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Return the heatmap figure acorrding from the gene expression values of specified samples and genes. Click Here to see an example figure. PCA wikipedia

The heatmap analysis will be accomplished by R using 'heatmap.2' function in library 'gplots'

The expression matrix file must contain row and column names and separated by Tabs, generally the row names are the unigene IDs and the column names are the sample names, displayed as follow.

GeneID sample1 sample2 sample3 sample4
Unigene00001 1300.99 1665.09 1352.56 1121.33
Unigene00002 3454.18 355.8 440.78 2260.36
Unigene00003 1873.72 551.4 1529.66 519.94 ...


Select the default expression file:
The "head100.fpkm" file just contains the head 100 gene expression values.
Or Upload Expression matrix table file:
You can upload a new expreesion matrix file in here, not use the default one.
Column Ids List:
The column ids used to do Hierarchical Cluster Analysis, generally are the sample names.
Please sure one line just contains one ID.
Or Upload Column Ids File:
Row Ids List:
The row ids uesd to do Hierarchical Cluster Analysis, generally are the unigene IDs.
Please sure one line just contains one ID.
Or Upload Row Ids File:
Select Color:
The heatmap fill color, default is greenred which red means higher expression and green means lower expression.
Select dendrogram:
Whether to draw 'none', 'row', column' or 'both' dendrograms. Defaults to 'both'.
Select Scale:
The values should be centered and scaled in either the row direction or the column direction, or none. The default is 'row'.