.3 PhoPQ_related 0.0005 0.00075 PhoPQ-activated pathogenicity-related protein
AG1IA_00813 ELU45156.1 443926534 PF00307.25 CH 2.20E-39 4.30E-14 Calponin homology (CH) domain
AG1IA_00814 ELU45157.1 443926535 PF00856.22 SET 1.90E-06 5.30E-06 SET domain
AG1IA_00814 ELU45157.1 443926535 PF01753.12 zf-MYND 1.50E-09 1.50E-09 MYND finger
AG1IA_00821 ELU45152.1 443926529 PF11093.2 Mitochondr_Som1 0.00011 0.00016 Mitochondrial export protein Som1
AG1IA_00822 ELU45153.1 443926530 PF02826.13 2-Hacid_dh_C 5.30E-07 1.00E-06 D-isomer specific 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00822 ELU45153.1 443926530 PF05221.11 AdoHcyase 3.70E-134 4.60E-134 S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase
AG1IA_00822 ELU45153.1 443926530 PF00670.15 AdoHcyase_NAD 2.00E-81 2.90E-81 S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00824 ELU45146.1 443926520 PF03109.10 ABC1 0.00059 0.0013 ABC1 family
AG1IA_00824 ELU45146.1 443926520 PF00069.19 Pkinase 7.80E-36 4.30E-15 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00824 ELU45146.1 443926520 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.20E-26 3.80E-10 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00825 ELU45145.1 443926518 PF12449.2 DUF3684 9.10E-49 1.90E-29 Protein of unknown function (DUF3684)
AG1IA_00828 ELU45142.1 443926496 PF00069.19 Pkinase 5.30E-06 7.40E-06 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00828 ELU45142.1 443926496 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 7.20E-05 0.00011 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00830 ELU45138.1 443926490 PF03221.10 HTH_Tnp_Tc5 1.10E-09 2.20E-09 Tc5 transposase DNA-binding domain
AG1IA_00832 ELU45140.1 443926492 PF00067.16 p450 1.60E-50 3.50E-50 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00833 ELU45141.1 443926493 PF01073.13 3Beta_HSD 8.20E-06 1.10E-05 3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/isomerase family
AG1IA_00833 ELU45141.1 443926493 PF00106.19 adh_short 6.00E-07 1.00E-06 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00833 ELU45141.1 443926493 PF01370.15 Epimerase 0.0005 0.0007 NAD dependent epimerase/dehydratase family
AG1IA_00833 ELU45141.1 443926493 PF08659.4 KR 6.10E-06 1.00E-05 KR domain
AG1IA_00833 ELU45141.1 443926493 PF05368.7 NmrA 5.60E-28 2.10E-27 NmrA-like family
AG1IA_00833 ELU45141.1 443926493 PF02254.12 TrkA_N 0.0007 0.0013 TrkA-N domain
AG1IA_00834 ELU45133.1 443926484 PF00067.16 p450 1.50E-07 1.60E-07 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00836 ELU45135.1 443926486 PF00067.16 p450 2.30E-18 2.90E-18 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_00838 ELU45127.1 443926476 PF00150.12 Cellulase 8.90E-05 0.00013 Cellulase (glycosyl hydrolase family 5)
AG1IA_00843 ELU45132.1 443926481 PF01636.17 APH 0.00011 0.00013 Phosphotransferase enzyme family
AG1IA_00843 ELU45132.1 443926481 PF06293.8 Kdo 4.90E-05 6.30E-05 Lipopolysaccharide kinase (Kdo/WaaP) family
AG1IA_00843 ELU45132.1 443926481 PF00069.19 Pkinase 7.20E-26 1.30E-25 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00843 ELU45132.1 443926481 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.60E-12 3.30E-12 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00843 ELU45132.1 443926481 PF01163.16 RIO1 0.0054 0.0074 RIO1 family
AG1IA_00847 ELU45126.1 443926474 PF07433.5 DUF1513 0.00057 0.33 Protein of unknown function (DUF1513)
AG1IA_00847 ELU45126.1 443926474 PF11715.2 Nup160 1.30E-05 0.057 Nucleoporin Nup120/160
AG1IA_00847 ELU45126.1 443926474 PF00400.26 WD40 4.60E-53 9.00E-12 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00849 ELU45120.1 443926466 PF00069.19 Pkinase 9.30E-36 2.90E-25 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00849 ELU45120.1 443926466 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.40E-18 1.50E-17 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00850 ELU45121.1 443926467 PF07063.7 DUF1338 0.0086 0.0091 Domain of unknown function (DUF1338)
AG1IA_00853 ELU45116.1 443926460 PF01753.12 zf-MYND 0.00036 0.00067 MYND finger
AG1IA_00854 ELU45117.1 443926461 PF01419.11 Jacalin 2.40E-18 4.10E-11 Jacalin-like lectin domain
AG1IA_00856 ELU45112.1 443926455 PF01842.19 ACT 9.30E-13 1.90E-12 ACT domain
AG1IA_00856 ELU45112.1 443926455 PF10369.3 ALS_ss_C 3.70E-21 6.80E-20 Small subunit of acetolactate synthase
AG1IA_00857 ELU45113.1 443926456 PF07690.10 MFS_1 4.10E-13 4.10E-13 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00857 ELU45113.1 443926456 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 1.70E-46 2.60E-46 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_00858 ELU45114.1 443926457 PF10397.3 ADSL_C 3.90E-09 9.80E-09 Adenylosuccinate lyase C-terminus
AG1IA_00858 ELU45114.1 443926457 PF00206.1 Lyase_1 8.40E-18 1.50E-17 Lyase
AG1IA_00859 ELU45115.1 443926458 PF02878.10 PGM_PMM_I 1.20E-10 4.90E-08 Phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase, alpha/beta/alpha domain I
AG1IA_00859 ELU45115.1 443926458 PF02879.10 PGM_PMM_II 3.20E-11 1.60E-10 Phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase, alpha/beta/alpha domain II
AG1IA_00859 ELU45115.1 443926458 PF02880.10 PGM_PMM_III 2.90E-13 4.90E-13 Phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase, alpha/beta/alpha domain III
AG1IA_00861 ELU45110.1 443926452 PF04912.8 Dynamitin 5.90E-21 5.30E-19 Dynamitin
AG1IA_00865 ELU45104.1 443926442 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 3.80E-06 0.013 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00865 ELU45104.1 443926442 PF07859.7 Abhydrolase_3 0.0077 0.014 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00865 ELU45104.1 443926442 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 9.90E-12 1.60E-11 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00865 ELU45104.1 443926442 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 1.60E-14 2.50E-14 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00866 ELU45105.1 443926443 PF02040.9 ArsB 1.30E-15 3.40E-09 Arsenical pump membrane protein
AG1IA_00867 ELU45096.1 443926433 PF02839.8 CBM_5_12 0.00054 0.0017 Carbohydrate binding domain
AG1IA_00867 ELU45096.1 443926433 PF11901.2 DUF3421 8.10E-20 5.30E-14 Protein of unknown function (DUF3421)
AG1IA_00867 ELU45096.1 443926433 PF03211.7 Pectate_lyase 3.40E-46 5.30E-46 Pectate lyase
AG1IA_00870 ELU45099.1 443926436 PF04478.6 Mid2 0.0029 0.0045 Mid2 like cell wall stress sensor
AG1IA_00870 ELU45099.1 443926436 PF08693.4 SKG6 0.0024 0.0048 Transmembrane alpha-helix domain
AG1IA_00873 ELU45102.1 443926439 PF01513.15 NAD_kinase 4.70E-26 9.00E-26 ATP-NAD kinase
AG1IA_00876 ELU45093.1 443926429 PF00076.16 RRM_1 5.40E-12 4.90E-11 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_00880 ELU45091.1 443926426 PF00004.23 AAA 0.0063 0.12 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00880 ELU45091.1 443926426 PF00664.17 ABC_membrane 4.70E-19 4.70E-19 ABC transporter transmembrane region
AG1IA_00880 ELU45091.1 443926426 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 1.70E-22 3.90E-22 ABC transporter
AG1IA_00880 ELU45091.1 443926426 PF03193.10 DUF258 0.00042 0.00093 Protein of unknown function, DUF258
AG1IA_00880 ELU45091.1 443926426 PF02463.13 SMC_N 0.0069 0.27 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_00882 ELU45081.1 443926415 PF06550.5 DUF1119 1.70E-05 2.20E-05 Protein of unknown function (DUF1119)
AG1IA_00882 ELU45081.1 443926415 PF04258.7 Peptidase_A22B 5.00E-58 2.40E-54 Signal peptide peptidase
AG1IA_00883 ELU45082.1 443926416 PF04258.7 Peptidase_A22B 1.50E-16 1.90E-16 Signal peptide peptidase
AG1IA_00886 ELU45085.1 443926419 PF12861.1 zf-Apc11 1.80E-06 3.40E-06 Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 11 RING-H2 finger
AG1IA_00886 ELU45085.1 443926419 PF00097.19 zf-C3HC4 9.00E-08 1.50E-07 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
AG1IA_00886 ELU45085.1 443926419 PF12678.1 zf-rbx1 2.30E-13 4.10E-13 RING-H2 zinc finger
AG1IA_00887 ELU45086.1 443926420 PF04127.9 DFP 5.30E-55 1.40E-44 DNA / pantothenate metabolism flavoprotein
AG1IA_00888 ELU45087.1 443926421 PF05721.7 PhyH 1.80E-34 1.10E-24 Phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase (PhyH)
AG1IA_00889 ELU45088.1 443926422 PF12698.1 ABC2_membrane_3 0.0017 0.0017 ABC-2 family transporter protein
AG1IA_00889 ELU45088.1 443926422 PF12051.2 DUF3533 2.50E-56 3.30E-56 Protein of unknown function (DUF3533)
AG1IA_00890 ELU45089.1 443926423 PF11718.2 CPSF73-100_C 4.00E-31 2.60E-29 Pre-mRNA 3'-end-processing endonuclease polyadenylation factor C-term
AG1IA_00891 ELU45071.1 443926404 PF10996.2 Beta-Casp 1.70E-31 2.50E-31 Beta-Casp domain
AG1IA_00891 ELU45071.1 443926404 PF00753.21 Lactamase_B 0.001 0.8 Metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily
AG1IA_00891 ELU45071.1 443926404 PF07521.6 RMMBL 1.40E-05 3.00E-05 RNA-metabolising metallo-beta-lactamase
AG1IA_00892 ELU45072.1 443926405 PF01852.13 START 3.30E-05 5.10E-05 START domain
AG1IA_00894 ELU45074.1 443926407 PF02110.9 HK 1.50E-75 3.80E-75 Hydroxyethylthiazole kinase family
AG1IA_00894 ELU45074.1 443926407 PF08543.6 Phos_pyr_kin 0.00012 0.00028 Phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase
AG1IA_00894 ELU45074.1 443926407 PF02581.11 TMP-TENI 2.90E-41 1.60E-40 Thiamine monophosphate synthase/TENI
AG1IA_00895 ELU45075.1 443926408 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 0.0087 0.022 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_00896 ELU45076.1 443926409 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 2.70E-06 5.30E-06 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_00897 ELU45077.1 443926410 PF01388.15 ARID 9.50E-09 5.00E-08 ARID/BRIGHT DNA binding domain
AG1IA_00898 ELU45078.1 443926411 PF10343.3 DUF2419 1.60E-12 5.20E-09 Protein of unknown function (DUF2419)
AG1IA_00901 ELU45070.1 443926402 PF08662.5 eIF2A 0.00072 2.1 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF2A
AG1IA_00901 ELU45070.1 443926402 PF08801.5 Nucleoporin_N 0.003 0.26 Nup133 N terminal like
AG1IA_00901 ELU45070.1 443926402 PF11715.2 Nup160 3.60E-05 0.011 Nucleoporin Nup120/160
AG1IA_00901 ELU45070.1 443926402 PF07676.6 PD40 0.00015 10 WD40-like Beta Propeller Repeat
AG1IA_00901 ELU45070.1 443926402 PF00400.26 WD40 1.20E-60 2.60E-11 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00902 ELU45068.1 443926385 PF11715.2 Nup160 0.00073 2.8 Nucleoporin Nup120/160
AG1IA_00902 ELU45068.1 443926385 PF00400.26 WD40 1.50E-30 6.40E-14 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00903 ELU45067.1 443926380 PF00400.26 WD40 6.00E-15 8.10E-09 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00904 ELU45058.1 443926370 PF10587.3 EF-1_beta_acid 6.80E-09 6.80E-09 Eukaryotic elongation factor 1 beta central acidic region
AG1IA_00904 ELU45058.1 443926370 PF00736.13 EF1_GNE 3.40E-30 6.20E-30 EF-1 guanine nucleotide exchange domain
AG1IA_00906 ELU45060.1 443926372 PF01764.1 Lipase_3 1.20E-06 2.60E-06 Lipase (class 3)
AG1IA_00907 ELU45061.1 443926373 PF00082.16 Peptidase_S8 1.20E-53 2.00E-53 Subtilase family
AG1IA_00907 ELU45061.1 443926373 PF01483.14 P_proprotein 5.10E-26 1.10E-25 Proprotein convertase P-domain
AG1IA_00908 ELU45062.1 443926374 PF07726.5 AAA_3 0.0093 0.033 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00908 ELU45062.1 443926374 PF07728.8 AAA_5 1.90E-07 6.60E-07 AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily)
AG1IA_00908 ELU45062.1 443926374 PF01910.11 DUF77 2.40E-12 7.00E-09 Domain of unknown function DUF77
AG1IA_00908 ELU45062.1 443926374 PF00493.17 MCM 3.60E-136 4.90E-136 MCM2/3/5 family
AG1IA_00908 ELU45062.1 443926374 PF01078.15 Mg_chelatase 9.80E-08 8.40E-06 Magnesium chelatase, subunit ChlI
AG1IA_00909 ELU45063.1 443926375 PF00106.19 adh_short 6.60E-10 6.50E-09 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_00909 ELU45063.1 443926375 PF08659.4 KR 0.00022 0.00038 KR domain
AG1IA_00910 ELU45064.1 443926376 PF00128.18 Alpha-amylase 1.10E-26 6.30E-24 Alpha amylase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_00910 ELU45064.1 443926376 PF00534.14 Glycos_transf_1 7.70E-09 1.40E-08 Glycosyl transferases group 1
AG1IA_00910 ELU45064.1 443926376 PF08323.5 Glyco_transf_5 3.10E-13 5.70E-13 Starch synthase catalytic domain
AG1IA_00912 ELU45066.1 443926378 PF00004.23 AAA 6.30E-49 2.70E-42 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00912 ELU45066.1 443926378 PF07724.8 AAA_2 0.0046 0.017 AAA domain (Cdc48 subfamily)
AG1IA_00912 ELU45066.1 443926378 PF07728.8 AAA_5 0.0064 0.025 AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily)
AG1IA_00912 ELU45066.1 443926378 PF01695.11 IstB_IS21 0.0025 0.0073 IstB-like ATP binding protein
AG1IA_00912 ELU45066.1 443926378 PF05496.6 RuvB_N 0.00014 0.00036 Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus
AG1IA_00912 ELU45066.1 443926378 PF06068.7 TIP49 0.0016 0.0023 TIP49 C-terminus
AG1IA_00912 ELU45066.1 443926378 PF09336.4 Vps4_C 0.0084 0.3 Vps4 C terminal oligomerisation domain
AG1IA_00916 ELU45054.1 443926364 PF03800.8 Nuf2 5.40E-10 1.20E-09 Nuf2 family
AG1IA_00919 ELU45049.1 443926358 PF09447.4 Cnl2_NKP2 0.0049 0.036 Cnl2/NKP2 family protein
AG1IA_00919 ELU45049.1 443926358 PF03357.15 Snf7 1.60E-15 2.50E-15 Snf7
AG1IA_00920 ELU45050.1 443926359 PF03547.12 Mem_trans 9.10E-06 0.012 Membrane transport protein
AG1IA_00921 ELU45051.1 443926360 PF03194.9 LUC7 7.60E-38 9.80E-38 LUC7 N_terminus
AG1IA_00922 ELU45025.1 443926333 PF01068.1 DNA_ligase_A_M 6.50E-06 1.30E-05 ATP dependent DNA ligase domain
AG1IA_00922 ELU45025.1 443926333 PF03919.9 mRNA_cap_C 3.00E-17 9.80E-17 mRNA capping enzyme, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00922 ELU45025.1 443926333 PF01331.1 mRNA_cap_enzyme 2.60E-25 5.90E-14 mRNA capping enzyme, catalytic domain
AG1IA_00923 ELU45026.1 443926334 PF08022.6 FAD_binding_8 1.80E-13 5.10E-13 FAD-binding domain
AG1IA_00923 ELU45026.1 443926334 PF01794.13 Ferric_reduct 1.50E-14 1.50E-14 Ferric reductase like transmembrane component
AG1IA_00923 ELU45026.1 443926334 PF08030.6 NAD_binding_6 1.60E-18 2.70E-17 Ferric reductase NAD binding domain
AG1IA_00924 ELU45027.1 443926335 PF01470.1 Peptidase_C15 6.60E-13 2.10E-12 Pyroglutamyl peptidase
AG1IA_00924 ELU45027.1 443926335 PF00400.26 WD40 2.10E-08 0.031 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00925 ELU45028.1 443926336 PF00967.11 Barwin 4.50E-05 6.40E-05 Barwin family
AG1IA_00925 ELU45028.1 443926336 PF03330.12 DPBB_1 8.70E-05 0.0027 Rare lipoprotein A (RlpA)-like double-psi beta-barrel
AG1IA_00926 ELU45029.1 443926337 PF01633.14 Choline_kinase 0.0013 0.0018 Choline/ethanolamine kinase
AG1IA_00926 ELU45029.1 443926337 PF06293.8 Kdo 0.00044 0.00088 Lipopolysaccharide kinase (Kdo/WaaP) family
AG1IA_00926 ELU45029.1 443926337 PF00069.19 Pkinase 3.20E-15 6.10E-15 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_00926 ELU45029.1 443926337 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 4.80E-07 1.10E-06 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_00926 ELU45029.1 443926337 PF01163.16 RIO1 0.00092 0.0029 RIO1 family
AG1IA_00927 ELU45030.1 443926338 PF01016.13 Ribosomal_L27 1.20E-28 1.20E-28 Ribosomal L27 protein
AG1IA_00928 ELU45031.1 443926339 PF00120.18 Gln-synt_C 1.30E-38 1.20E-21 Glutamine synthetase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_00929 ELU45032.1 443926340 PF00400.26 WD40 0.0031 0.57 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_00930 ELU45033.1 443926341 PF01466.13 Skp1 2.70E-33 5.20E-33 Skp1 family, dimerisation domain
AG1IA_00930 ELU45033.1 443926341 PF03931.9 Skp1_POZ 4.90E-13 3.20E-11 Skp1 family, tetramerisation domain
AG1IA_00931 ELU45034.1 443926342 PF01266.18 DAO 3.40E-34 4.70E-34 FAD dependent oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00931 ELU45034.1 443926342 PF07992.8 Pyr_redox_2 0.0058 0.11 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_00933 ELU45036.1 443926344 PF01467.1 CTP_transf_2 3.80E-09 2.30E-08 Cytidylyltransferase
AG1IA_00935 ELU45038.1 443926346 PF00225.17 Kinesin 2.10E-101 4.90E-101 Kinesin motor domain
AG1IA_00937 ELU45040.1 443926348 PF02282.10 Herpes_UL42 0.0057 0.99 DNA polymerase processivity factor (UL42)
AG1IA_00937 ELU45040.1 443926348 PF00806.13 PUF 1.50E-35 3.50E-08 Pumilio-family RNA binding repeat
AG1IA_00939 ELU45042.1 443926350 PF00406.16 ADK 1.60E-34 8.40E-34 Adenylate kinase
AG1IA_00939 ELU45042.1 443926350 PF02223.11 Thymidylate_kin 0.001 0.0025 Thymidylate kinase
AG1IA_00940 ELU45043.1 443926351 PF00615.13 RGS 0.0091 0.018 Regulator of G protein signaling domain
AG1IA_00946 ELU45022.1 443926328 PF00006.19 ATP-synt_ab 2.00E-108 2.90E-108 ATP synthase alpha/beta family, nucleotide-binding domain
AG1IA_00946 ELU45022.1 443926328 PF00306.21 ATP-synt_ab_C 9.70E-19 3.40E-18 ATP synthase alpha/beta chain, C terminal domain
AG1IA_00946 ELU45022.1 443926328 PF02874.17 ATP-synt_ab_N 4.10E-14 1.20E-13 ATP synthase alpha/beta family, beta-barrel domain
AG1IA_00947 ELU45023.1 443926329 PF01161.14 PBP 1.40E-19 1.90E-19 Phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein
AG1IA_00949 ELU45020.1 443926325 PF00004.23 AAA 3.40E-41 6.40E-41 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_00949 ELU45020.1 443926325 PF07724.8 AAA_2 9.30E-05 0.00025 AAA domain (Cdc48 subfamily)
AG1IA_00949 ELU45020.1 443926325 PF07728.8 AAA_5 2.10E-06 1.10E-05 AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily)
AG1IA_00949 ELU45020.1 443926325 PF05673.7 DUF815 0.0004 0.00066 Protein of unknown function (DUF815)
AG1IA_00949 ELU45020.1 443926325 PF05496.6 RuvB_N 0.0017 0.003 Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus
AG1IA_00949 ELU45020.1 443926325 PF06414.6 Zeta_toxin 0.0049 0.0083 Zeta toxin
AG1IA_00950 ELU45021.1 443926326 PF02102.9 Peptidase_M35 2.50E-09 5.20E-09 Deuterolysin metalloprotease (M35) family
AG1IA_00951 ELU45016.1 443926320 PF00207.16 A2M 0.0024 0.0034 Alpha-2-macroglobulin family
AG1IA_00951 ELU45016.1 443926320 PF02102.9 Peptidase_M35 0.0012 0.0012 Deuterolysin metalloprotease (M35) family
AG1IA_00952 ELU45017.1 443926321 PF03704.11 BTAD 2.30E-07 0.0051 Bacterial transcriptional activator domain
AG1IA_00952 ELU45017.1 443926321 PF09797.3 NatB_MDM20 5.30E-40 1.00E-39 N-acetyltransferase B complex (NatB) non catalytic subunit
AG1IA_00952 ELU45017.1 443926321 PF07719.11 TPR_2 0.0024 7.2 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_00953 ELU45018.1 443926322 PF01428.10 zf-AN1 1.10E-10 2.70E-10 AN1-like Zinc finger
AG1IA_00956 ELU45001.1 443926304 PF01087.1 GalP_UDP_transf 9.70E-62 2.60E-61 Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00956 ELU45001.1 443926304 PF02744.11 GalP_UDP_tr_C 4.70E-43 1.00E-23 Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00957 ELU45002.1 443926305 PF01509.1 TruB_N 4.30E-32 2.60E-31 TruB family pseudouridylate synthase (N terminal domain)
AG1IA_00958 ELU45003.1 443926306 PF02338.1 OTU 5.50E-07 9.30E-07 OTU-like cysteine protease
AG1IA_00960 ELU45005.1 443926308 PF12138.2 Spherulin4 3.40E-47 8.30E-47 Spherulation-specific family 4
AG1IA_00961 ELU45006.1 443926309 PF00270.23 DEAD 0.005 0.01 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_00961 ELU45006.1 443926309 PF11496.2 HDA2-3 6.10E-07 4.20E-06 Class II histone deacetylase complex subunits 2 and 3
AG1IA_00961 ELU45006.1 443926309 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 6.80E-14 1.70E-13 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00961 ELU45006.1 443926309 PF08658.4 Rad54_N 5.40E-35 9.00E-35 Rad54 N terminal
AG1IA_00961 ELU45006.1 443926309 PF04851.9 ResIII 0.0057 0.023 Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit
AG1IA_00961 ELU45006.1 443926309 PF00176.17 SNF2_N 8.30E-82 1.50E-81 SNF2 family N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00962 ELU45007.1 443926310 PF00631.16 G-gamma 6.50E-11 9.50E-11 GGL domain
AG1IA_00965 ELU45010.1 443926313 PF02773.10 S-AdoMet_synt_C 5.50E-76 1.00E-75 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_00965 ELU45010.1 443926313 PF02772.10 S-AdoMet_synt_M 1.00E-49 1.80E-49 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase, central domain
AG1IA_00965 ELU45010.1 443926313 PF00438.14 S-AdoMet_synt_N 2.30E-43 2.30E-43 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_00966 ELU45011.1 443926314 PF06602.8 Myotub-related 4.10E-26 2.70E-24 Myotubularin-related
AG1IA_00967 ELU45012.1 443926315 PF09729.3 Gti1_Pac2 1.50E-15 6.10E-13 Gti1/Pac2 family
AG1IA_00971 ELU44995.1 443926297 PF12855.1 Ecl1 8.10E-05 0.00014 Life-span regulatory factor
AG1IA_00973 ELU44997.1 443926299 PF03798.10 TRAM_LAG1_CLN8 6.40E-08 1.70E-06 TLC domain
AG1IA_00974 ELU44998.1 443926300 PF03006.14 HlyIII 1.90E-28 7.40E-28 Haemolysin-III related
AG1IA_00975 ELU44999.1 443926301 PF04628.7 Sedlin_N 3.20E-08 5.30E-08 Sedlin, N-terminal conserved region
AG1IA_00975 ELU44999.1 443926301 PF04099.6 Sybindin 1.10E-36 1.40E-36 Sybindin-like family
AG1IA_00978 ELU44993.1 443926293 PF04890.7 DUF648 0.0011 0.002 Family of unknown function (DUF648)
AG1IA_00978 ELU44993.1 443926293 PF02181.17 FH2 4.80E-73 6.60E-73 Formin Homology 2 Domain
AG1IA_00979 ELU44989.1 443926288 PF06367.10 Drf_FH3 6.20E-23 2.20E-22 Diaphanous FH3 Domain
AG1IA_00979 ELU44989.1 443926288 PF06371.7 Drf_GBD 4.90E-28 1.50E-27 Diaphanous GTPase-binding Domain
AG1IA_00983 ELU44986.1 443926284 PF03232.7 COQ7 1.40E-09 2.30E-09 Ubiquinone biosynthesis protein COQ7
AG1IA_00984 ELU44987.1 443926285 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 1.50E-19 7.20E-19 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_00984 ELU44987.1 443926285 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 7.60E-18 6.00E-17 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00984 ELU44987.1 443926285 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 1.70E-27 2.80E-27 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_00984 ELU44987.1 443926285 PF03096.8 Ndr 4.00E-06 8.20E-05 Ndr family
AG1IA_00984 ELU44987.1 443926285 PF00326.1 Peptidase_S9 0.0012 0.034 Prolyl oligopeptidase family
AG1IA_00985 ELU44988.1 443926286 PF07690.10 MFS_1 3.60E-12 3.60E-12 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_00986 ELU44970.1 443926267 PF04427.12 Brix 2.10E-26 6.50E-26 Brix domain
AG1IA_00987 ELU44971.1 443926268 PF00013.23 KH_1 4.30E-36 6.40E-14 KH domain
AG1IA_00987 ELU44971.1 443926268 PF07650.11 KH_2 1.60E-16 1.90E-06 KH domain
AG1IA_00988 ELU44972.1 443926269 PF00710.14 Asparaginase 9.80E-46 2.10E-45 Asparaginase
AG1IA_00989 ELU44973.1 443926270 PF00023.24 Ank 1.30E-11 1.60E-05 Ankyrin repeat
AG1IA_00989 ELU44973.1 443926270 PF12796.1 Ank_2 1.30E-10 2.80E-10 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)
AG1IA_00989 ELU44973.1 443926270 PF00710.14 Asparaginase 8.30E-36 1.20E-35 Asparaginase
AG1IA_00990 ELU44974.1 443926271 PF06148.5 COG2 0.003 0.0073 COG (conserved oligomeric Golgi) complex component, COG2
AG1IA_00990 ELU44974.1 443926271 PF12539.2 Csm1 0.0018 0.0046 Chromosome segregation protein Csm1/Pcs1
AG1IA_00991 ELU44975.1 443926272 PF08315.6 cwf18 2.80E-23 5.10E-23 cwf18 pre-mRNA splicing factor
AG1IA_00991 ELU44975.1 443926272 PF00310.1 GATase_2 4.00E-25 7.60E-20 Glutamine amidotransferases class-II
AG1IA_00991 ELU44975.1 443926272 PF00156.21 Pribosyltran 1.30E-05 0.00012 Phosphoribosyl transferase domain
AG1IA_00993 ELU44977.1 443926274 PF08626.5 TRAPPC9-Trs120 1.50E-19 1.90E-19 Transport protein Trs120 or TRAPPC9, TRAPP II complex subunit
AG1IA_00994 ELU44978.1 443926275 PF07297.6 DPM2 5.40E-13 8.80E-13 Dolichol phosphate-mannose biosynthesis regulatory protein (DPM2)
AG1IA_00995 ELU44979.1 443926276 PF05129.7 Elf1 2.10E-11 2.10E-11 Transcription elongation factor Elf1 like
AG1IA_00997 ELU44981.1 443926278 PF00179.1 UQ_con 3.60E-23 6.40E-23 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
AG1IA_00998 ELU44982.1 443926279 PF00227.1 Proteasome 1.70E-41 3.90E-25 Proteasome subunit
AG1IA_00999 ELU44983.1 443926280 PF03807.11 F420_oxidored 1.80E-08 1.40E-07 NADP oxidoreductase coenzyme F420-dependent
AG1IA_00999 ELU44983.1 443926280 PF01793.10 Glyco_transf_15 4.80E-118 1.30E-71 Glycolipid 2-alpha-mannosyltransferase
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF00004.23 AAA 5.50E-44 1.00E-43 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF07724.8 AAA_2 1.10E-07 2.20E-07 AAA domain (Cdc48 subfamily)
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF07726.5 AAA_3 0.006 0.013 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF07728.8 AAA_5 4.80E-09 1.70E-08 AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily)
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF03969.10 AFG1_ATPase 0.005 0.035 AFG1-like ATPase
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF05673.7 DUF815 7.10E-07 2.10E-06 Protein of unknown function (DUF815)
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF01695.11 IstB_IS21 0.0027 0.0073 IstB-like ATP binding protein
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF01078.15 Mg_chelatase 0.0056 0.012 Magnesium chelatase, subunit ChlI
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF05729.6 NACHT 0.0013 0.04 NACHT domain
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF03266.9 NTPase_1 0.00084 0.0052 NTPase
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF00910.16 RNA_helicase 0.0014 0.0038 RNA helicase
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF05496.6 RuvB_N 0.0006 0.0012 Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF06068.7 TIP49 0.00051 0.00092 TIP49 C-terminus
AG1IA_01000 ELU44984.1 443926281 PF02367.11 UPF0079 0.0075 0.017 Uncharacterised P-loop hydrolase UPF0079
AG1IA_01001 ELU44968.1 443926264 PF04082.12 Fungal_trans 1.60E-06 0.00021 Fungal specific transcription factor domain
AG1IA_01001 ELU44968.1 443926264 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 6.50E-10 1.40E-09 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_01002 ELU44969.1 443926265 PF09897.3 DUF2124 0.0059 0.0079 Uncharacterized protein conserved in archaea (DUF2124)
AG1IA_01006 ELU44965.1 443926259 PF09745.3 DUF2040 3.20E-36 4.40E-36 Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 55 (DUF2040)
AG1IA_01008 ELU44963.1 443926256 PF05297.5 Herpes_LMP1 0.0052 0.0071 Herpesvirus latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1)
AG1IA_01008 ELU44963.1 443926256 PF04133.8 Vps55 6.10E-42 8.80E-42 Vacuolar protein sorting 55
AG1IA_01009 ELU44961.1 443926253 PF02383.12 Syja_N 2.70E-48 4.70E-48 SacI homology domain
AG1IA_01010 ELU44953.1 443926244 PF12456.2 hSac2 4.10E-18 1.50E-08 Inositol phosphatase
AG1IA_01012 ELU44955.1 443926246 PF00324.15 AA_permease 3.70E-12 4.40E-12 Amino acid permease
AG1IA_01014 ELU44957.1 443926248 PF01565.17 FAD_binding_4 6.00E-20 6.00E-20 FAD binding domain
AG1IA_01014 ELU44957.1 443926248 PF00977.15 His_biosynth 2.10E-05 6.20E-05 Histidine biosynthesis protein
AG1IA_01014 ELU44957.1 443926248 PF00291.19 PALP 7.40E-41 1.40E-40 Pyridoxal-phosphate dependent enzyme
AG1IA_01014 ELU44957.1 443926248 PF00290.14 Trp_syntA 5.10E-28 8.00E-28 Tryptophan synthase alpha chain
AG1IA_01017 ELU44960.1 443926251 PF01008.11 IF-2B 0.0011 0.0014 Initiation factor 2 subunit family
AG1IA_01019 ELU44952.1 443926242 PF00679.18 EFG_C 2.30E-17 4.20E-17 Elongation factor G C-terminus
AG1IA_01019 ELU44952.1 443926242 PF00009.21 GTP_EFTU 1.80E-20 2.10E-17 Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain
AG1IA_01020 ELU44939.1 443926228 PF00412.16 LIM 1.90E-17 4.10E-11 LIM domain
AG1IA_01022 ELU44941.1 443926230 PF00475.12 IGPD 4.50E-52 5.70E-52 Imidazoleglycerol-phosphate dehydratase
AG1IA_01023 ELU44942.1 443926231 PF00067.16 p450 1.60E-47 8.90E-38 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_01025 ELU44944.1 443926233 PF10243.3 MIP-T3 0.0023 0.0023 Microtubule-binding protein MIP-T3
AG1IA_01025 ELU44944.1 443926233 PF05843.8 Suf 1.30E-51 2.50E-50 Suppressor of forked protein (Suf)
AG1IA_01026 ELU44945.1 443926234 PF02213.10 GYF 4.30E-17 9.40E-17 GYF domain
AG1IA_01027 ELU44946.1 443926235 PF00025.15 Arf 7.20E-09 0.002 ADP-ribosylation factor family
AG1IA_01027 ELU44946.1 443926235 PF00503.14 G-alpha 2.80E-54 6.80E-43 G-protein alpha subunit
AG1IA_01029 ELU44948.1 443926237 PF00025.15 Arf 5.60E-06 9.60E-06 ADP-ribosylation factor family
AG1IA_01029 ELU44948.1 443926237 PF00503.14 G-alpha 6.90E-40 1.20E-38 G-protein alpha subunit
AG1IA_01030 ELU44949.1 443926238 PF00505.13 HMG_box 0.00038 0.0012 HMG (high mobility group) box
AG1IA_01030 ELU44949.1 443926238 PF10263.3 SprT-like 1.10E-23 3.60E-23 SprT-like family
AG1IA_01032 ELU44937.1 443926225 PF08767.5 CRM1_C 1.30E-80 5.40E-64 CRM1 C terminal
AG1IA_01032 ELU44937.1 443926225 PF03810.13 IBN_N 0.00016 0.00066 Importin-beta N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01032 ELU44937.1 443926225 PF08389.6 Xpo1 3.50E-32 3.70E-31 Exportin 1-like protein
AG1IA_01033 ELU44938.1 443926226 PF01344.19 Kelch_1 3.20E-14 0.00017 Kelch motif
AG1IA_01033 ELU44938.1 443926226 PF07646.9 Kelch_2 7.00E-16 1.80E-05 Kelch motif
AG1IA_01034 ELU44934.1 443926221 PF00097.19 zf-C3HC4 0.0053 0.0053 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
AG1IA_01035 ELU44935.1 443926222 PF00890.18 FAD_binding_2 0.004 0.058 FAD binding domain
AG1IA_01035 ELU44935.1 443926222 PF00070.21 Pyr_redox 1.30E-11 4.40E-10 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01035 ELU44935.1 443926222 PF07992.8 Pyr_redox_2 9.10E-34 1.20E-33 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01036 ELU44936.1 443926223 PF01050.12 MannoseP_isomer 6.00E-08 8.70E-08 Mannose-6-phosphate isomerase
AG1IA_01038 ELU44932.1 443926218 PF03164.8 Mon1 5.00E-48 2.40E-42 Trafficking protein Mon1
AG1IA_01039 ELU44933.1 443926219 PF00254.22 FKBP_C 6.20E-07 8.50E-07 FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
AG1IA_01043 ELU44928.1 443926211 PF05241.6 EBP 6.20E-49 7.80E-49 Emopamil binding protein
AG1IA_01044 ELU44921.1 443926203 PF01984.14 dsDNA_bind 4.80E-25 4.80E-25 Double-stranded DNA-binding domain
AG1IA_01044 ELU44921.1 443926203 PF00076.16 RRM_1 0.0011 0.0025 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01044 ELU44921.1 443926203 PF01131.14 Topoisom_bac 1.40E-71 9.50E-62 DNA topoisomerase
AG1IA_01044 ELU44921.1 443926203 PF01751.16 Toprim 5.20E-16 1.00E-15 Toprim domain
AG1IA_01044 ELU44921.1 443926203 PF06839.6 zf-GRF 2.80E-13 7.50E-13 GRF zinc finger
AG1IA_01045 ELU44922.1 443926204 PF10173.3 DUF2343 2.20E-49 2.90E-49 Uncharacterised conserved protein (DUF2343)
AG1IA_01046 ELU44923.1 443926205 PF02902.13 Peptidase_C48 8.40E-16 2.10E-15 Ulp1 protease family, C-terminal catalytic domain
AG1IA_01048 ELU44925.1 443926207 PF01138.15 RNase_PH 1.40E-18 3.50E-18 3' exoribonuclease family, domain 1
AG1IA_01052 ELU44897.1 443926178 PF01981.10 PTH2 4.10E-08 6.80E-08 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase PTH2
AG1IA_01053 ELU44898.1 443926179 PF05739.13 SNARE 2.20E-07 2.80E-07 SNARE domain
AG1IA_01054 ELU44899.1 443926180 PF10435.3 BetaGal_dom2 8.90E-30 1.20E-29 Beta-galactosidase, domain 2
AG1IA_01054 ELU44899.1 443926180 PF00150.12 Cellulase 0.00092 0.0018 Cellulase (glycosyl hydrolase family 5)
AG1IA_01054 ELU44899.1 443926180 PF01301.13 Glyco_hydro_35 2.30E-53 1.80E-48 Glycosyl hydrolases family 35
AG1IA_01054 ELU44899.1 443926180 PF02449.9 Glyco_hydro_42 0.00036 0.00058 Beta-galactosidase
AG1IA_01056 ELU44901.1 443926182 PF00270.23 DEAD 9.40E-44 1.60E-43 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_01056 ELU44901.1 443926182 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 9.00E-21 1.80E-20 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01057 ELU44902.1 443926183 PF02466.13 Tim17 6.00E-24 1.30E-23 Tim17/Tim22/Tim23/Pmp24 family
AG1IA_01059 ELU44904.1 443926185 PF00651.25 BTB 0.0032 0.019 BTB/POZ domain
AG1IA_01065 ELU44910.1 443926191 PF00069.19 Pkinase 1.40E-45 9.50E-34 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01065 ELU44910.1 443926191 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 1.40E-19 5.90E-15 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01066 ELU44911.1 443926192 PF10394.3 Hat1_N 1.90E-39 2.40E-39 Histone acetyl transferase HAT1 N-terminus
AG1IA_01067 ELU44912.1 443926193 PF10310.3 DUF2413 1.50E-63 4.80E-63 Protein of unknown function (DUF2413)
AG1IA_01068 ELU44913.1 443926194 PF00622.22 SPRY 2.10E-13 1.10E-10 SPRY domain
AG1IA_01069 ELU44914.1 443926195 PF09764.3 WDYHV 7.10E-20 1.10E-12 Uncharacterized conserved protein
AG1IA_01070 ELU44915.1 443926196 PF03226.8 Yippee 1.70E-30 3.10E-30 Yippee putative zinc-binding protein
AG1IA_01071 ELU44916.1 443926197 PF02902.13 Peptidase_C48 7.80E-31 1.60E-19 Ulp1 protease family, C-terminal catalytic domain
AG1IA_01072 ELU44917.1 443926198 PF03129.14 HGTP_anticodon 1.80E-15 6.10E-15 Anticodon binding domain
AG1IA_01072 ELU44917.1 443926198 PF00587.19 tRNA-synt_2b 4.30E-66 6.60E-66 tRNA synthetase class II core domain (G, H, P, S and T)
AG1IA_01073 ELU44918.1 443926199 PF05773.16 RWD 0.0065 0.0081 RWD domain
AG1IA_01073 ELU44918.1 443926199 PF05743.7 UEV 0.0059 0.78 UEV domain
AG1IA_01073 ELU44918.1 443926199 PF00179.1 UQ_con 1.70E-18 5.80E-18 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
AG1IA_01075 ELU44920.1 443926201 PF08603.5 CAP_C 8.00E-56 9.30E-56 Adenylate cyclase associated (CAP) C terminal
AG1IA_01076 ELU44891.1 443926171 PF01213.13 CAP_N 1.50E-25 3.80E-25 Adenylate cyclase associated (CAP) N terminal
AG1IA_01077 ELU44892.1 443926172 PF07264.5 EI24 2.60E-22 4.90E-22 Etoposide-induced protein 2.4 (EI24)
AG1IA_01077 ELU44892.1 443926172 PF08229.5 SHR3_chaperone 1.50E-19 3.90E-19 ER membrane protein SH3
AG1IA_01078 ELU44893.1 443926173 PF01974.1 tRNA_int_endo 6.70E-15 1.90E-14 tRNA intron endonuclease, catalytic C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01083 ELU44887.1 443926165 PF00383.1 dCMP_cyt_deam_1 7.00E-10 1.30E-09 Cytidine and deoxycytidylate deaminase zinc-binding region
AG1IA_01083 ELU44887.1 443926165 PF00856.22 SET 2.70E-08 5.80E-08 SET domain
AG1IA_01084 ELU44888.1 443926166 PF00571.22 CBS 2.60E-34 5.90E-09 CBS domain
AG1IA_01085 ELU44885.1 443926162 PF01149.18 Fapy_DNA_glyco 1.20E-12 3.00E-12 Formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01085 ELU44885.1 443926162 PF06831.8 H2TH 6.60E-23 1.10E-22 Formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase H2TH domain
AG1IA_01086 ELU44884.1 443926160 PF00664.17 ABC_membrane 3.80E-11 1.40E-10 ABC transporter transmembrane region
AG1IA_01086 ELU44884.1 443926160 PF02456.9 Adeno_IVa2 5.30E-05 0.00012 Adenovirus IVa2 protein
AG1IA_01086 ELU44884.1 443926160 PF00437.14 GSPII_E 0.002 0.0041 Type II/IV secretion system protein
AG1IA_01086 ELU44884.1 443926160 PF02463.13 SMC_N 0.0021 0.0039 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_01087 ELU44878.1 443926153 PF00069.19 Pkinase 6.70E-70 9.50E-70 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01087 ELU44878.1 443926153 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.70E-32 6.30E-32 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01088 ELU44879.1 443926154 PF04366.6 DUF500 7.20E-39 1.30E-38 Family of unknown function (DUF500)
AG1IA_01090 ELU44881.1 443926156 PF00173.22 Cyt-b5 3.20E-15 6.10E-15 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain
AG1IA_01090 ELU44881.1 443926156 PF00487.18 FA_desaturase 3.20E-14 3.20E-14 Fatty acid desaturase
AG1IA_01092 ELU44883.1 443926158 PF00734.12 CBM_1 8.40E-05 0.00012 Fungal cellulose binding domain
AG1IA_01093 ELU44870.1 443926144 PF00248.15 Aldo_ket_red 2.80E-16 3.30E-15 Aldo/keto reductase family
AG1IA_01094 ELU44871.1 443926145 PF02338.1 OTU 1.40E-19 5.00E-19 OTU-like cysteine protease
AG1IA_01094 ELU44871.1 443926145 PF10275.3 Peptidase_C65 0.00077 0.81 Peptidase C65 Otubain
AG1IA_01095 ELU44872.1 443926146 PF01602.14 Adaptin_N 1.10E-117 1.10E-117 Adaptin N terminal region
AG1IA_01095 ELU44872.1 443926146 PF00514.17 Arm 7.70E-09 0.005 Armadillo/beta-catenin-like repeat
AG1IA_01095 ELU44872.1 443926146 PF12348.2 CLASP_N 0.00068 0.88 CLASP N terminal
AG1IA_01095 ELU44872.1 443926146 PF12717.1 Cnd1 4.40E-24 4.30E-23 non-SMC mitotic condensation complex subunit 1
AG1IA_01095 ELU44872.1 443926146 PF02985.16 HEAT 2.40E-10 0.00024 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_01097 ELU44874.1 443926148 PF02298.11 Cu_bind_like 5.80E-05 0.00012 Plastocyanin-like domain
AG1IA_01098 ELU44875.1 443926149 PF06747.7 CHCH 0.00019 0.00027 CHCH domain
AG1IA_01099 ELU44876.1 443926150 PF12862.1 Apc5 9.80E-07 6.10E-06 Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 5
AG1IA_01101 ELU44869.1 443926142 PF00664.17 ABC_membrane 9.60E-18 6.70E-10 ABC transporter transmembrane region
AG1IA_01102 ELU44868.1 443926140 PF00664.17 ABC_membrane 4.60E-21 5.80E-21 ABC transporter transmembrane region
AG1IA_01102 ELU44868.1 443926140 PF02463.13 SMC_N 0.01 0.018 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_01104 ELU44867.1 443926138 PF00664.17 ABC_membrane 2.10E-12 2.10E-12 ABC transporter transmembrane region
AG1IA_01104 ELU44867.1 443926138 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 1.00E-07 3.90E-07 ABC transporter
AG1IA_01104 ELU44867.1 443926138 PF02456.9 Adeno_IVa2 0.0025 0.0049 Adenovirus IVa2 protein
AG1IA_01104 ELU44867.1 443926138 PF02463.13 SMC_N 1.30E-05 0.04 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_01105 ELU44862.1 443926132 PF00664.17 ABC_membrane 5.00E-08 7.70E-08 ABC transporter transmembrane region
AG1IA_01105 ELU44862.1 443926132 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 3.10E-10 5.80E-10 ABC transporter
AG1IA_01106 ELU44863.1 443926133 PF00664.17 ABC_membrane 2.00E-06 3.40E-06 ABC transporter transmembrane region
AG1IA_01106 ELU44863.1 443926133 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 3.20E-16 8.10E-16 ABC transporter
AG1IA_01106 ELU44863.1 443926133 PF02463.13 SMC_N 5.00E-07 0.002 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_01107 ELU44864.1 443926134 PF01280.14 Ribosomal_L19e 1.50E-19 1.50E-19 Ribosomal protein L19e
AG1IA_01109 ELU44860.1 443926129 PF00069.19 Pkinase 5.60E-55 7.30E-55 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01109 ELU44860.1 443926129 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 3.40E-21 6.60E-21 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01111 ELU44859.1 443926126 PF00664.17 ABC_membrane 3.40E-19 8.90E-11 ABC transporter transmembrane region
AG1IA_01112 ELU44853.1 443926119 PF00179.1 UQ_con 1.00E-12 3.00E-11 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
AG1IA_01113 ELU44854.1 443926120 PF05669.6 Med31 1.90E-30 3.10E-30 SOH1
AG1IA_01115 ELU44856.1 443926122 PF00018.22 SH3_1 2.80E-14 2.80E-08 SH3 domain
AG1IA_01115 ELU44856.1 443926122 PF07653.11 SH3_2 2.80E-07 0.0036 Variant SH3 domain
AG1IA_01115 ELU44856.1 443926122 PF04014.12 SpoVT_AbrB 0.0037 0.19 SpoVT / AbrB like domain
AG1IA_01116 ELU44857.1 443926123 PF04857.14 CAF1 7.50E-34 5.20E-31 CAF1 family ribonuclease
AG1IA_01117 ELU44858.1 443926124 PF01368.14 DHH 1.30E-08 2.30E-08 DHH family
AG1IA_01117 ELU44858.1 443926124 PF03659.8 Glyco_hydro_71 9.30E-68 2.90E-66 Glycosyl hydrolase family 71
AG1IA_01118 ELU44849.1 443926113 PF07156.8 Prenylcys_lyase 3.20E-39 4.10E-39 Prenylcysteine lyase
AG1IA_01119 ELU44850.1 443926114 PF01467.1 CTP_transf_2 8.00E-09 5.90E-08 Cytidylyltransferase
AG1IA_01120 ELU44851.1 443926115 PF00463.15 ICL 4.30E-239 5.00E-239 Isocitrate lyase family
AG1IA_01122 ELU44841.1 443926104 PF00725.16 3HCDH 1.20E-14 1.20E-07 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01122 ELU44841.1 443926104 PF02737.12 3HCDH_N 2.40E-30 7.10E-30 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_01124 ELU44843.1 443926106 PF12824.1 MRP-L20 2.80E-33 4.90E-33 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L20
AG1IA_01125 ELU44844.1 443926107 PF04281.7 Tom22 4.40E-40 5.30E-40 Mitochondrial import receptor subunit Tom22
AG1IA_01127 ELU44846.1 443926109 PF00569.11 ZZ 3.70E-16 1.30E-08 Zinc finger, ZZ type
AG1IA_01128 ELU44847.1 443926110 PF00153.21 Mito_carr 1.50E-47 1.60E-18 Mitochondrial carrier protein
AG1IA_01129 ELU44848.1 443926111 PF00734.12 CBM_1 9.90E-11 2.60E-10 Fungal cellulose binding domain
AG1IA_01129 ELU44848.1 443926111 PF09284.4 RhgB_N 6.60E-92 1.90E-87 Rhamnogalacturonase B, N-terminal
AG1IA_01131 ELU44839.1 443926101 PF06919.5 Phage_T4_Gp30_7 0.0072 0.0083 Phage Gp30.7 protein
AG1IA_01132 ELU44840.1 443926102 PF12855.1 Ecl1 0.0082 0.015 Life-span regulatory factor
AG1IA_01134 ELU44836.1 443926097 PF03637.11 Mob1_phocein 6.80E-61 8.20E-61 Mob1/phocein family
AG1IA_01135 ELU44837.1 443926098 PF12895.1 Apc3 0.00037 0.0024 Anaphase-promoting complex, cyclosome, subunit 3
AG1IA_01135 ELU44837.1 443926098 PF00515.22 TPR_1 2.10E-10 0.0054 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01135 ELU44837.1 443926098 PF07719.11 TPR_2 2.40E-13 0.0014 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01135 ELU44837.1 443926098 PF07721.8 TPR_4 0.0035 8.4 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01136 ELU44827.1 443926087 PF06424.6 PRP1_N 1.60E-32 1.60E-32 PRP1 splicing factor, N-terminal
AG1IA_01137 ELU44828.1 443926088 PF04588.7 HIG_1_N 7.90E-08 7.90E-08 Hypoxia induced protein conserved region
AG1IA_01139 ELU44830.1 443926090 PF04366.6 DUF500 2.40E-40 9.30E-40 Family of unknown function (DUF500)
AG1IA_01140 ELU44831.1 443926091 PF00786.22 PBD 0.0018 0.0053 P21-Rho-binding domain
AG1IA_01140 ELU44831.1 443926091 PF00400.26 WD40 1.10E-06 0.052 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01141 ELU44832.1 443926092 PF02724.8 CDC45 1.90E-143 6.60E-142 CDC45-like protein
AG1IA_01141 ELU44832.1 443926092 PF00929.18 RNase_T 7.20E-09 2.30E-08 Exonuclease
AG1IA_01141 ELU44832.1 443926092 PF00443.23 UCH 1.60E-06 4.60E-06 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase
AG1IA_01142 ELU44833.1 443926093 PF12937.1 F-box-like 9.90E-05 0.00031 F-box-like
AG1IA_01142 ELU44833.1 443926093 PF09346.4 SMI1_KNR4 6.00E-28 1.10E-27 SMI1 / KNR4 family
AG1IA_01144 ELU44823.1 443926082 PF02146.1 SIR2 1.20E-30 1.00E-29 Sir2 family
AG1IA_01146 ELU44825.1 443926084 PF00400.26 WD40 3.90E-12 0.007 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01147 ELU44826.1 443926085 PF00658.12 PABP 1.20E-23 1.30E-23 Poly-adenylate binding protein, unique domain
AG1IA_01148 ELU44821.1 443926079 PF11608.2 Limkain-b1 0.0016 1.1 Limkain b1
AG1IA_01148 ELU44821.1 443926079 PF00076.16 RRM_1 1.60E-75 2.60E-21 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01148 ELU44821.1 443926079 PF04144.7 SCAMP 5.80E-06 8.70E-06 SCAMP family
AG1IA_01148 ELU44821.1 443926079 PF11181.2 YflT 0.0053 1.4 Heat induced stress protein YflT
AG1IA_01150 ELU44802.1 443926059 PF00967.11 Barwin 2.70E-05 4.50E-05 Barwin family
AG1IA_01150 ELU44802.1 443926059 PF03330.12 DPBB_1 2.30E-06 5.00E-06 Rare lipoprotein A (RlpA)-like double-psi beta-barrel
AG1IA_01152 ELU44804.1 443926061 PF07962.6 Swi3 8.90E-05 0.00016 Replication Fork Protection Component Swi3
AG1IA_01153 ELU44805.1 443926062 PF05891.6 Methyltransf_PK 2.10E-38 4.30E-38 AdoMet dependent proline di-methyltransferase
AG1IA_01154 ELU44806.1 443926063 PF00575.17 S1 2.90E-07 5.20E-07 S1 RNA binding domain
AG1IA_01154 ELU44806.1 443926063 PF00017.18 SH2 0.0003 0.00072 SH2 domain
AG1IA_01154 ELU44806.1 443926063 PF09371.4 Tex_N 2.40E-05 0.00011 Tex-like protein N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01156 ELU44808.1 443926065 PF02492.13 cobW 0.00068 0.0019 CobW/HypB/UreG, nucleotide-binding domain
AG1IA_01156 ELU44808.1 443926065 PF00448.16 SRP54 7.70E-64 1.40E-63 SRP54-type protein, GTPase domain
AG1IA_01156 ELU44808.1 443926065 PF02881.13 SRP54_N 1.40E-13 3.60E-13 SRP54-type protein, helical bundle domain
AG1IA_01156 ELU44808.1 443926065 PF02978.13 SRP_SPB 1.10E-21 1.10E-21 Signal peptide binding domain
AG1IA_01157 ELU44809.1 443926066 PF00285.15 Citrate_synt 1.80E-77 3.60E-77 Citrate synthase
AG1IA_01158 ELU44810.1 443926067 PF08435.5 Calici_coat_C 0.0047 0.0058 Calicivirus coat protein C-terminal
AG1IA_01158 ELU44810.1 443926067 PF09802.3 Sec66 5.40E-21 6.10E-21 Preprotein translocase subunit Sec66
AG1IA_01159 ELU44811.1 443926068 PF00443.23 UCH 2.70E-32 4.90E-32 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase
AG1IA_01159 ELU44811.1 443926068 PF12436.2 USP7 5.50E-13 1.10E-12 Ubiquitin-specific protease 7
AG1IA_01161 ELU44813.1 443926070 PF02491.14 FtsA 0.0013 0.1 Cell division protein FtsA
AG1IA_01161 ELU44813.1 443926070 PF00012.14 HSP70 1.90E-242 4.60E-240 Hsp70 protein
AG1IA_01161 ELU44813.1 443926070 PF00560.27 LRR_1 3.20E-07 3.5 Leucine Rich Repeat
AG1IA_01161 ELU44813.1 443926070 PF12799.1 LRR_4 4.20E-14 2.20E-06 Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies)
AG1IA_01161 ELU44813.1 443926070 PF06723.7 MreB_Mbl 4.40E-13 8.10E-13 MreB/Mbl protein
AG1IA_01161 ELU44813.1 443926070 PF10428.3 SOG2 6.10E-52 6.10E-52 RAM signalling pathway protein
AG1IA_01162 ELU44814.1 443926071 PF10346.3 Con-6 9.20E-12 1.30E-11 Conidiation protein 6
AG1IA_01164 ELU44816.1 443926073 PF08573.4 SAE2 5.10E-16 2.60E-15 DNA repair protein endonuclease SAE2/CtIP C-terminus
AG1IA_01165 ELU44817.1 443926074 PF10568.3 Tom37 2.10E-15 3.70E-15 Outer mitochondrial membrane transport complex protein
AG1IA_01165 ELU44817.1 443926074 PF11801.2 Tom37_C 2.30E-07 1.50E-06 Tom37 C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01166 ELU44818.1 443926075 PF04114.8 Gaa1 6.00E-45 1.90E-27 Gaa1-like, GPI transamidase component
AG1IA_01167 ELU44819.1 443926076 PF06337.6 DUSP 0.00037 0.0029 DUSP domain
AG1IA_01167 ELU44819.1 443926076 PF01734.1 Patatin 9.10E-18 2.30E-17 Patatin-like phospholipase
AG1IA_01167 ELU44819.1 443926076 PF11976.2 Rad60-SLD 0.00096 0.0026 Ubiquitin-2 like Rad60 SUMO-like
AG1IA_01167 ELU44819.1 443926076 PF00240.17 ubiquitin 2.30E-11 5.10E-11 Ubiquitin family
AG1IA_01167 ELU44819.1 443926076 PF00443.23 UCH 6.00E-11 1.00E-10 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase
AG1IA_01168 ELU44820.1 443926077 PF01734.1 Patatin 4.90E-29 7.50E-29 Patatin-like phospholipase
AG1IA_01172 ELU44789.1 443926043 PF00241.14 Cofilin_ADF 3.80E-20 1.30E-09 Cofilin/tropomyosin-type actin-binding protein
AG1IA_01173 ELU44790.1 443926044 PF08645.5 PNK3P 5.20E-50 9.00E-50 Polynucleotide kinase 3 phosphatase
AG1IA_01173 ELU44790.1 443926044 PF06414.6 Zeta_toxin 3.10E-06 1.50E-05 Zeta toxin
AG1IA_01174 ELU44791.1 443926045 PF01066.15 CDP-OH_P_transf 2.70E-17 2.70E-17 CDP-alcohol phosphatidyltransferase
AG1IA_01175 ELU44792.1 443926046 PF00004.23 AAA 5.70E-36 1.30E-35 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_01175 ELU44792.1 443926046 PF07728.8 AAA_5 0.00031 0.0013 AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily)
AG1IA_01175 ELU44792.1 443926046 PF01695.11 IstB_IS21 0.0026 0.0063 IstB-like ATP binding protein
AG1IA_01175 ELU44792.1 443926046 PF01078.15 Mg_chelatase 0.0061 0.049 Magnesium chelatase, subunit ChlI
AG1IA_01175 ELU44792.1 443926046 PF05496.6 RuvB_N 0.0018 0.0036 Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus
AG1IA_01175 ELU44792.1 443926046 PF02269.10 TFIID-18kDa 1.10E-17 2.10E-17 Transcription initiation factor IID, 18kD subunit
AG1IA_01176 ELU44793.1 443926047 PF00076.16 RRM_1 1.90E-11 1.10E-10 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01177 ELU44794.1 443926048 PF09538.4 FYDLN_acid 0.002 0.0034 Protein of unknown function (FYDLN_acid)
AG1IA_01177 ELU44794.1 443926048 PF07574.7 SMC_Nse1 6.20E-06 1.10E-05 Nse1 non-SMC component of SMC5-6 complex
AG1IA_01177 ELU44794.1 443926048 PF08746.5 zf-RING-like 1.20E-05 2.20E-05 RING-like domain
AG1IA_01178 ELU44795.1 443926049 PF00578.15 AhpC-TSA 0.004 0.0042 AhpC/TSA family
AG1IA_01178 ELU44795.1 443926049 PF08534.4 Redoxin 0.0016 0.0016 Redoxin
AG1IA_01178 ELU44795.1 443926049 PF00085.14 Thioredoxin 1.40E-17 1.50E-17 Thioredoxin
AG1IA_01180 ELU44797.1 443926051 PF02102.9 Peptidase_M35 1.10E-15 2.00E-15 Deuterolysin metalloprotease (M35) family
AG1IA_01182 ELU44788.1 443926041 PF10513.3 EPL1 2.50E-21 6.50E-21 Enhancer of polycomb-like
AG1IA_01184 ELU44755.1 443926007 PF04193.8 PQ-loop 1.60E-23 1.70E-17 PQ loop repeat
AG1IA_01184 ELU44755.1 443926007 PF06687.6 SUR7 5.60E-16 5.60E-16 SUR7/PalI family
AG1IA_01185 ELU44756.1 443926008 PF00327.14 Ribosomal_L30 4.00E-14 9.90E-14 Ribosomal protein L30p/L7e
AG1IA_01185 ELU44756.1 443926008 PF08079.6 Ribosomal_L30_N 1.70E-23 3.30E-23 Ribosomal L30 N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01187 ELU44758.1 443926010 PF10607.3 RanBPM_CRA 3.50E-06 5.10E-06 Ran binding protein in the microtubule-organising centre
AG1IA_01188 ELU44759.1 443926011 PF00583.18 Acetyltransf_1 8.90E-12 2.30E-11 Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family
AG1IA_01188 ELU44759.1 443926011 PF04055.15 Radical_SAM 5.90E-15 2.20E-14 Radical SAM superfamily
AG1IA_01190 ELU44761.1 443926013 PF00701.16 DHDPS 8.10E-26 3.20E-25 Dihydrodipicolinate synthetase family
AG1IA_01191 ELU44762.1 443926014 PF00892.14 EamA 0.00051 0.00051 EamA-like transporter family
AG1IA_01191 ELU44762.1 443926014 PF04142.9 Nuc_sug_transp 5.20E-78 7.50E-78 Nucleotide-sugar transporter
AG1IA_01191 ELU44762.1 443926014 PF03151.10 TPT 0.0045 0.0045 Triose-phosphate Transporter family
AG1IA_01191 ELU44762.1 443926014 PF08449.5 UAA 8.20E-07 1.20E-06 UAA transporter family
AG1IA_01193 ELU44764.1 443926016 PF07823.1 CPDase 1.40E-21 6.00E-20 Cyclic phosphodiesterase-like protein
AG1IA_01195 ELU44766.1 443926018 PF12333.2 Ipi1_N 0.00048 0.039 Rix1 complex component involved in 60S ribosome maturation
AG1IA_01195 ELU44766.1 443926018 PF00613.14 PI3Ka 2.80E-11 2.20E-10 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase family, accessory domain (PIK domain)
AG1IA_01195 ELU44766.1 443926018 PF00454.21 PI3_PI4_kinase 5.70E-23 6.40E-22 Phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinase
AG1IA_01197 ELU44768.1 443926020 PF00069.19 Pkinase 7.50E-24 1.50E-20 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01197 ELU44768.1 443926020 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 5.50E-24 5.40E-19 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01197 ELU44768.1 443926020 PF00617.13 RasGEF 2.80E-26 6.10E-26 RasGEF domain
AG1IA_01197 ELU44768.1 443926020 PF00618.14 RasGEF_N 1.10E-06 2.80E-06 RasGEF N-terminal motif
AG1IA_01199 ELU44770.1 443926022 PF00069.19 Pkinase 5.80E-56 7.70E-56 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01199 ELU44770.1 443926022 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 1.10E-18 1.70E-18 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01201 ELU44772.1 443926024 PF00646.27 F-box 4.00E-10 9.40E-10 F-box domain
AG1IA_01201 ELU44772.1 443926024 PF12937.1 F-box-like 7.00E-12 1.50E-11 F-box-like
AG1IA_01201 ELU44772.1 443926024 PF11715.2 Nup160 1.60E-09 0.003 Nucleoporin Nup120/160
AG1IA_01201 ELU44772.1 443926024 PF00400.26 WD40 1.40E-59 3.40E-09 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01202 ELU44773.1 443926025 PF06202.8 GDE_C 0.00054 0.0013 Amylo-alpha-1,6-glucosidase
AG1IA_01202 ELU44773.1 443926025 PF03200.10 Glyco_hydro_63 2.60E-235 2.20E-234 Mannosyl oligosaccharide glucosidase
AG1IA_01202 ELU44773.1 443926025 PF01204.12 Trehalase 7.70E-06 1.30E-05 Trehalase
AG1IA_01204 ELU44775.1 443926027 PF01266.18 DAO 0.0038 0.0078 FAD dependent oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01205 ELU44776.1 443926028 PF01266.18 DAO 4.50E-08 6.30E-08 FAD dependent oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01206 ELU44777.1 443926029 PF00155.15 Aminotran_1_2 5.40E-77 6.30E-77 Aminotransferase class I and II
AG1IA_01210 ELU44781.1 443926033 PF00206.1 Lyase_1 7.00E-78 1.10E-77 Lyase
AG1IA_01211 ELU44782.1 443926034 PF04930.9 FUN14 1.40E-14 3.00E-14 FUN14 family
AG1IA_01212 ELU44783.1 443926035 PF04750.8 Far-17a_AIG1 8.00E-23 1.90E-17 FAR-17a/AIG1-like protein
AG1IA_01212 ELU44783.1 443926035 PF02475.10 Met_10 0.0012 0.0021 Met-10+ like-protein
AG1IA_01212 ELU44783.1 443926035 PF01189.11 Nol1_Nop2_Fmu 3.80E-99 5.10E-99 NOL1/NOP2/sun family
AG1IA_01212 ELU44783.1 443926035 PF01135.13 PCMT 0.0022 0.0035 Protein-L-isoaspartate(D-aspartate) O-methyltransferase (PCMT)
AG1IA_01213 ELU44784.1 443926036 PF06687.6 SUR7 3.70E-21 5.70E-21 SUR7/PalI family
AG1IA_01215 ELU44786.1 443926038 PF00132.18 Hexapep 6.00E-12 1.20E-05 Bacterial transferase hexapeptide (six repeats)
AG1IA_01215 ELU44786.1 443926038 PF02020.12 W2 8.10E-08 8.10E-08 eIF4-gamma/eIF5/eIF2-epsilon
AG1IA_01218 ELU44737.1 443925988 PF00933.15 Glyco_hydro_3 8.20E-66 1.20E-65 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 N terminal domain
AG1IA_01218 ELU44737.1 443925988 PF01915.16 Glyco_hydro_3_C 4.40E-55 5.70E-54 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 C terminal domain
AG1IA_01218 ELU44737.1 443925988 PF07691.6 PA14 3.30E-12 6.70E-12 PA14 domain
AG1IA_01219 ELU44738.1 443925989 PF10209.3 DUF2340 1.50E-37 1.80E-37 Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2340)
AG1IA_01220 ELU44739.1 443925990 PF00795.1 CN_hydrolase 3.10E-08 8.10E-08 Carbon-nitrogen hydrolase
AG1IA_01221 ELU44740.1 443925991 PF01408.16 GFO_IDH_MocA 9.00E-14 2.50E-13 Oxidoreductase family, NAD-binding Rossmann fold
AG1IA_01221 ELU44740.1 443925991 PF08635.4 ox_reductase_C 2.80E-41 4.60E-41 Putative oxidoreductase C terminal
AG1IA_01222 ELU44741.1 443925992 PF08648.6 DUF1777 2.50E-23 4.10E-23 Protein of unknown function (DUF1777)
AG1IA_01224 ELU44743.1 443925994 PF01253.16 SUI1 1.20E-29 1.60E-29 Translation initiation factor SUI1
AG1IA_01225 ELU44744.1 443925995 PF00538.13 Linker_histone 5.00E-13 1.10E-12 linker histone H1 and H5 family
AG1IA_01229 ELU44748.1 443925999 PF12253.2 CAF1A 1.90E-21 1.90E-21 Chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit A
AG1IA_01229 ELU44748.1 443925999 PF11858.2 DUF3378 0.0082 0.51 Domain of unknown function (DUF3378)
AG1IA_01229 ELU44748.1 443925999 PF00352.15 TBP 7.70E-61 8.40E-30 Transcription factor TFIID (or TATA-binding protein, TBP)
AG1IA_01231 ELU44750.1 443926001 PF00004.23 AAA 6.20E-13 1.50E-12 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_01231 ELU44750.1 443926001 PF03177.8 Nucleoporin_C 4.50E-36 6.90E-36 Non-repetitive/WGA-negative nucleoporin C-terminal
AG1IA_01231 ELU44750.1 443926001 PF08801.5 Nucleoporin_N 9.20E-10 2.70E-09 Nup133 N terminal like
AG1IA_01231 ELU44750.1 443926001 PF03215.9 Rad17 0.00015 0.00033 Rad17 cell cycle checkpoint protein
AG1IA_01231 ELU44750.1 443926001 PF02037.21 SAP 0.0013 0.0093 SAP domain
AG1IA_01232 ELU44751.1 443926002 PF01591.12 6PF2K 1.10E-47 1.70E-46 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase
AG1IA_01232 ELU44751.1 443926002 PF10231.3 DUF2315 0.0016 0.14 Uncharacterised conserved protein (DUF2315)
AG1IA_01232 ELU44751.1 443926002 PF00300.1 His_Phos_1 2.70E-17 3.10E-16 Histidine phosphatase superfamily (branch 1)
AG1IA_01233 ELU44752.1 443926003 PF00025.15 Arf 3.40E-07 9.50E-07 ADP-ribosylation factor family
AG1IA_01233 ELU44752.1 443926003 PF08477.7 Miro 1.30E-15 1.80E-15 Miro-like protein
AG1IA_01233 ELU44752.1 443926003 PF00071.16 Ras 1.20E-52 1.50E-52 Ras family
AG1IA_01234 ELU44753.1 443926004 PF05743.7 UEV 4.80E-34 6.50E-34 UEV domain
AG1IA_01235 ELU44729.1 443925979 PF09454.4 Vps23_core 8.80E-16 2.00E-15 Vps23 core domain
AG1IA_01236 ELU44730.1 443925980 PF09784.3 L31 1.80E-10 2.80E-10 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L31
AG1IA_01237 ELU44731.1 443925981 PF01603.14 B56 2.30E-138 4.00E-92 Protein phosphatase 2A regulatory B subunit (B56 family)
AG1IA_01237 ELU44731.1 443925981 PF12783.1 Sec7_N 0.0051 2.7 Guanine nucleotide exchange factor in Golgi transport N-terminal
AG1IA_01240 ELU44734.1 443925984 PF12895.1 Apc3 0.00016 0.00049 Anaphase-promoting complex, cyclosome, subunit 3
AG1IA_01240 ELU44734.1 443925984 PF00515.22 TPR_1 1.10E-13 8.30E-07 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01240 ELU44734.1 443925984 PF07719.11 TPR_2 4.90E-13 2.60E-05 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01245 ELU44725.1 443925974 PF01243.14 Pyridox_oxidase 0.00023 0.0022 Pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase
AG1IA_01245 ELU44725.1 443925974 PF12900.1 Pyridox_ox_2 6.00E-30 9.80E-15 Pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase
AG1IA_01248 ELU44728.1 443925977 PF12230.2 PRP21_like_P 5.30E-28 5.30E-28 Pre-mRNA splicing factor PRP21 like protein
AG1IA_01248 ELU44728.1 443925977 PF11976.2 Rad60-SLD 0.0075 0.015 Ubiquitin-2 like Rad60 SUMO-like
AG1IA_01248 ELU44728.1 443925977 PF00240.17 ubiquitin 7.50E-08 1.30E-07 Ubiquitin family
AG1IA_01249 ELU44708.1 443925956 PF01805.14 Surp 8.70E-31 1.40E-14 Surp module
AG1IA_01250 ELU44709.1 443925957 PF04000.9 Sas10_Utp3 1.00E-09 1.60E-09 Sas10/Utp3/C1D family
AG1IA_01251 ELU44710.1 443925958 PF12445.2 FliC 0.0079 0.014 Flagellin protein
AG1IA_01252 ELU44711.1 443925959 PF04921.8 XAP5 4.30E-85 1.20E-59 XAP5 protein
AG1IA_01253 ELU44712.1 443925960 PF00168.24 C2 1.50E-06 1.50E-05 C2 domain
AG1IA_01253 ELU44712.1 443925960 PF00388.13 PI-PLC-X 4.40E-41 9.10E-41 Phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C, X domain
AG1IA_01253 ELU44712.1 443925960 PF00387.13 PI-PLC-Y 1.90E-28 4.80E-28 Phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C, Y domain
AG1IA_01254 ELU44713.1 443925961 PF00416.16 Ribosomal_S13 3.40E-24 5.10E-24 Ribosomal protein S13/S18
AG1IA_01255 ELU44714.1 443925962 PF04051.10 TRAPP 1.60E-10 2.90E-10 Transport protein particle (TRAPP) component
AG1IA_01256 ELU44715.1 443925963 PF07757.7 AdoMet_MTase 0.0095 0.028 Predicted AdoMet-dependent methyltransferase
AG1IA_01256 ELU44715.1 443925963 PF08241.6 Methyltransf_11 1.90E-06 3.50E-06 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01256 ELU44715.1 443925963 PF12589.2 WBS_methylT 3.90E-08 5.30E-08 Methyltransferase involved in Williams-Beuren syndrome
AG1IA_01257 ELU44716.1 443925964 PF00025.15 Arf 4.70E-05 7.10E-05 ADP-ribosylation factor family
AG1IA_01257 ELU44716.1 443925964 PF08477.7 Miro 7.60E-08 1.20E-07 Miro-like protein
AG1IA_01257 ELU44716.1 443925964 PF00071.16 Ras 1.60E-41 2.20E-41 Ras family
AG1IA_01260 ELU44719.1 443925967 PF00025.15 Arf 4.80E-13 9.00E-13 ADP-ribosylation factor family
AG1IA_01260 ELU44719.1 443925967 PF00009.21 GTP_EFTU 2.40E-06 0.00095 Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain
AG1IA_01260 ELU44719.1 443925967 PF04670.6 Gtr1_RagA 4.30E-07 7.00E-07 Gtr1/RagA G protein conserved region
AG1IA_01260 ELU44719.1 443925967 PF08477.7 Miro 5.00E-05 0.00011 Miro-like protein
AG1IA_01260 ELU44719.1 443925967 PF00069.19 Pkinase 1.40E-23 3.00E-23 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01260 ELU44719.1 443925967 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 7.20E-06 0.0008 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01260 ELU44719.1 443925967 PF09439.4 SRPRB 4.00E-24 6.40E-24 Signal recognition particle receptor beta subunit
AG1IA_01263 ELU44694.1 443925941 PF00782.14 DSPc 0.0024 0.0048 Dual specificity phosphatase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_01263 ELU44694.1 443925941 PF00102.21 Y_phosphatase 2.70E-39 2.90E-34 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase
AG1IA_01264 ELU44695.1 443925942 PF09783.3 Vac_ImportDeg 7.30E-23 2.00E-21 Vacuolar import and degradation protein
AG1IA_01266 ELU44697.1 443925944 PF00118.18 Cpn60_TCP1 4.60E-127 1.00E-125 TCP-1/cpn60 chaperonin family
AG1IA_01267 ELU44698.1 443925945 PF00043.19 GST_C 2.30E-05 5.10E-05 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01267 ELU44698.1 443925945 PF00749.15 tRNA-synt_1c 2.50E-84 1.10E-79 tRNA synthetases class I (E and Q), catalytic domain
AG1IA_01267 ELU44698.1 443925945 PF03950.12 tRNA-synt_1c_C 3.10E-34 4.50E-34 tRNA synthetases class I (E and Q), anti-codon binding domain
AG1IA_01272 ELU44703.1 443925950 PF00787.18 PX 4.00E-11 1.30E-10 PX domain
AG1IA_01273 ELU44704.1 443925951 PF00614.16 PLDc 8.00E-05 0.00015 Phospholipase D Active site motif
AG1IA_01275 ELU44706.1 443925953 PF00676.14 E1_dh 3.40E-65 5.60E-65 Dehydrogenase E1 component
AG1IA_01275 ELU44706.1 443925953 PF03372.17 Exo_endo_phos 7.90E-11 1.30E-10 Endonuclease/Exonuclease/phosphatase family
AG1IA_01276 ELU44707.1 443925954 PF04495.8 GRASP55_65 7.40E-44 4.20E-31 GRASP55/65 family
AG1IA_01281 ELU44687.1 443925931 PF02866.1 Ldh_1_C 1.30E-30 1.90E-30 lactate/malate dehydrogenase, alpha/beta C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01281 ELU44687.1 443925931 PF00056.17 Ldh_1_N 2.10E-44 3.00E-44 lactate/malate dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_01284 ELU44690.1 443925934 PF01636.17 APH 0.001 0.0046 Phosphotransferase enzyme family
AG1IA_01284 ELU44690.1 443925934 PF00069.19 Pkinase 8.00E-52 1.20E-51 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01284 ELU44690.1 443925934 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 4.10E-19 6.90E-19 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01286 ELU44655.1 443925898 PF00828.13 Ribosomal_L18e 2.20E-07 0.0066 Ribosomal protein L18e/L15
AG1IA_01289 ELU44658.1 443925901 PF04082.12 Fungal_trans 8.30E-09 0.0012 Fungal specific transcription factor domain
AG1IA_01292 ELU44661.1 443925904 PF11831.2 DUF3351 1.50E-74 1.50E-74 Domain of unknown function (DUF3351)
AG1IA_01292 ELU44661.1 443925904 PF00249.25 Myb_DNA-binding 6.00E-17 5.90E-10 Myb-like DNA-binding domain
AG1IA_01293 ELU44662.1 443925905 PF00270.23 DEAD 1.50E-10 2.60E-10 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_01293 ELU44662.1 443925905 PF04410.8 Gar1 5.90E-33 1.30E-32 Gar1/Naf1 RNA binding region
AG1IA_01293 ELU44662.1 443925905 PF04851.9 ResIII 0.00017 0.00035 Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit
AG1IA_01294 ELU44663.1 443925906 PF04192.6 Utp21 3.40E-65 5.30E-65 Utp21 specific WD40 associated putative domain
AG1IA_01294 ELU44663.1 443925906 PF00400.26 WD40 4.60E-18 1.60E-05 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01295 ELU44664.1 443925907 PF03467.9 Smg4_UPF3 5.60E-30 6.90E-30 Smg-4/UPF3 family
AG1IA_01296 ELU44665.1 443925908 PF01715.11 IPPT 4.40E-34 3.90E-23 IPP transferase
AG1IA_01297 ELU44666.1 443925909 PF01266.18 DAO 4.20E-06 7.40E-06 FAD dependent oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01297 ELU44666.1 443925909 PF05199.7 GMC_oxred_C 4.70E-31 1.40E-30 GMC oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01297 ELU44666.1 443925909 PF00732.13 GMC_oxred_N 1.20E-44 1.80E-23 GMC oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01297 ELU44666.1 443925909 PF05834.6 Lycopene_cycl 0.0079 0.011 Lycopene cyclase protein
AG1IA_01298 ELU44667.1 443925910 PF00389.24 2-Hacid_dh 3.20E-08 5.30E-08 D-isomer specific 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_01299 ELU44668.1 443925911 PF00578.15 AhpC-TSA 0.00087 0.0021 AhpC/TSA family
AG1IA_01299 ELU44668.1 443925911 PF05768.8 DUF836 0.0096 0.019 Glutaredoxin-like domain (DUF836)
AG1IA_01299 ELU44668.1 443925911 PF00085.14 Thioredoxin 2.80E-21 4.30E-21 Thioredoxin
AG1IA_01300 ELU44669.1 443925912 PF02678.10 Pirin 1.20E-18 2.40E-18 Pirin
AG1IA_01300 ELU44669.1 443925912 PF05726.7 Pirin_C 1.50E-15 6.70E-15 Pirin C-terminal cupin domain
AG1IA_01301 ELU44670.1 443925913 PF03602.9 Cons_hypoth95 0.0099 0.017 Conserved hypothetical protein 95
AG1IA_01301 ELU44670.1 443925913 PF08704.4 GCD14 0.0061 0.0086 tRNA methyltransferase complex GCD14 subunit
AG1IA_01301 ELU44670.1 443925913 PF08241.6 Methyltransf_11 0.0006 0.0018 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01301 ELU44670.1 443925913 PF10294.3 Methyltransf_16 0.00088 0.0012 Putative methyltransferase
AG1IA_01301 ELU44670.1 443925913 PF12847.1 Methyltransf_18 5.50E-10 8.50E-10 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01301 ELU44670.1 443925913 PF01596.11 Methyltransf_3 1.30E-46 1.70E-46 O-methyltransferase
AG1IA_01301 ELU44670.1 443925913 PF01135.13 PCMT 5.90E-07 6.50E-07 Protein-L-isoaspartate(D-aspartate) O-methyltransferase (PCMT)
AG1IA_01304 ELU44673.1 443925916 PF07956.5 DUF1690 7.00E-21 8.70E-21 Protein of Unknown function (DUF1690)
AG1IA_01305 ELU44674.1 443925917 PF04502.7 DUF572 1.30E-56 1.70E-56 Family of unknown function (DUF572)
AG1IA_01306 ELU44675.1 443925918 PF00270.23 DEAD 2.70E-19 1.40E-18 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_01306 ELU44675.1 443925918 PF09382.4 RQC 4.70E-19 1.40E-18 RQC domain
AG1IA_01307 ELU44676.1 443925919 PF00270.23 DEAD 2.00E-45 9.40E-44 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_01307 ELU44676.1 443925919 PF12572.2 DUF3752 0.0066 0.012 Protein of unknown function (DUF3752)
AG1IA_01307 ELU44676.1 443925919 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 7.20E-19 2.10E-18 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01307 ELU44676.1 443925919 PF04851.9 ResIII 0.0043 0.15 Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit
AG1IA_01308 ELU44677.1 443925920 PF08784.5 RPA_C 2.60E-17 2.50E-16 Replication protein A C terminal
AG1IA_01308 ELU44677.1 443925920 PF01336.19 tRNA_anti 0.0064 0.019 OB-fold nucleic acid binding domain
AG1IA_01311 ELU44680.1 443925923 PF00092.22 VWA 3.30E-15 1.40E-10 von Willebrand factor type A domain
AG1IA_01313 ELU44682.1 443925925 PF08294.5 TIM21 3.20E-19 4.20E-17 TIM21
AG1IA_01315 ELU44684.1 443925927 PF00390.13 malic 8.60E-14 1.40E-13 Malic enzyme, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01315 ELU44684.1 443925927 PF03949.9 Malic_M 1.80E-69 2.10E-69 Malic enzyme, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_01319 ELU44651.1 443925893 PF00702.1 Hydrolase 2.00E-07 1.40E-05 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_01319 ELU44651.1 443925893 PF07093.5 SGT1 1.20E-115 2.40E-113 SGT1 protein
AG1IA_01320 ELU44652.1 443925894 PF01990.11 ATP-synt_F 1.50E-31 1.70E-31 ATP synthase (F/14-kDa) subunit
AG1IA_01321 ELU44653.1 443925895 PF04934.8 Med6 7.10E-07 1.70E-06 MED6 mediator sub complex component
AG1IA_01322 ELU44635.1 443925876 PF11969.2 DcpS_C 8.50E-05 0.0028 Scavenger mRNA decapping enzyme C-term binding
AG1IA_01323 ELU44636.1 443925877 PF05700.5 BCAS2 1.40E-56 1.60E-56 Breast carcinoma amplified sequence 2 (BCAS2)
AG1IA_01326 ELU44639.1 443925880 PF08442.4 ATP-grasp_2 7.40E-72 1.10E-71 ATP-grasp domain
AG1IA_01326 ELU44639.1 443925880 PF01071.13 GARS_A 1.30E-06 0.00036 Phosphoribosylglycinamide synthetase, ATP-grasp (A) domain
AG1IA_01326 ELU44639.1 443925880 PF00549.13 Ligase_CoA 1.60E-17 4.70E-15 CoA-ligase
AG1IA_01328 ELU44641.1 443925882 PF04658.7 TAFII55_N 3.10E-54 3.10E-54 TAFII55 protein conserved region
AG1IA_01329 ELU44642.1 443925883 PF05181.6 XPA_C 6.40E-12 7.30E-12 XPA protein C-terminus
AG1IA_01330 ELU44643.1 443925884 PF00329.13 Complex1_30kDa 1.70E-14 3.60E-14 Respiratory-chain NADH dehydrogenase, 30 Kd subunit
AG1IA_01330 ELU44643.1 443925884 PF09118.5 DUF1929 2.00E-25 4.40E-25 Domain of unknown function (DUF1929)
AG1IA_01330 ELU44643.1 443925884 PF07250.5 Glyoxal_oxid_N 2.40E-26 6.10E-25 Glyoxal oxidase N-terminus
AG1IA_01330 ELU44643.1 443925884 PF00850.13 Hist_deacetyl 2.60E-48 9.30E-47 Histone deacetylase domain
AG1IA_01332 ELU44645.1 443925886 PF06968.7 BATS 3.00E-28 8.50E-28 Biotin and Thiamin Synthesis associated domain
AG1IA_01332 ELU44645.1 443925886 PF04055.15 Radical_SAM 6.40E-19 1.10E-18 Radical SAM superfamily
AG1IA_01333 ELU44646.1 443925887 PF01485.15 IBR 0.00069 0.0011 IBR domain
AG1IA_01333 ELU44646.1 443925887 PF01667.11 Ribosomal_S27e 6.80E-28 1.20E-27 Ribosomal protein S27
AG1IA_01339 ELU44631.1 443925871 PF01062.15 Bestrophin 2.70E-05 4.10E-05 Bestrophin, RFP-TM, chloride channel
AG1IA_01340 ELU44632.1 443925872 PF01062.15 Bestrophin 9.20E-16 2.90E-15 Bestrophin, RFP-TM, chloride channel
AG1IA_01341 ELU44633.1 443925873 PF00168.24 C2 6.20E-15 1.40E-14 C2 domain
AG1IA_01341 ELU44633.1 443925873 PF00632.19 HECT 4.70E-89 6.60E-89 HECT-domain (ubiquitin-transferase)
AG1IA_01341 ELU44633.1 443925873 PF00397.20 WW 3.10E-40 4.40E-14 WW domain
AG1IA_01342 ELU44634.1 443925874 PF08241.6 Methyltransf_11 1.20E-08 2.20E-08 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01342 ELU44634.1 443925874 PF08242.6 Methyltransf_12 9.00E-13 1.50E-12 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01342 ELU44634.1 443925874 PF12847.1 Methyltransf_18 7.40E-10 1.20E-09 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01342 ELU44634.1 443925874 PF01234.11 NNMT_PNMT_TEMT 6.50E-05 9.90E-05 NNMT/PNMT/TEMT family
AG1IA_01342 ELU44634.1 443925874 PF03291.10 Pox_MCEL 9.60E-69 4.90E-68 mRNA capping enzyme
AG1IA_01344 ELU44602.1 443925841 PF00106.19 adh_short 2.90E-12 5.00E-12 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_01344 ELU44602.1 443925841 PF08659.4 KR 4.20E-06 1.10E-05 KR domain
AG1IA_01346 ELU44604.1 443925843 PF00472.14 RF-1 3.30E-21 5.60E-20 RF-1 domain
AG1IA_01348 ELU44606.1 443925845 PF03330.12 DPBB_1 5.30E-06 5.60E-06 Rare lipoprotein A (RlpA)-like double-psi beta-barrel
AG1IA_01350 ELU44608.1 443925847 PF01257.13 Complex1_24kDa 3.40E-49 6.60E-49 Respiratory-chain NADH dehydrogenase 24 Kd subunit
AG1IA_01351 ELU44609.1 443925848 PF01433.1 Peptidase_M1 6.40E-94 1.40E-74 Peptidase family M1
AG1IA_01352 ELU44610.1 443925849 PF01088.15 Peptidase_C12 9.30E-55 1.20E-54 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase, family 1
AG1IA_01353 ELU44611.1 443925850 PF00535.20 Glycos_transf_2 0.0039 0.0072 Glycosyl transferase family 2
AG1IA_01354 ELU44612.1 443925851 PF04685.7 DUF608 0.0037 0.081 Protein of unknown function, DUF608
AG1IA_01354 ELU44612.1 443925851 PF04603.6 Mog1 1.00E-27 2.30E-27 Ran-interacting Mog1 protein
AG1IA_01354 ELU44612.1 443925851 PF03801.7 Ndc80_HEC 4.40E-34 9.00E-34 HEC/Ndc80p family
AG1IA_01357 ELU44615.1 443925854 PF00892.14 EamA 0.0003 0.0003 EamA-like transporter family
AG1IA_01357 ELU44615.1 443925854 PF04142.9 Nuc_sug_transp 1.10E-08 2.20E-08 Nucleotide-sugar transporter
AG1IA_01357 ELU44615.1 443925854 PF08449.5 UAA 3.80E-05 5.60E-05 UAA transporter family
AG1IA_01358 ELU44616.1 443925855 PF02752.16 Arrestin_C 1.90E-07 5.00E-07 Arrestin (or S-antigen), C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01359 ELU44617.1 443925856 PF04715.7 Anth_synt_I_N 9.00E-12 8.90E-11 Anthranilate synthase component I, N terminal region
AG1IA_01359 ELU44617.1 443925856 PF00425.12 Chorismate_bind 7.60E-88 1.20E-87 chorismate binding enzyme
AG1IA_01360 ELU44618.1 443925857 PF00318.14 Ribosomal_S2 3.30E-45 7.00E-22 Ribosomal protein S2
AG1IA_01361 ELU44619.1 443925858 PF08841.4 DDR 0.0044 0.021 Diol dehydratase reactivase ATPase-like domain
AG1IA_01361 ELU44619.1 443925858 PF02491.14 FtsA 6.00E-06 5.10E-05 Cell division protein FtsA
AG1IA_01361 ELU44619.1 443925858 PF00012.14 HSP70 1.80E-231 2.30E-231 Hsp70 protein
AG1IA_01361 ELU44619.1 443925858 PF06723.7 MreB_Mbl 1.50E-15 2.40E-15 MreB/Mbl protein
AG1IA_01362 ELU44620.1 443925859 PF01073.13 3Beta_HSD 1.90E-08 6.00E-08 3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/isomerase family
AG1IA_01362 ELU44620.1 443925859 PF00106.19 adh_short 0.007 1.4 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_01362 ELU44620.1 443925859 PF00501.22 AMP-binding 2.40E-17 5.50E-05 AMP-binding enzyme
AG1IA_01362 ELU44620.1 443925859 PF01370.15 Epimerase 1.50E-11 2.80E-11 NAD dependent epimerase/dehydratase family
AG1IA_01362 ELU44620.1 443925859 PF07993.6 NAD_binding_4 5.10E-31 2.20E-30 Male sterility protein
AG1IA_01363 ELU44621.1 443925860 PF00689.15 Cation_ATPase_C 6.50E-23 2.00E-21 Cation transporting ATPase, C-terminus
AG1IA_01363 ELU44621.1 443925860 PF00690.20 Cation_ATPase_N 1.10E-18 1.10E-18 Cation transporter/ATPase, N-terminus
AG1IA_01363 ELU44621.1 443925860 PF00122.14 E1-E2_ATPase 5.60E-64 6.30E-63 E1-E2 ATPase
AG1IA_01363 ELU44621.1 443925860 PF12710.1 HAD 3.00E-15 8.50E-15 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_01363 ELU44621.1 443925860 PF00702.1 Hydrolase 3.30E-25 2.80E-24 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_01363 ELU44621.1 443925860 PF08282.6 Hydrolase_3 1.60E-07 5.50E-06 haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
AG1IA_01367 ELU44625.1 443925864 PF08190.6 PIH1 0.0043 0.0064 pre-RNA processing PIH1/Nop17
AG1IA_01368 ELU44626.1 443925865 PF01285.12 TEA 4.20E-25 4.20E-25 TEA/ATTS domain family
AG1IA_01372 ELU44580.1 443925818 PF00501.22 AMP-binding 0.0011 0.0024 AMP-binding enzyme
AG1IA_01373 ELU44581.1 443925819 PF06268.7 Fascin 0.0044 0.011 Fascin domain
AG1IA_01373 ELU44581.1 443925819 PF06229.6 FRG1 2.90E-14 2.90E-14 FRG1-like family
AG1IA_01375 ELU44583.1 443925821 PF00467.23 KOW 1.30E-08 1.30E-08 KOW motif
AG1IA_01376 ELU44584.1 443925822 PF01813.11 ATP-synt_D 4.00E-66 5.20E-66 ATP synthase subunit D
AG1IA_01377 ELU44585.1 443925823 PF00781.18 DAGK_cat 5.30E-15 8.60E-15 Diacylglycerol kinase catalytic domain
AG1IA_01378 ELU44586.1 443925824 PF04756.7 OST3_OST6 4.60E-05 0.00022 OST3 / OST6 family
AG1IA_01378 ELU44586.1 443925824 PF01569.15 PAP2 7.40E-11 7.40E-11 PAP2 superfamily
AG1IA_01379 ELU44587.1 443925825 PF00076.16 RRM_1 1.70E-10 3.10E-10 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01380 ELU44588.1 443925826 PF00076.16 RRM_1 0.0048 0.32 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01382 ELU44590.1 443925828 PF01451.15 LMWPc 7.80E-08 1.30E-07 Low molecular weight phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF00004.23 AAA 5.20E-41 1.20E-40 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF07728.8 AAA_5 0.00019 0.00067 AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily)
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF05673.7 DUF815 0.0051 0.0093 Protein of unknown function (DUF815)
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF01695.11 IstB_IS21 4.50E-05 0.00027 IstB-like ATP binding protein
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF00067.16 p450 3.00E-53 4.20E-53 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF00910.16 RNA_helicase 0.0026 0.044 RNA helicase
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF05496.6 RuvB_N 0.00036 0.00084 Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF06068.7 TIP49 0.0003 0.00051 TIP49 C-terminus
AG1IA_01384 ELU44592.1 443925830 PF09336.4 Vps4_C 6.90E-26 6.60E-25 Vps4 C terminal oligomerisation domain
AG1IA_01385 ELU44593.1 443925831 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 7.90E-40 1.10E-39 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_01385 ELU44593.1 443925831 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 2.30E-09 7.60E-09 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_01386 ELU44594.1 443925832 PF00651.25 BTB 0.0013 0.0022 BTB/POZ domain
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF00004.23 AAA 9.00E-14 0.00089 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF07728.8 AAA_5 6.20E-21 3.80E-06 AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily)
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF12774.1 AAA_6 3.70E-78 8.80E-78 Hydrolytic ATP binding site of dynein motor region D1
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF12775.1 AAA_7 1.40E-20 4.40E-19 P-loop containing dynein motor region D3
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF12780.1 AAA_8 1.50E-41 5.00E-41 P-loop containing dynein motor region D4
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF12781.1 AAA_9 2.50E-45 8.90E-45 ATP-binding dynein motor region D5
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF08393.7 DHC_N2 5.50E-122 5.50E-122 Dynein heavy chain, N-terminal region 2
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF03028.9 Dynein_heavy 8.40E-169 3.10E-168 Dynein heavy chain and region D6 of dynein motor
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF01580.12 FtsK_SpoIIIE 9.50E-07 1.3 FtsK/SpoIIIE family
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF00437.14 GSPII_E 3.50E-07 0.061 Type II/IV secretion system protein
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF01695.11 IstB_IS21 0.0014 0.28 IstB-like ATP binding protein
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF01078.15 Mg_chelatase 8.00E-06 0.38 Magnesium chelatase, subunit ChlI
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF12777.1 MT 4.10E-45 7.90E-45 Microtubule-binding stalk of dynein motor
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF00910.16 RNA_helicase 0.0074 19 RNA helicase
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF10247.3 Romo1 3.40E-10 8.50E-10 Reactive mitochondrial oxygen species modulator 1
AG1IA_01388 ELU44596.1 443925834 PF06414.6 Zeta_toxin 0.0012 2.2 Zeta toxin
AG1IA_01389 ELU44597.1 443925835 PF04757.8 Pex2_Pex12 2.60E-09 0.0002 Pex2 / Pex12 amino terminal region
AG1IA_01389 ELU44597.1 443925835 PF00097.19 zf-C3HC4 8.50E-07 1.60E-06 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
AG1IA_01390 ELU44598.1 443925836 PF00753.21 Lactamase_B 0.00012 0.00037 Metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily
AG1IA_01390 ELU44598.1 443925836 PF12706.1 Lactamase_B_2 3.30E-07 7.60E-05 Beta-lactamase superfamily domain
AG1IA_01390 ELU44598.1 443925836 PF04437.7 RINT1_TIP1 2.60E-76 4.80E-76 RINT-1 / TIP-1 family
AG1IA_01394 ELU44569.1 443925806 PF04707.8 PRELI 3.90E-37 4.50E-37 PRELI-like family
AG1IA_01395 ELU44570.1 443925807 PF06472.9 ABC_membrane_2 9.50E-45 4.60E-23 ABC transporter transmembrane region 2
AG1IA_01395 ELU44570.1 443925807 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 2.60E-09 5.60E-09 ABC transporter
AG1IA_01396 ELU44571.1 443925808 PF08544.7 GHMP_kinases_C 0.0024 0.0064 GHMP kinases C terminal
AG1IA_01396 ELU44571.1 443925808 PF00288.20 GHMP_kinases_N 6.80E-13 1.30E-12 GHMP kinases N terminal domain
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF01602.14 Adaptin_N 1.60E-05 2.9 Adaptin N terminal region
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF12717.1 Cnd1 0.0033 0.82 non-SMC mitotic condensation complex subunit 1
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF12765.1 Cohesin_HEAT 7.70E-05 0.32 HEAT repeat associated with sister chromatid cohesion
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF02985.16 HEAT 5.50E-21 7.90E-05 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF03810.13 IBN_N 9.70E-09 3.00E-08 Importin-beta N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF12333.2 Ipi1_N 3.80E-07 0.0094 Rix1 complex component involved in 60S ribosome maturation
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF08167.6 RIX1 0.0098 70 rRNA processing/ribosome biogenesis
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF08064.7 UME 0.0036 1 UME (NUC010) domain
AG1IA_01397 ELU44572.1 443925809 PF12755.1 Vac14_Fab1_bd 6.20E-05 3.3 Vacuolar 14 Fab1-binding region
AG1IA_01398 ELU44573.1 443925810 PF00515.22 TPR_1 2.50E-08 0.00018 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01398 ELU44573.1 443925810 PF07719.11 TPR_2 2.70E-08 0.017 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01400 ELU44575.1 443925812 PF03171.14 2OG-FeII_Oxy 0.00037 0.0012 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase superfamily
AG1IA_01401 ELU44576.1 443925813 PF00076.16 RRM_1 3.70E-08 1.80E-05 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01401 ELU44576.1 443925813 PF00098.17 zf-CCHC 9.90E-06 2.20E-05 Zinc knuckle
AG1IA_01403 ELU44563.1 443925799 PF03198.8 Glyco_hydro_72 2.40E-75 3.50E-75 Glycolipid anchored surface protein (GAS1)
AG1IA_01405 ELU44565.1 443925801 PF02364.9 Glucan_synthase 0 0 1,3-beta-glucan synthase component
AG1IA_01406 ELU44566.1 443925802 PF03033.14 Glyco_transf_28 5.50E-20 1.20E-18 Glycosyltransferase family 28 N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01406 ELU44566.1 443925802 PF02893.14 GRAM 2.20E-18 9.00E-11 GRAM domain
AG1IA_01406 ELU44566.1 443925802 PF00169.23 PH 5.40E-15 7.70E-13 PH domain
AG1IA_01406 ELU44566.1 443925802 PF00201.12 UDPGT 4.10E-06 8.60E-06 UDP-glucoronosyl and UDP-glucosyl transferase
AG1IA_01408 ELU44548.1 443925783 PF00106.19 adh_short 0.00047 0.00061 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_01409 ELU44549.1 443925784 PF07690.10 MFS_1 1.30E-31 3.50E-30 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01409 ELU44549.1 443925784 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 4.30E-26 1.30E-25 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_01411 ELU44551.1 443925786 PF00324.15 AA_permease 8.00E-74 2.20E-69 Amino acid permease
AG1IA_01411 ELU44551.1 443925786 PF02678.10 Pirin 8.20E-24 2.90E-23 Pirin
AG1IA_01411 ELU44551.1 443925786 PF05726.7 Pirin_C 2.90E-15 1.00E-14 Pirin C-terminal cupin domain
AG1IA_01412 ELU44552.1 443925787 PF01070.12 FMN_dh 0.0015 0.0023 FMN-dependent dehydrogenase
AG1IA_01412 ELU44552.1 443925787 PF00478.19 IMPDH 0.0015 0.083 IMP dehydrogenase / GMP reductase domain
AG1IA_01412 ELU44552.1 443925787 PF03060.9 NMO 5.40E-60 6.50E-60 Nitronate monooxygenase
AG1IA_01414 ELU44554.1 443925789 PF00646.27 F-box 0.0033 0.017 F-box domain
AG1IA_01414 ELU44554.1 443925789 PF12937.1 F-box-like 1.40E-07 4.20E-07 F-box-like
AG1IA_01417 ELU44557.1 443925792 PF01883.13 DUF59 1.50E-11 2.40E-11 Domain of unknown function DUF59
AG1IA_01418 ELU44558.1 443925793 PF07992.8 Pyr_redox_2 5.80E-05 8.10E-05 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01419 ELU44559.1 443925794 PF03486.8 HI0933_like 0.00023 0.0011 HI0933-like protein
AG1IA_01419 ELU44559.1 443925794 PF00070.21 Pyr_redox 1.20E-16 2.70E-16 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01419 ELU44559.1 443925794 PF07992.8 Pyr_redox_2 6.80E-22 1.60E-21 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01419 ELU44559.1 443925794 PF02852.16 Pyr_redox_dim 1.70E-24 5.60E-24 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase, dimerisation domain
AG1IA_01421 ELU44561.1 443925796 PF00023.24 Ank 0.0027 0.015 Ankyrin repeat
AG1IA_01421 ELU44561.1 443925796 PF12796.1 Ank_2 0.0046 0.03 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)
AG1IA_01421 ELU44561.1 443925796 PF01843.13 DIL 9.20E-22 1.60E-21 DIL domain
AG1IA_01423 ELU44545.1 443925779 PF02133.9 Transp_cyt_pur 5.40E-12 5.70E-09 Permease for cytosine/purines, uracil, thiamine, allantoin
AG1IA_01427 ELU44529.1 443925761 PF00069.19 Pkinase 3.10E-48 2.20E-47 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01427 ELU44529.1 443925761 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 6.70E-27 2.60E-26 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01428 ELU44530.1 443925762 PF05907.7 DUF866 1.40E-31 1.90E-31 Eukaryotic protein of unknown function (DUF866)
AG1IA_01430 ELU44532.1 443925764 PF08559.4 Cut8 1.90E-08 3.40E-07 Cut8
AG1IA_01433 ELU44535.1 443925767 PF00153.21 Mito_carr 9.30E-28 8.10E-12 Mitochondrial carrier protein
AG1IA_01436 ELU44538.1 443925770 PF02480.10 Herpes_gE 0.0077 0.012 Alphaherpesvirus glycoprotein E
AG1IA_01437 ELU44539.1 443925771 PF00970.18 FAD_binding_6 0.00024 0.0009 Oxidoreductase FAD-binding domain
AG1IA_01437 ELU44539.1 443925771 PF08022.6 FAD_binding_8 1.00E-21 2.50E-21 FAD-binding domain
AG1IA_01437 ELU44539.1 443925771 PF01794.13 Ferric_reduct 4.20E-08 3.90E-06 Ferric reductase like transmembrane component
AG1IA_01437 ELU44539.1 443925771 PF00175.15 NAD_binding_1 0.0097 0.17 Oxidoreductase NAD-binding domain
AG1IA_01437 ELU44539.1 443925771 PF08030.6 NAD_binding_6 5.10E-25 9.10E-25 Ferric reductase NAD binding domain
AG1IA_01438 ELU44540.1 443925772 PF04494.9 TFIID_90kDa 2.30E-14 1.20E-13 WD40 associated region in TFIID subunit
AG1IA_01438 ELU44540.1 443925772 PF00400.26 WD40 1.30E-48 5.30E-11 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01441 ELU44543.1 443925775 PF04212.12 MIT 7.90E-05 0.00012 MIT (microtubule interacting and transport) domain
AG1IA_01442 ELU44519.1 443925750 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 7.60E-12 1.70E-11 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01442 ELU44519.1 443925750 PF00956.12 NAP 1.00E-22 1.60E-22 Nucleosome assembly protein (NAP)
AG1IA_01443 ELU44520.1 443925751 PF12949.1 HeH 2.50E-10 6.40E-10 HeH/LEM domain
AG1IA_01443 ELU44520.1 443925751 PF09402.4 MSC 1.20E-56 1.80E-56 Man1-Src1p-C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01443 ELU44520.1 443925751 PF01472.14 PUA 3.00E-12 7.70E-12 PUA domain
AG1IA_01443 ELU44520.1 443925751 PF07992.8 Pyr_redox_2 8.10E-06 3.10E-05 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase
AG1IA_01444 ELU44521.1 443925752 PF00995.17 Sec1 6.40E-97 2.90E-60 Sec1 family
AG1IA_01445 ELU44522.1 443925753 PF07890.6 Rrp15p 1.50E-18 6.60E-13 Rrp15p
AG1IA_01447 ELU44524.1 443925755 PF07779.6 Cas1p 2.00E-42 2.10E-27 Cas1p-like protein
AG1IA_01450 ELU44527.1 443925758 PF01217.14 Clat_adaptor_s 2.20E-17 2.20E-13 Clathrin adaptor complex small chain
AG1IA_01450 ELU44527.1 443925758 PF01694.16 Rhomboid 4.20E-34 4.20E-34 Rhomboid family
AG1IA_01453 ELU44491.1 443925720 PF01432.14 Peptidase_M3 3.20E-123 8.70E-122 Peptidase family M3
AG1IA_01453 ELU44491.1 443925720 PF04479.7 RTA1 5.00E-27 8.50E-27 RTA1 like protein
AG1IA_01454 ELU44492.1 443925721 PF00887.13 ACBP 8.70E-17 2.80E-16 Acyl CoA binding protein
AG1IA_01454 ELU44492.1 443925721 PF00023.24 Ank 7.60E-11 4.40E-09 Ankyrin repeat
AG1IA_01454 ELU44492.1 443925721 PF12796.1 Ank_2 1.50E-14 4.60E-14 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)
AG1IA_01454 ELU44492.1 443925721 PF02629.13 CoA_binding 4.50E-09 1.80E-07 CoA binding domain
AG1IA_01454 ELU44492.1 443925721 PF03810.13 IBN_N 2.10E-07 8.30E-07 Importin-beta N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01454 ELU44492.1 443925721 PF00549.13 Ligase_CoA 5.20E-23 9.40E-23 CoA-ligase
AG1IA_01454 ELU44492.1 443925721 PF08389.6 Xpo1 6.50E-19 2.10E-08 Exportin 1-like protein
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF12846.1 AAA_10 0.0013 0.0036 AAA-like domain
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF04548.10 AIG1 0.00018 0.00041 AIG1 family
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF03193.10 DUF258 6.10E-06 1.90E-05 Protein of unknown function, DUF258
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF00350.17 Dynamin_N 0.00039 0.39 Dynamin family
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF00009.21 GTP_EFTU 5.10E-05 0.0031 Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF08477.7 Miro 0.0074 0.028 Miro-like protein
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF01926.17 MMR_HSR1 2.40E-05 6.00E-05 GTPase of unknown function
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF00071.16 Ras 0.00044 0.0025 Ras family
AG1IA_01455 ELU44493.1 443925722 PF00735.12 Septin 3.30E-106 3.30E-106 Septin
AG1IA_01456 ELU44494.1 443925723 PF12799.1 LRR_4 6.40E-11 4.40E-05 Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies)
AG1IA_01459 ELU44497.1 443925726 PF00856.22 SET 1.60E-06 0.00058 SET domain
AG1IA_01460 ELU44498.1 443925727 PF00153.21 Mito_carr 1.00E-17 7.80E-08 Mitochondrial carrier protein
AG1IA_01462 ELU44500.1 443925729 PF00226.25 DnaJ 8.10E-06 0.0001 DnaJ domain
AG1IA_01462 ELU44500.1 443925729 PF01556.12 DnaJ_C 5.00E-21 1.50E-17 DnaJ C terminal domain
AG1IA_01462 ELU44500.1 443925729 PF00684.13 DnaJ_CXXCXGXG 2.30E-09 2.30E-09 DnaJ central domain
AG1IA_01462 ELU44500.1 443925729 PF00069.19 Pkinase 6.40E-21 9.00E-21 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01463 ELU44501.1 443925730 PF07690.10 MFS_1 1.60E-07 2.50E-05 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01463 ELU44501.1 443925730 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 0.0035 0.0035 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_01464 ELU44502.1 443925731 PF10355.3 Ytp1 0.001 0.0012 Protein of unknown function (Ytp1)
AG1IA_01467 ELU44505.1 443925734 PF01633.14 Choline_kinase 4.10E-32 3.40E-30 Choline/ethanolamine kinase
AG1IA_01468 ELU44506.1 443925735 PF01566.12 Nramp 9.20E-50 2.10E-31 Natural resistance-associated macrophage protein
AG1IA_01469 ELU44507.1 443925736 PF02431.9 Chalcone 2.30E-28 3.90E-28 Chalcone-flavanone isomerase
AG1IA_01469 ELU44507.1 443925736 PF01612.14 DNA_pol_A_exo1 8.20E-12 1.50E-11 3'-5' exonuclease
AG1IA_01471 ELU44509.1 443925738 PF02775.15 TPP_enzyme_C 2.40E-16 6.50E-16 Thiamine pyrophosphate enzyme, C-terminal TPP binding domain
AG1IA_01471 ELU44509.1 443925738 PF00205.16 TPP_enzyme_M 3.40E-23 7.30E-23 Thiamine pyrophosphate enzyme, central domain
AG1IA_01471 ELU44509.1 443925738 PF02776.12 TPP_enzyme_N 3.30E-33 7.00E-33 Thiamine pyrophosphate enzyme, N-terminal TPP binding domain
AG1IA_01472 ELU44510.1 443925739 PF01328.11 Peroxidase_2 2.30E-12 7.40E-11 Peroxidase, family 2
AG1IA_01476 ELU44514.1 443925743 PF07690.10 MFS_1 1.50E-10 3.00E-08 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01477 ELU44515.1 443925744 PF00953.15 Glycos_transf_4 3.90E-33 7.80E-33 Glycosyl transferase family 4
AG1IA_01478 ELU44516.1 443925745 PF01585.17 G-patch 9.40E-13 2.10E-12 G-patch domain
AG1IA_01478 ELU44516.1 443925745 PF12656.1 G-patch_2 1.40E-05 3.20E-05 DExH-box splicing factor binding site
AG1IA_01478 ELU44516.1 443925745 PF00076.16 RRM_1 1.30E-09 0.00033 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01479 ELU44517.1 443925746 PF01656.17 CbiA 8.40E-08 1.30E-07 CobQ/CobB/MinD/ParA nucleotide binding domain
AG1IA_01479 ELU44517.1 443925746 PF10609.3 ParA 4.50E-30 9.50E-30 ParA/MinD ATPase like
AG1IA_01479 ELU44517.1 443925746 PF00400.26 WD40 2.20E-11 7.40E-06 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01480 ELU44483.1 443925711 PF05916.5 Sld5 0.00015 0.00028 GINS complex protein
AG1IA_01481 ELU44484.1 443925712 PF04931.7 DNA_pol_phi 2.30E-38 1.40E-23 DNA polymerase phi
AG1IA_01482 ELU44485.1 443925713 PF00488.15 MutS_V 5.50E-08 7.00E-08 MutS domain V
AG1IA_01483 ELU44486.1 443925714 PF05192.12 MutS_III 1.40E-25 8.90E-15 MutS domain III
AG1IA_01483 ELU44486.1 443925714 PF05190.12 MutS_IV 6.70E-08 1.50E-07 MutS family domain IV
AG1IA_01483 ELU44486.1 443925714 PF00488.15 MutS_V 2.70E-46 4.10E-46 MutS domain V
AG1IA_01485 ELU44488.1 443925716 PF00566.12 TBC 7.50E-44 1.20E-43 TBC domain
AG1IA_01486 ELU44489.1 443925717 PF04710.8 Pellino 0.0033 0.0074 Pellino
AG1IA_01486 ELU44489.1 443925717 PF04641.6 Rtf2 3.50E-05 0.00013 Replication termination factor 2
AG1IA_01491 ELU44462.1 443925686 PF08385.6 DHC_N1 7.60E-171 1.90E-106 Dynein heavy chain, N-terminal region 1
AG1IA_01492 ELU44463.1 443925687 PF00132.18 Hexapep 2.10E-08 6.00E-07 Bacterial transferase hexapeptide (six repeats)
AG1IA_01494 ELU44465.1 443925689 PF00069.19 Pkinase 9.60E-64 2.20E-63 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01494 ELU44465.1 443925689 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 2.80E-34 1.30E-33 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01495 ELU44466.1 443925690 PF02421.12 FeoB_N 9.00E-09 1.20E-08 Ferrous iron transport protein B
AG1IA_01495 ELU44466.1 443925690 PF01926.17 MMR_HSR1 1.40E-10 3.10E-10 GTPase of unknown function
AG1IA_01496 ELU44467.1 443925691 PF00270.23 DEAD 1.00E-31 9.90E-28 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_01496 ELU44467.1 443925691 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 1.10E-23 2.80E-23 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01496 ELU44467.1 443925691 PF04851.9 ResIII 0.0018 0.0036 Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit
AG1IA_01498 ELU44469.1 443925693 PF00153.21 Mito_carr 2.40E-20 8.30E-10 Mitochondrial carrier protein
AG1IA_01499 ELU44470.1 443925694 PF01738.1 DLH 4.20E-11 5.30E-11 Dienelactone hydrolase family
AG1IA_01501 ELU44472.1 443925696 PF05551.5 DUF1519 0.0013 0.48 Protein of unknown function (DUF1519)
AG1IA_01502 ELU44473.1 443925697 PF01431.1 Peptidase_M13 3.70E-49 1.50E-48 Peptidase family M13
AG1IA_01502 ELU44473.1 443925697 PF05649.7 Peptidase_M13_N 1.60E-67 2.30E-67 Peptidase family M13
AG1IA_01503 ELU44474.1 443925698 PF01423.16 LSM 6.30E-16 8.00E-16 LSM domain
AG1IA_01505 ELU44476.1 443925700 PF10250.3 O-FucT 0.00014 0.00026 GDP-fucose protein O-fucosyltransferase
AG1IA_01506 ELU44477.1 443925701 PF10250.3 O-FucT 2.60E-08 2.90E-07 GDP-fucose protein O-fucosyltransferase
AG1IA_01507 ELU44478.1 443925702 PF12054.2 DUF3535 2.00E-84 2.70E-82 Domain of unknown function (DUF3535)
AG1IA_01507 ELU44478.1 443925702 PF02985.16 HEAT 3.10E-15 0.082 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_01507 ELU44478.1 443925702 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 1.50E-13 3.80E-13 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01507 ELU44478.1 443925702 PF00657.1 Lipase_GDSL 1.20E-05 9.10E-05 GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase
AG1IA_01507 ELU44478.1 443925702 PF00176.17 SNF2_N 6.60E-83 9.60E-83 SNF2 family N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01507 ELU44478.1 443925702 PF12755.1 Vac14_Fab1_bd 0.0052 0.38 Vacuolar 14 Fab1-binding region
AG1IA_01508 ELU44479.1 443925703 PF00566.12 TBC 9.50E-30 1.20E-28 TBC domain
AG1IA_01511 ELU44455.1 443925678 PF05983.5 Med7 3.10E-13 4.20E-13 MED7 protein
AG1IA_01515 ELU44459.1 443925682 PF02133.9 Transp_cyt_pur 8.40E-29 1.90E-18 Permease for cytosine/purines, uracil, thiamine, allantoin
AG1IA_01516 ELU44460.1 443925683 PF00899.15 ThiF 2.00E-11 7.60E-09 ThiF family
AG1IA_01517 ELU44461.1 443925684 PF04082.12 Fungal_trans 6.10E-23 9.00E-23 Fungal specific transcription factor domain
AG1IA_01520 ELU44436.1 443925658 PF12147.2 Hydrolase_5 0.0074 0.12 Putative lysophospholipase
AG1IA_01520 ELU44436.1 443925658 PF08241.6 Methyltransf_11 4.80E-10 8.00E-10 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01520 ELU44436.1 443925658 PF08242.6 Methyltransf_12 4.30E-11 8.20E-11 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01520 ELU44436.1 443925658 PF12847.1 Methyltransf_18 1.30E-06 2.50E-06 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01520 ELU44436.1 443925658 PF01209.12 Ubie_methyltran 3.60E-79 4.50E-79 ubiE/COQ5 methyltransferase family
AG1IA_01521 ELU44437.1 443925659 PF00888.16 Cullin 8.50E-185 1.20E-184 Cullin family
AG1IA_01521 ELU44437.1 443925659 PF10557.3 Cullin_Nedd8 3.30E-27 1.10E-26 Cullin protein neddylation domain
AG1IA_01522 ELU44438.1 443925660 PF09994.3 DUF2235 5.30E-25 1.00E-18 Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2235)
AG1IA_01525 ELU44441.1 443925663 PF09994.3 DUF2235 6.80E-27 2.10E-23 Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2235)
AG1IA_01527 ELU44443.1 443925665 PF00334.13 NDK 1.30E-07 2.10E-06 Nucleoside diphosphate kinase
AG1IA_01529 ELU44445.1 443925667 PF00644.14 PARP 3.10E-31 3.10E-31 Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase catalytic domain
AG1IA_01529 ELU44445.1 443925667 PF02877.8 PARP_reg 1.20E-12 1.30E-10 Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase, regulatory domain
AG1IA_01529 ELU44445.1 443925667 PF05406.9 WGR 1.70E-20 3.30E-20 WGR domain
AG1IA_01533 ELU44449.1 443925671 PF09139.5 Mmp37 1.20E-82 1.70E-42 Mitochondrial matrix Mmp37
AG1IA_01535 ELU44451.1 443925673 PF04193.8 PQ-loop 6.10E-23 1.90E-11 PQ loop repeat
AG1IA_01536 ELU44452.1 443925674 PF09440.4 eIF3_N 3.20E-39 3.50E-37 eIF3 subunit 6 N terminal domain
AG1IA_01537 ELU44433.1 443925654 PF09994.3 DUF2235 5.20E-26 3.40E-24 Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2235)
AG1IA_01538 ELU44425.1 443925642 PF00967.11 Barwin 2.90E-06 2.90E-06 Barwin family
AG1IA_01538 ELU44425.1 443925642 PF03330.12 DPBB_1 4.90E-11 1.10E-10 Rare lipoprotein A (RlpA)-like double-psi beta-barrel
AG1IA_01539 ELU44426.1 443925643 PF00314.11 Thaumatin 4.40E-59 5.80E-59 Thaumatin family
AG1IA_01541 ELU44428.1 443925645 PF00248.15 Aldo_ket_red 8.50E-70 1.00E-69 Aldo/keto reductase family
AG1IA_01543 ELU44430.1 443925647 PF08031.6 BBE 2.70E-08 6.00E-08 Berberine and berberine like
AG1IA_01543 ELU44430.1 443925647 PF01565.17 FAD_binding_4 5.30E-06 1.40E-05 FAD binding domain
AG1IA_01546 ELU44420.1 443925636 PF08031.6 BBE 2.70E-07 5.60E-07 Berberine and berberine like
AG1IA_01546 ELU44420.1 443925636 PF01565.17 FAD_binding_4 3.80E-08 8.40E-08 FAD binding domain
AG1IA_01548 ELU44422.1 443925638 PF00264.14 Tyrosinase 6.20E-07 9.70E-06 Common central domain of tyrosinase
AG1IA_01549 ELU44423.1 443925639 PF00264.14 Tyrosinase 1.80E-20 3.10E-20 Common central domain of tyrosinase
AG1IA_01554 ELU44413.1 443925618 PF00106.19 adh_short 2.00E-12 1.00E-08 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_01555 ELU44414.1 443925619 PF00463.15 ICL 1.80E-22 2.60E-22 Isocitrate lyase family
AG1IA_01558 ELU44417.1 443925622 PF01997.10 Translin 2.20E-18 2.70E-13 Translin family
AG1IA_01559 ELU44410.1 443925614 PF00069.19 Pkinase 2.00E-12 8.20E-12 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01559 ELU44410.1 443925614 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 3.20E-06 6.80E-06 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01563 ELU44409.1 443925612 PF00481.15 PP2C 2.80E-59 2.00E-58 Protein phosphatase 2C
AG1IA_01565 ELU44404.1 443925606 PF00646.27 F-box 0.0024 0.011 F-box domain
AG1IA_01565 ELU44404.1 443925606 PF12937.1 F-box-like 0.00031 0.00066 F-box-like
AG1IA_01566 ELU44405.1 443925607 PF00648.1 Peptidase_C2 1.40E-45 3.30E-24 Calpain family cysteine protease
AG1IA_01566 ELU44405.1 443925607 PF00569.11 ZZ 1.20E-07 2.10E-07 Zinc finger, ZZ type
AG1IA_01567 ELU44406.1 443925608 PF07039.5 DUF1325 3.90E-16 9.90E-15 SGF29 tudor-like domain
AG1IA_01568 ELU44401.1 443925602 PF04678.7 DUF607 8.80E-43 1.30E-42 Protein of unknown function, DUF607
AG1IA_01569 ELU44402.1 443925603 PF10191.3 COG7 9.30E-73 2.10E-43 Golgi complex component 7 (COG7)
AG1IA_01571 ELU44399.1 443925598 PF00536.24 SAM_1 6.80E-06 1.20E-05 SAM domain (Sterile alpha motif)
AG1IA_01571 ELU44399.1 443925598 PF07647.11 SAM_2 2.30E-10 3.70E-10 SAM domain (Sterile alpha motif)
AG1IA_01574 ELU44386.1 443925580 PF01636.17 APH 1.60E-07 3.10E-07 Phosphotransferase enzyme family
AG1IA_01576 ELU44388.1 443925582 PF00782.14 DSPc 1.80E-06 4.00E-06 Dual specificity phosphatase, catalytic domain
AG1IA_01576 ELU44388.1 443925582 PF00102.21 Y_phosphatase 0.0026 0.0042 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase
AG1IA_01579 ELU44391.1 443925585 PF02582.8 DUF155 1.10E-07 2.10E-07 Uncharacterised ACR, YagE family COG1723
AG1IA_01580 ELU44392.1 443925586 PF02582.8 DUF155 2.20E-08 3.10E-08 Uncharacterised ACR, YagE family COG1723
AG1IA_01583 ELU44395.1 443925589 PF00226.25 DnaJ 1.20E-18 1.20E-18 DnaJ domain
AG1IA_01589 ELU44372.1 443925565 PF02065.12 Melibiase 4.00E-12 7.60E-12 Melibiase
AG1IA_01590 ELU44373.1 443925566 PF00701.16 DHDPS 7.20E-39 9.50E-39 Dihydrodipicolinate synthetase family
AG1IA_01592 ELU44375.1 443925568 PF10342.3 GPI-anchored 0.0047 0.0047 Ser-Thr-rich glycosyl-phosphatidyl-inositol-anchored membrane family
AG1IA_01594 ELU44377.1 443925570 PF07690.10 MFS_1 0.0036 0.0054 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01594 ELU44377.1 443925570 PF01733.12 Nucleoside_tran 1.00E-28 2.60E-27 Nucleoside transporter
AG1IA_01595 ELU44378.1 443925571 PF00173.22 Cyt-b5 2.40E-08 3.70E-08 Cytochrome b5-like Heme/Steroid binding domain
AG1IA_01596 ELU44379.1 443925572 PF09352.4 DUF1994 2.30E-28 2.30E-28 Domain of unknown function (DUF1994)
AG1IA_01597 ELU44380.1 443925573 PF02984.13 Cyclin_C 1.00E-17 1.40E-16 Cyclin, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01597 ELU44380.1 443925573 PF00134.17 Cyclin_N 3.60E-44 9.80E-42 Cyclin, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01599 ELU44382.1 443925575 PF04055.15 Radical_SAM 6.40E-05 0.00015 Radical SAM superfamily
AG1IA_01600 ELU44383.1 443925576 PF00252.12 Ribosomal_L16 5.90E-44 3.20E-43 Ribosomal protein L16p/L10e
AG1IA_01601 ELU44384.1 443925577 PF00410.13 Ribosomal_S8 5.30E-18 8.00E-18 Ribosomal protein S8
AG1IA_01602 ELU44385.1 443925578 PF01103.17 Bac_surface_Ag 7.30E-31 1.20E-30 Surface antigen
AG1IA_01602 ELU44385.1 443925578 PF06544.6 DUF1115 6.10E-34 1.70E-33 Protein of unknown function (DUF1115)
AG1IA_01602 ELU44385.1 443925578 PF12258.2 Microcephalin 0.00046 0.00093 Microcephalin protein
AG1IA_01602 ELU44385.1 443925578 PF08572.4 PRP3 4.20E-62 7.60E-62 pre-mRNA processing factor 3 (PRP3)
AG1IA_01603 ELU44365.1 443925557 PF09352.4 DUF1994 4.20E-22 7.40E-22 Domain of unknown function (DUF1994)
AG1IA_01604 ELU44366.1 443925558 PF09352.4 DUF1994 3.70E-19 1.60E-14 Domain of unknown function (DUF1994)
AG1IA_01608 ELU44363.1 443925553 PF11768.2 DUF3312 0.0096 0.03 Protein of unknown function (DUF3312)
AG1IA_01608 ELU44363.1 443925553 PF08662.5 eIF2A 3.30E-08 2.30E-06 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF2A
AG1IA_01608 ELU44363.1 443925553 PF10647.3 Gmad1 0.0064 1.8 Lipoprotein LpqB beta-propeller domain
AG1IA_01608 ELU44363.1 443925553 PF07676.6 PD40 0.0035 9.8 WD40-like Beta Propeller Repeat
AG1IA_01608 ELU44363.1 443925553 PF00400.26 WD40 5.10E-45 2.10E-11 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01609 ELU44356.1 443925545 PF09848.3 DUF2075 0.009 1 Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2075)
AG1IA_01609 ELU44356.1 443925545 PF05729.6 NACHT 3.60E-07 7.50E-07 NACHT domain
AG1IA_01609 ELU44356.1 443925545 PF03266.9 NTPase_1 0.0045 0.0081 NTPase
AG1IA_01610 ELU44357.1 443925546 PF01813.11 ATP-synt_D 0.0015 0.0034 ATP synthase subunit D
AG1IA_01610 ELU44357.1 443925546 PF12128.2 DUF3584 0.002 0.0024 Protein of unknown function (DUF3584)
AG1IA_01611 ELU44358.1 443925547 PF07366.6 SnoaL 0.00043 0.0021 SnoaL-like polyketide cyclase
AG1IA_01612 ELU44359.1 443925548 PF01765.13 RRF 4.40E-32 7.60E-32 Ribosome recycling factor
AG1IA_01613 ELU44360.1 443925549 PF08264.7 Anticodon_1 1.30E-15 2.70E-15 Anticodon-binding domain of tRNA
AG1IA_01613 ELU44360.1 443925549 PF00133.16 tRNA-synt_1 1.00E-128 4.10E-122 tRNA synthetases class I (I, L, M and V)
AG1IA_01613 ELU44360.1 443925549 PF09334.5 tRNA-synt_1g 5.40E-09 0.00031 tRNA synthetases class I (M)
AG1IA_01614 ELU44361.1 443925550 PF00501.22 AMP-binding 3.80E-51 2.30E-34 AMP-binding enzyme
AG1IA_01617 ELU44354.1 443925542 PF08241.6 Methyltransf_11 2.00E-06 3.10E-06 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01617 ELU44354.1 443925542 PF08242.6 Methyltransf_12 3.60E-05 5.40E-05 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01617 ELU44354.1 443925542 PF12847.1 Methyltransf_18 0.00098 0.0015 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01617 ELU44354.1 443925542 PF00398.14 RrnaAD 0.007 0.01 Ribosomal RNA adenine dimethylase
AG1IA_01618 ELU44355.1 443925543 PF04073.9 YbaK 5.60E-15 2.10E-13 YbaK / prolyl-tRNA synthetases associated domain
AG1IA_01619 ELU44345.1 443925532 PF09180.5 ProRS-C_1 5.90E-25 8.00E-25 Prolyl-tRNA synthetase, C-terminal
AG1IA_01623 ELU44349.1 443925536 PF00349.15 Hexokinase_1 8.50E-68 1.30E-67 Hexokinase
AG1IA_01623 ELU44349.1 443925536 PF03727.10 Hexokinase_2 1.20E-65 2.00E-65 Hexokinase
AG1IA_01623 ELU44349.1 443925536 PF00368.12 HMG-CoA_red 2.50E-158 3.60E-158 Hydroxymethylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase
AG1IA_01623 ELU44349.1 443925536 PF02460.12 Patched 1.90E-06 3.20E-06 Patched family
AG1IA_01623 ELU44349.1 443925536 PF12349.2 Sterol-sensing 1.10E-14 4.80E-07 Sterol-sensing domain of SREBP cleavage-activation
AG1IA_01626 ELU44343.1 443925527 PF00177.15 Ribosomal_S7 7.80E-23 1.20E-22 Ribosomal protein S7p/S5e
AG1IA_01627 ELU44344.1 443925528 PF05631.8 DUF791 0.0016 0.0029 Protein of unknown function (DUF791)
AG1IA_01627 ELU44344.1 443925528 PF07690.10 MFS_1 6.60E-17 1.60E-15 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01627 ELU44344.1 443925528 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 2.30E-51 3.70E-43 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_01628 ELU44342.1 443925524 PF03169.9 OPT 2.00E-15 2.30E-15 OPT oligopeptide transporter protein
AG1IA_01630 ELU44340.1 443925520 PF01851.16 PC_rep 7.60E-23 0.00037 Proteasome/cyclosome repeat
AG1IA_01635 ELU44338.1 443925516 PF02463.13 SMC_N 3.30E-20 2.70E-19 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_01635 ELU44338.1 443925516 PF00400.26 WD40 6.90E-09 2.90E-06 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01636 ELU44339.1 443925517 PF08501.5 Shikimate_dh_N 6.30E-20 1.60E-19 Shikimate dehydrogenase substrate binding domain
AG1IA_01637 ELU44331.1 443925508 PF01728.13 FtsJ 2.90E-07 0.016 FtsJ-like methyltransferase
AG1IA_01639 ELU44333.1 443925510 PF00909.15 Ammonium_transp 3.60E-100 4.50E-100 Ammonium Transporter Family
AG1IA_01641 ELU44323.1 443925498 PF01728.13 FtsJ 3.30E-08 5.30E-08 FtsJ-like methyltransferase
AG1IA_01641 ELU44323.1 443925498 PF12847.1 Methyltransf_18 0.0058 0.015 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01642 ELU44324.1 443925499 PF05450.9 Nicastrin 0.0047 0.0076 Nicastrin
AG1IA_01642 ELU44324.1 443925499 PF01546.22 Peptidase_M20 1.50E-05 3.10E-05 Peptidase family M20/M25/M40
AG1IA_01642 ELU44324.1 443925499 PF04389.1 Peptidase_M28 9.00E-27 1.60E-26 Peptidase family M28
AG1IA_01648 ELU44317.1 443925491 PF01699.18 Na_Ca_ex 0.0016 0.0092 Sodium/calcium exchanger protein
AG1IA_01649 ELU44318.1 443925492 PF07644.5 PGAMP 0.0018 5.3 Planctomycete PGAMP
AG1IA_01650 ELU44319.1 443925493 PF01554.12 MatE 1.30E-37 1.80E-25 MatE
AG1IA_01651 ELU44320.1 443925494 PF11327.2 DUF3129 5.10E-57 9.70E-57 Protein of unknown function (DUF3129)
AG1IA_01652 ELU44321.1 443925495 PF07572.6 BCNT 7.90E-18 1.80E-17 Bucentaur or craniofacial development
AG1IA_01654 ELU44316.1 443925489 PF00010.20 HLH 3.10E-19 3.80E-19 Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain
AG1IA_01656 ELU44303.1 443925473 PF08241.6 Methyltransf_11 0.009 0.019 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01656 ELU44303.1 443925473 PF12847.1 Methyltransf_18 3.70E-06 6.10E-06 Methyltransferase domain
AG1IA_01657 ELU44304.1 443925474 PF12348.2 CLASP_N 0.00016 0.16 CLASP N terminal
AG1IA_01657 ELU44304.1 443925474 PF02985.16 HEAT 3.40E-06 0.55 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_01661 ELU44308.1 443925478 PF01554.12 MatE 4.40E-38 2.20E-22 MatE
AG1IA_01662 ELU44309.1 443925479 PF12895.1 Apc3 0.0015 0.1 Anaphase-promoting complex, cyclosome, subunit 3
AG1IA_01662 ELU44309.1 443925479 PF12569.2 NARP1 2.30E-12 6.60E-12 NMDA receptor-regulated protein 1
AG1IA_01662 ELU44309.1 443925479 PF00515.22 TPR_1 5.40E-06 0.14 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01662 ELU44309.1 443925479 PF07719.11 TPR_2 1.30E-11 0.0074 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01665 ELU44312.1 443925482 PF00487.18 FA_desaturase 2.00E-18 4.30E-13 Fatty acid desaturase
AG1IA_01665 ELU44312.1 443925482 PF08557.4 Lipid_DES 6.90E-16 6.70E-13 Sphingolipid Delta4-desaturase (DES)
AG1IA_01666 ELU44313.1 443925483 PF00106.19 adh_short 0.00031 0.00045 short chain dehydrogenase
AG1IA_01666 ELU44313.1 443925483 PF01370.15 Epimerase 0.008 0.01 NAD dependent epimerase/dehydratase family
AG1IA_01667 ELU44314.1 443925484 PF00291.19 PALP 2.80E-51 3.60E-51 Pyridoxal-phosphate dependent enzyme
AG1IA_01669 ELU44293.1 443925462 PF01922.11 SRP19 2.00E-06 4.70E-06 SRP19 protein
AG1IA_01671 ELU44295.1 443925464 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 1.70E-05 3.50E-05 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_01671 ELU44295.1 443925464 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 2.80E-09 5.00E-09 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_01671 ELU44295.1 443925464 PF05262.5 Borrelia_P83 0.00034 0.00045 Borrelia P83/100 protein
AG1IA_01671 ELU44295.1 443925464 PF07819.7 PGAP1 0.0034 0.0067 PGAP1-like protein
AG1IA_01676 ELU44300.1 443925469 PF01652.12 IF4E 2.10E-36 3.50E-36 Eukaryotic initiation factor 4E
AG1IA_01677 ELU44301.1 443925470 PF00572.12 Ribosomal_L13 9.10E-28 1.30E-27 Ribosomal protein L13
AG1IA_01678 ELU44302.1 443925471 PF01554.12 MatE 2.20E-42 7.90E-27 MatE
AG1IA_01680 ELU44273.1 443925437 PF01426.12 BAH 7.20E-10 1.40E-09 BAH domain
AG1IA_01680 ELU44273.1 443925437 PF00320.21 GATA 0.00015 0.00015 GATA zinc finger
AG1IA_01680 ELU44273.1 443925437 PF00628.23 PHD 1.80E-09 6.40E-08 PHD-finger
AG1IA_01681 ELU44274.1 443925438 PF02800.14 Gp_dh_C 1.90E-71 3.00E-71 Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01681 ELU44274.1 443925438 PF00044.18 Gp_dh_N 4.80E-34 1.70E-33 Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain
AG1IA_01686 ELU44279.1 443925443 PF00023.24 Ank 1.50E-13 2.00E-06 Ankyrin repeat
AG1IA_01686 ELU44279.1 443925443 PF12796.1 Ank_2 2.40E-13 2.00E-08 Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)
AG1IA_01687 ELU44280.1 443925444 PF08799.5 PRP4 1.00E-07 6.40E-07 pre-mRNA processing factor 4 (PRP4) like
AG1IA_01687 ELU44280.1 443925444 PF00400.26 WD40 2.70E-55 5.30E-12 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01689 ELU44282.1 443925446 PF04142.9 Nuc_sug_transp 0.0029 0.0056 Nucleotide-sugar transporter
AG1IA_01689 ELU44282.1 443925446 PF03151.10 TPT 0.00027 0.00027 Triose-phosphate Transporter family
AG1IA_01689 ELU44282.1 443925446 PF08449.5 UAA 5.20E-30 2.40E-18 UAA transporter family
AG1IA_01690 ELU44283.1 443925447 PF05172.7 MPPN 1.10E-10 7.20E-10 MPPN (rrm-like) domain
AG1IA_01693 ELU44286.1 443925450 PF00654.14 Voltage_CLC 6.80E-23 1.10E-19 Voltage gated chloride channel
AG1IA_01696 ELU44289.1 443925453 PF00097.19 zf-C3HC4 2.20E-06 8.30E-06 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
AG1IA_01697 ELU44290.1 443925454 PF01846.13 FF 5.90E-28 1.20E-11 FF domain
AG1IA_01698 ELU44271.1 443925434 PF01780.13 Ribosomal_L37ae 8.00E-26 1.00E-25 Ribosomal L37ae protein family
AG1IA_01699 ELU44272.1 443925435 PF02815.13 MIR 3.90E-17 5.50E-17 MIR domain
AG1IA_01699 ELU44272.1 443925435 PF02366.12 PMT 2.40E-54 5.40E-34 Dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase
AG1IA_01699 ELU44272.1 443925435 PF08084.5 PROCT 2.00E-13 3.80E-13 PROCT (NUC072) domain
AG1IA_01700 ELU44265.1 443925427 PF08082.5 PRO8NT 4.50E-79 4.70E-79 PRO8NT (NUC069), PrP8 N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01700 ELU44265.1 443925427 PF08083.5 PROCN 1.70E-177 2.00E-174 PROCN (NUC071) domain
AG1IA_01700 ELU44265.1 443925427 PF12134.2 PRP8_domainIV 2.20E-127 4.60E-127 PRP8 domain IV core
AG1IA_01700 ELU44265.1 443925427 PF10598.3 RRM_4 4.70E-11 5.30E-10 RNA recognition motif of the spliceosomal PrP8
AG1IA_01700 ELU44265.1 443925427 PF10597.3 U5_2-snRNA_bdg 1.40E-59 2.60E-59 U5-snRNA binding site 2 of PrP8
AG1IA_01700 ELU44265.1 443925427 PF10596.3 U6-snRNA_bdg 3.40E-92 8.40E-92 U6-snRNA interacting domain of PrP8
AG1IA_01701 ELU44266.1 443925428 PF00400.26 WD40 7.50E-13 1.70E-07 WD domain, G-beta repeat
AG1IA_01702 ELU44267.1 443925429 PF11957.2 efThoc1 1.10E-60 1.20E-47 THO complex subunit 1 transcription elongation factor
AG1IA_01703 ELU44268.1 443925430 PF03098.9 An_peroxidase 3.40E-67 1.50E-59 Animal haem peroxidase
AG1IA_01703 ELU44268.1 443925430 PF00067.16 p450 5.90E-10 3.40E-05 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_01704 ELU44269.1 443925431 PF07690.10 MFS_1 1.30E-06 1.90E-06 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01704 ELU44269.1 443925431 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 0.0081 0.012 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_01705 ELU44270.1 443925432 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 5.40E-12 9.30E-12 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_01706 ELU44261.1 443925422 PF01762.15 Galactosyl_T 1.60E-06 0.0032 Galactosyltransferase
AG1IA_01707 ELU44262.1 443925423 PF02012.14 BNR 0.00036 1.5 BNR/Asp-box repeat
AG1IA_01709 ELU44264.1 443925425 PF04082.12 Fungal_trans 8.60E-07 2.30E-06 Fungal specific transcription factor domain
AG1IA_01709 ELU44264.1 443925425 PF00172.12 Zn_clus 9.00E-06 9.00E-06 Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
AG1IA_01710 ELU44258.1 443925418 PF02153.11 PDH 2.30E-07 0.0003 Prephenate dehydrogenase
AG1IA_01711 ELU44259.1 443925419 PF01221.12 Dynein_light 5.90E-35 4.60E-29 Dynein light chain type 1
AG1IA_01712 ELU44260.1 443925420 PF01422.11 zf-NF-X1 2.20E-06 0.00017 NF-X1 type zinc finger
AG1IA_01713 ELU44244.1 443925403 PF07713.7 DUF1604 6.10E-39 6.10E-39 Protein of unknown function (DUF1604)
AG1IA_01713 ELU44244.1 443925403 PF01585.17 G-patch 1.60E-07 4.90E-07 G-patch domain
AG1IA_01713 ELU44244.1 443925403 PF12656.1 G-patch_2 0.0012 0.003 DExH-box splicing factor binding site
AG1IA_01715 ELU44246.1 443925405 PF00646.27 F-box 0.0053 0.0053 F-box domain
AG1IA_01715 ELU44246.1 443925405 PF12937.1 F-box-like 6.50E-05 0.00025 F-box-like
AG1IA_01716 ELU44247.1 443925406 PF06221.7 zf-C2HC5 6.30E-14 9.60E-14 Putative zinc finger motif, C2HC5-type
AG1IA_01717 ELU44248.1 443925407 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 1.40E-05 3.40E-05 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_01718 ELU44249.1 443925408 PF04004.7 Leo1 5.50E-23 7.10E-20 Leo1-like protein
AG1IA_01721 ELU44252.1 443925411 PF01960.12 ArgJ 1.00E-103 3.00E-70 ArgJ family
AG1IA_01723 ELU44254.1 443925413 PF12756.1 zf-C2H2_2 0.006 0.0071 C2H2 type zinc-finger
AG1IA_01723 ELU44254.1 443925413 PF12171.2 zf-C2H2_jaz 3.90E-10 3.90E-10 Zinc-finger double-stranded RNA-binding
AG1IA_01724 ELU44255.1 443925414 PF01247.12 Ribosomal_L35Ae 6.30E-30 1.10E-28 Ribosomal protein L35Ae
AG1IA_01727 ELU44242.1 443925400 PF08433.4 KTI12 6.30E-08 0.0011 Chromatin associated protein KTI12
AG1IA_01727 ELU44242.1 443925400 PF08303.5 tRNA_lig_kinase 0.00088 0.0012 tRNA ligase kinase domain
AG1IA_01727 ELU44242.1 443925400 PF06414.6 Zeta_toxin 0.0023 0.0067 Zeta toxin
AG1IA_01729 ELU44240.1 443925397 PF00808.17 CBFD_NFYB_HMF 0.00048 0.00064 Histone-like transcription factor (CBF/NF-Y) and archaeal histone
AG1IA_01729 ELU44240.1 443925397 PF00125.18 Histone 9.30E-13 1.10E-12 Core histone H2A/H2B/H3/H4
AG1IA_01729 ELU44240.1 443925397 PF02969.11 TAF 4.90E-05 5.70E-05 TATA box binding protein associated factor (TAF)
AG1IA_01730 ELU44241.1 443925398 PF05773.16 RWD 0.00077 0.001 RWD domain
AG1IA_01730 ELU44241.1 443925398 PF00179.1 UQ_con 1.80E-16 2.40E-16 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
AG1IA_01731 ELU44238.1 443925394 PF03127.8 GAT 0.00016 0.00032 GAT domain
AG1IA_01731 ELU44238.1 443925394 PF00018.22 SH3_1 8.90E-16 1.40E-15 SH3 domain
AG1IA_01731 ELU44238.1 443925394 PF07653.11 SH3_2 2.10E-13 3.10E-13 Variant SH3 domain
AG1IA_01733 ELU44235.1 443925390 PF01636.17 APH 0.0056 0.015 Phosphotransferase enzyme family
AG1IA_01733 ELU44235.1 443925390 PF00069.19 Pkinase 2.20E-21 2.80E-21 Protein kinase domain
AG1IA_01733 ELU44235.1 443925390 PF07714.1 Pkinase_Tyr 5.30E-14 7.50E-14 Protein tyrosine kinase
AG1IA_01733 ELU44235.1 443925390 PF01163.16 RIO1 0.0051 0.0074 RIO1 family
AG1IA_01734 ELU44236.1 443925391 PF02636.11 DUF185 1.10E-29 1.90E-29 Uncharacterized ACR, COG1565
AG1IA_01736 ELU44233.1 443925386 PF04547.6 Anoctamin 1.50E-104 1.90E-104 Calcium-activated chloride channel
AG1IA_01737 ELU44234.1 443925387 PF02714.9 DUF221 3.20E-13 1.30E-07 Domain of unknown function DUF221
AG1IA_01738 ELU44232.1 443925384 PF02187.11 GAS2 0.0069 0.014 Growth-Arrest-Specific Protein 2 Domain
AG1IA_01740 ELU44219.1 443925366 PF08264.7 Anticodon_1 8.70E-06 1.60E-05 Anticodon-binding domain of tRNA
AG1IA_01740 ELU44219.1 443925366 PF09334.5 tRNA-synt_1g 2.30E-90 1.00E-89 tRNA synthetases class I (M)
AG1IA_01740 ELU44219.1 443925366 PF00458.14 WHEP-TRS 5.70E-07 5.70E-07 WHEP-TRS domain
AG1IA_01741 ELU44220.1 443925367 PF00755.1 Carn_acyltransf 5.00E-06 8.30E-06 Choline/Carnitine o-acyltransferase
AG1IA_01741 ELU44220.1 443925367 PF04424.7 DUF544 2.70E-12 5.20E-12 Protein of unknown function (DUF544)
AG1IA_01744 ELU44223.1 443925370 PF00149.22 Metallophos 1.20E-28 1.70E-28 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase
AG1IA_01746 ELU44225.1 443925372 PF04095.10 NAPRTase 2.50E-31 3.80E-24 Nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase (NAPRTase) family
AG1IA_01747 ELU44226.1 443925373 PF00097.19 zf-C3HC4 0.002 0.0041 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
AG1IA_01748 ELU44227.1 443925374 PF05532.6 CsbD 0.00027 0.00027 CsbD-like
AG1IA_01750 ELU44229.1 443925376 PF02985.16 HEAT 1.90E-08 0.074 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_01750 ELU44229.1 443925376 PF01424.16 R3H 1.60E-10 5.00E-10 R3H domain
AG1IA_01750 ELU44229.1 443925376 PF00076.16 RRM_1 1.40E-05 2.70E-05 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01751 ELU44230.1 443925377 PF08423.5 Rad51 7.90E-22 1.10E-21 Rad51
AG1IA_01752 ELU44231.1 443925378 PF00076.16 RRM_1 7.20E-10 1.20E-09 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01753 ELU44215.1 443925361 PF00076.16 RRM_1 0.00048 0.00077 RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM, RBD, or RNP domain)
AG1IA_01757 ELU44205.1 443925350 PF00067.16 p450 2.80E-34 4.40E-22 Cytochrome P450
AG1IA_01758 ELU44206.1 443925351 PF00324.15 AA_permease 6.60E-110 5.00E-108 Amino acid permease
AG1IA_01762 ELU44210.1 443925355 PF02893.14 GRAM 1.30E-06 4.40E-06 GRAM domain
AG1IA_01763 ELU44211.1 443925356 PF02133.9 Transp_cyt_pur 2.00E-35 3.20E-35 Permease for cytosine/purines, uracil, thiamine, allantoin
AG1IA_01767 ELU44197.1 443925341 PF00611.17 FCH 0.0012 0.31 Fes/CIP4, and EFC/F-BAR homology domain
AG1IA_01767 ELU44197.1 443925341 PF00169.23 PH 9.30E-11 2.00E-10 PH domain
AG1IA_01768 ELU44198.1 443925342 PF04438.10 zf-HIT 2.00E-09 2.60E-09 HIT zinc finger
AG1IA_01770 ELU44200.1 443925344 PF00300.1 His_Phos_1 3.40E-07 1.00E-06 Histidine phosphatase superfamily (branch 1)
AG1IA_01771 ELU44201.1 443925345 PF00561.1 Abhydrolase_1 8.20E-11 1.40E-10 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
AG1IA_01771 ELU44201.1 443925345 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 4.90E-05 0.00011 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_01772 ELU44202.1 443925346 PF12695.1 Abhydrolase_5 0.0062 0.0075 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_01772 ELU44202.1 443925346 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 0.00016 0.00018 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_01778 ELU44191.1 443925334 PF12697.1 Abhydrolase_6 0.0086 0.028 Alpha/beta hydrolase family
AG1IA_01778 ELU44191.1 443925334 PF02310.13 B12-binding 0.0013 0.0036 B12 binding domain
AG1IA_01778 ELU44191.1 443925334 PF00534.14 Glycos_transf_1 9.40E-22 2.00E-21 Glycosyl transferases group 1
AG1IA_01778 ELU44191.1 443925334 PF00450.16 Peptidase_S10 1.80E-86 8.50E-86 Serine carboxypeptidase
AG1IA_01779 ELU44192.1 443925335 PF08311.6 Mad3_BUB1_I 0.00093 0.27 Mad3/BUB1 homology region 1
AG1IA_01779 ELU44192.1 443925335 PF05843.8 Suf 4.90E-06 0.00019 Suppressor of forked protein (Suf)
AG1IA_01779 ELU44192.1 443925335 PF07719.11 TPR_2 0.0034 0.34 Tetratricopeptide repeat
AG1IA_01780 ELU44193.1 443925336 PF08424.4 DUF1740 0.00044 0.53 Protein of unknown function (DUF1740)
AG1IA_01781 ELU44194.1 443925337 PF06159.7 DUF974 2.90E-44 6.80E-43 Protein of unknown function (DUF974)
AG1IA_01782 ELU44195.1 443925338 PF02985.16 HEAT 1.30E-06 0.052 HEAT repeat
AG1IA_01782 ELU44195.1 443925338 PF11698.2 V-ATPase_H_C 3.90E-38 6.10E-29 V-ATPase subunit H
AG1IA_01782 ELU44195.1 443925338 PF03224.8 V-ATPase_H_N 9.90E-62 4.40E-61 V-ATPase subunit H
AG1IA_01783 ELU44196.1 443925339 PF08221.5 HTH_9 8.20E-19 6.80E-16 RNA polymerase III subunit RPC82 helix-turn-helix domain
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF12846.1 AAA_10 0.0005 0.17 AAA-like domain
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF01061.18 ABC2_membrane 1.40E-31 4.50E-16 ABC-2 type transporter
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 2.40E-13 1.30E-07 ABC transporter
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF02492.13 cobW 4.90E-05 0.0026 CobW/HypB/UreG, nucleotide-binding domain
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF03193.10 DUF258 4.50E-06 7.90E-05 Protein of unknown function, DUF258
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF01580.12 FtsK_SpoIIIE 9.00E-05 0.14 FtsK/SpoIIIE family
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF05729.6 NACHT 0.0017 0.092 NACHT domain
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF06422.6 PDR_CDR 2.80E-24 7.60E-24 CDR ABC transporter
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF00910.16 RNA_helicase 0.0077 0.35 RNA helicase
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF02463.13 SMC_N 0.0075 2.3 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_01784 ELU44174.1 443925315 PF02367.11 UPF0079 0.0025 0.039 Uncharacterised P-loop hydrolase UPF0079
AG1IA_01786 ELU44176.1 443925317 PF00270.23 DEAD 2.90E-44 4.60E-44 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
AG1IA_01786 ELU44176.1 443925317 PF00271.25 Helicase_C 6.60E-26 1.90E-25 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01786 ELU44176.1 443925317 PF07690.10 MFS_1 1.10E-07 1.10E-07 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01786 ELU44176.1 443925317 PF04851.9 ResIII 0.0068 0.012 Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit
AG1IA_01787 ELU44177.1 443925318 PF07690.10 MFS_1 4.60E-20 4.00E-15 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01788 ELU44178.1 443925319 PF00724.14 Oxidored_FMN 1.30E-75 2.20E-75 NADH:flavin oxidoreductase / NADH oxidase family
AG1IA_01789 ELU44179.1 443925320 PF07690.10 MFS_1 5.10E-10 2.70E-09 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01789 ELU44179.1 443925320 PF00083.18 Sugar_tr 0.0003 0.0003 Sugar (and other) transporter
AG1IA_01790 ELU44180.1 443925321 PF01265.11 Cyto_heme_lyase 5.30E-71 5.30E-71 Cytochrome c/c1 heme lyase
AG1IA_01790 ELU44180.1 443925321 PF05631.8 DUF791 0.00072 0.0013 Protein of unknown function (DUF791)
AG1IA_01790 ELU44180.1 443925321 PF07690.10 MFS_1 5.60E-09 5.60E-09 Major Facilitator Superfamily
AG1IA_01791 ELU44181.1 443925322 PF01239.16 PPTA 9.00E-36 9.40E-10 Protein prenyltransferase alpha subunit repeat
AG1IA_01793 ELU44183.1 443925324 PF09346.4 SMI1_KNR4 1.60E-08 3.80E-08 SMI1 / KNR4 family
AG1IA_01795 ELU44185.1 443925326 PF01168.14 Ala_racemase_N 3.80E-07 5.60E-07 Alanine racemase, N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01797 ELU44162.1 443925302 PF04515.6 Choline_transpo 3.60E-07 3.60E-07 Plasma-membrane choline transporter
AG1IA_01800 ELU44165.1 443925305 PF00753.21 Lactamase_B 9.30E-09 4.00E-08 Metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily
AG1IA_01801 ELU44166.1 443925306 PF01121.14 CoaE 1.40E-40 1.30E-39 Dephospho-CoA kinase
AG1IA_01802 ELU44167.1 443925307 PF00701.16 DHDPS 2.20E-33 7.00E-33 Dihydrodipicolinate synthetase family
AG1IA_01803 ELU44168.1 443925308 PF03308.10 ArgK 0.00027 0.00071 ArgK protein
AG1IA_01803 ELU44168.1 443925308 PF02374.9 ArsA_ATPase 0.0082 0.2 Anion-transporting ATPase
AG1IA_01803 ELU44168.1 443925308 PF01656.17 CbiA 1.60E-08 3.40E-08 CobQ/CobB/MinD/ParA nucleotide binding domain
AG1IA_01803 ELU44168.1 443925308 PF03205.8 MobB 0.0036 0.018 Molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis protein B
AG1IA_01803 ELU44168.1 443925308 PF04086.7 SRP-alpha_N 5.00E-37 1.20E-35 Signal recognition particle, alpha subunit, N-terminal
AG1IA_01803 ELU44168.1 443925308 PF00448.16 SRP54 1.40E-46 4.60E-46 SRP54-type protein, GTPase domain
AG1IA_01803 ELU44168.1 443925308 PF02881.13 SRP54_N 1.70E-06 5.30E-06 SRP54-type protein, helical bundle domain
AG1IA_01804 ELU44169.1 443925309 PF02752.16 Arrestin_C 2.60E-10 1.60E-09 Arrestin (or S-antigen), C-terminal domain
AG1IA_01804 ELU44169.1 443925309 PF00339.23 Arrestin_N 0.00015 0.00035 Arrestin (or S-antigen), N-terminal domain
AG1IA_01805 ELU44170.1 443925310 PF01061.18 ABC2_membrane 1.40E-42 1.10E-28 ABC-2 type transporter
AG1IA_01805 ELU44170.1 443925310 PF12698.1 ABC2_membrane_3 4.90E-05 4.90E-05 ABC-2 family transporter protein
AG1IA_01805 ELU44170.1 443925310 PF00005.21 ABC_tran 1.20E-14 2.10E-06 ABC transporter
AG1IA_01805 ELU44170.1 443925310 PF02492.13 cobW 0.0022 0.0038 CobW/HypB/UreG, nucleotide-binding domain
AG1IA_01805 ELU44170.1 443925310 PF03193.10 DUF258 2.50E-05 4.90E-05 Protein of unknown function, DUF258
AG1IA_01805 ELU44170.1 443925310 PF06422.6 PDR_CDR 9.50E-37 4.10E-28 CDR ABC transporter
AG1IA_01805 ELU44170.1 443925310 PF02463.13 SMC_N 0.0026 0.53 RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain
AG1IA_01806 ELU44171.1 443925311 PF00447.11 HSF_DNA-bind 4.20E-23 8.30E-23 HSF-type DNA-binding
AG1IA_01807 ELU44172.1 443925312 PF00226.25 DnaJ 1.40E-16 2.90E-16 DnaJ domain
AG1IA_01807 ELU44172.1 443925312 PF01556.12 DnaJ_C 5.30E-11 1.20E-09 DnaJ C terminal domain
AG1IA_01808 ELU44173.1 443925313 PF06371.7 Drf_GBD 9.80E-14 8.80E-12 Diaphanous GTPase-binding Domain
AG1IA_01811 ELU44159.1 443925295 PF00295.11 Glyco_hydro_28 1.10E-43 1.50E-43 Glycosyl hydrolases family 28